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  1. Please state your price and we'll negotiate from there. You may contact me on Discord too.
  2. I'm not sure where to find this Essence of Divinity for that Satyr Helm. Anyone can point me to it?
  3. I went to swap my battleground badges where my Bravery Badges are 38 and my Valor Badges are 282. Once I swap via NPC i get half of my original badges. Is this working as intended? Click here for screenshot 1 and here for screenshot 2. Because I farmed those badges long ago before server became dead and I don't think it is fair to me. It's hard enough to gather people to start BG and with current Eir population, this may encourage anyone (even me) to abuse Battleground feature. Also, any updates on Battleground bug fixes? I got a few friends that may come back to play. Beside WoE that starts at 3.00AM our time, BG is another alternative to those whom may not be awake or tired enough to stay up for WoE at 3.00AM.
  4. Hello @Nemerith @Big Dumb Object As per title, is it by design that the castle cannot be entered if the castle in not within it's turn of active? For example, If Geffen realm active for the week, Prontera realm cannot be entered even if we own the castle? Just need a heads up and clarification on this since I've been away for a long time.
  5. Looking forward to it. What are the changes and fixes for Eir? Care to share? At least I would pumped up to return and play. Also, please make the halloween sale be there a bit longer. I really wanna get those donate items.
  6. Sadly no. I was only to able to retain 3 new guild members that last maybe around 3 months time. Then they left. Now I came back and saw someone still playing. That's good.
  7. Is this still going on? Can I try again?
  8. Sorry. I did not get the chance to get all the information and update it here. Will inform if I encounter any since the event ended.
  9. Dear Admin of RRO, As per title, just to inform you guys that one of the Carnival Event NPC are bugged. Please look into this. Looking forward to participate in the event. Thanks~
  10. If you want me to pour you with Zeny come and sell me what you have as per below list. My Creator need below mats for killing people. Help her collect these materials at her buying price. Karvos: 25,000 Zeny Stem: 500 Zeny Immortal Heart: 1,500 Zeny Fabric: 1,500 Zeny Strong Vine: 2 each. (Need 10) I am in need of Green Salad for healthy living in game. Otherwise, sell me Lv.5 Cook Book. Green Salad: 5,000 Zeny Level 5 Cookbook: 500,000 Zeny My Champion is almost finish with his training in Cursed Abbey. He need some cards to prepare for his next mission! Abysmal Knight Card: 8,000,000 Zeny (Need 3) Incubus Card: 8,000,000 Zeny
  11. From Seas' suggestion, 1.) Wipe all Zeny(if Possible, it should start vending/trading again and at reasonable prices). I'm as rich as they come, money is useless to me because I have about everything and too much zeny. With the years people have put in, there is probably 250 mil zeny per person on server. That is a large obstacle for a newbie to overcome. At least get me to work on warpra money. This obstacle(zeny and gears) was also part of the reason why newbies would join a 'side' of the server. I'm against this. I only have 10m and not that good farming zeny. You guys can erase his or perhaps make a limit on how much Zeny one should have for this idea. Perhaps 100m? 2.) De-upgrade gears. Thinking this would be too much work. Or not? It'll help a little on removing veteran advantages. This had been done from the bug issue. 3.) Remove donates, god items, MVPs from WoE. I'd settle for any or all of the 3 being removed. Or even having 1 castle to allow such items and the other 4 to not, I'd appreciate a change. I'm okay with after cast, but with removal of said other things, it may need to be placed to 100% delay. I agree with this. 4.) Remove warp to MVP maps. Re-allow memo on world maps, this makes doing quests long . This must be done quick. 5.) Conquest BG Pots etc(Not my idea, but I've seen it on other servers before I quit here initially. I'd be all for this) I agree with this~ 6.) About anything to give new players an incentive. That doesn't really effect/matter much to those still playing. You need to implement daily login giveaway. 2 hours top to obtain consumable items or whatever.
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