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  1. Fizsterina

    Carnival Event NPC Bugged

    Dear Admin of RRO, As per title, just to inform you guys that one of the Carnival Event NPC are bugged. Please look into this. Looking forward to participate in the event. Thanks~
  2. Fizsterina

    Fairy Tail Guild

  3. Fizsterina

    Fizste Shopping Cart

    I'm buying below mats for killing people. If you want me to pour you with Zeny come and sell me what you have as per below list. Karvos: 25k Stem: 500z Immortal Heart: 1.5k Fabric: 1.5k Strong Vine: 2k each. (Need 10)
  4. Fizsterina

    GM Applications [Eir]

    Who is Eir's GM now?
  5. Fizsterina

    The Return of Eir

    From Seas' suggestion, 1.) Wipe all Zeny(if Possible, it should start vending/trading again and at reasonable prices). I'm as rich as they come, money is useless to me because I have about everything and too much zeny. With the years people have put in, there is probably 250 mil zeny per person on server. That is a large obstacle for a newbie to overcome. At least get me to work on warpra money. This obstacle(zeny and gears) was also part of the reason why newbies would join a 'side' of the server. I'm against this. I only have 10m and not that good farming zeny. You guys can erase his or perhaps make a limit on how much Zeny one should have for this idea. Perhaps 100m? 2.) De-upgrade gears. Thinking this would be too much work. Or not? It'll help a little on removing veteran advantages. This had been done from the bug issue. 3.) Remove donates, god items, MVPs from WoE. I'd settle for any or all of the 3 being removed. Or even having 1 castle to allow such items and the other 4 to not, I'd appreciate a change. I'm okay with after cast, but with removal of said other things, it may need to be placed to 100% delay. I agree with this. 4.) Remove warp to MVP maps. Re-allow memo on world maps, this makes doing quests long . This must be done quick. 5.) Conquest BG Pots etc(Not my idea, but I've seen it on other servers before I quit here initially. I'd be all for this) I agree with this~ 6.) About anything to give new players an incentive. That doesn't really effect/matter much to those still playing. You need to implement daily login giveaway. 2 hours top to obtain consumable items or whatever.
  6. Fizsterina

    Battleground for Eir's warrior!

    BG still not fix?
  7. Fizsterina

    Client Broke

    Hello. I need help. When I run RebirthRO, it opens RevivalRO.. I wanna play on Eir.. How do I fix this?
  8. Fizsterina

    Client Broke

    Hello. I need help. When I run RebirthRO, it opens RevivalRO.. I wanna play on Eir.. @_@
  9. Fizsterina

    B> Cards, Gear, Etc

    You are Naerith? That sinx?? ?
  10. Fizsterina

    GM Applications [Eir]

    I thought I had applied for this.
  11. Fizsterina

    Magical Incense problem

    I see.. That explained it.. thanks.
  12. Fizsterina

    Battleground for Eir's warrior!

    Greetings, I would like to yet again stress the GMs and admins to fix the Battleground mechanics and contents. Active players will just log off and Eir will be dead again if event such as this is not working. I am excited enough just to see the battleground announcement as it is. We only lack of participants. But we can still manage to make it active nonetheless. p/s: Fix the current MOTD npc and mechanic as well. Also, add ul some other automated event npcs. This will attract new players.
  13. Fizsterina

    Nullify MVP cards at WoE

    Bump!! Dear admin, kindly respond to this thread.
  14. Fizsterina

    Magical Incense problem

    @Big Dumb Object @Phoenix I discovered that the Magical Incense will curse the character upon wearing. Is it supposed to be like that? Kindly assist to check.
  15. Fizsterina

    A few suggestions

    True to this.. I got like 4 god item pieces after server relaunched.. My thought at first was the drop rate on guild castle treasure was bugged. Appreciate if the admin would take a look on this matter..