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  1. Why thor is closed now? I cant enter like a month after im gone. Is it officially closed or Admins is just ignoring the server since it has a low player nowadays? Asking Attention to : @Phoenix @Mystery We're still playing on that server please support me: @Izumi Uchiha @FireNIce @PurgeSC
  2. Goodluck on your journey and keep safe. Thanks alot ~ !
  3. Dont know why this Awesome server being left by GMs and Admins. dunno if you guys any plan to revive the population but i think its too late now... Goodluck in thorians and have fun ----} Goodbye -Vasto Vanquisher Signing Off
  4. Hi Guys, So I'm excited to make some new head gears in thor and yes I made some of it but it turns out to be disappointing because I thought it has already a stats LOL. I know you guys are all busy so i'm not really expecting fast response on this matter but its just we want to know when you guys starting to update all of this undecided stats on cards and gears. @Phoenix @Big Dumb Object Thanks
  5. Oh there's what you called "care guide" on thor ? i didnt know it. well i just raising my homu in a normal way like feeding it when the HP bar is red. its almost 5days when my Homu becomes loyal. btw im jst online 5-6hrs LOL.
  6. Temple of Demon God and Sky Fortress @Phoenix @Big Dumb Object @Mystery @Syphon (c) credits for the owners of photos
  7. Yes its bug. Before my oboro can equip it but its long time ago and until now i cant equip those FW legs.
  8. Okay here's the Test Run of Horror Toy Factory.. Hope you guys like my easy-editting video .. (c)Deviluke and FieryFrost for making this happen Well. after so much hardwork we just got <Flower> on Celine Kimi we really disappointed but its so challenging dungeon unlike any instances we have here in thor so i hope we get fabulous reward next time because it is really so hard. We planned this hardly to finish this impossible instance
  9. how they obtained aspersio scrolls on loki? its very helpful when doing solo run on instances like OGH And nidhoggur. well i hope it will be implemented soon. ???
  10. @Phoenix @Big Dumb Object Is it possible to add aspersio scrolls, safe to refine ticket on thor's cash shop? ??? and also damned scroll for enchanting ghost property on weapons
  11. dunno. an old friend gave it to me i nver ask whre he get it also ??
  12. Mercury Riser Existing here.. Hmm my Headgear Suggestion was Elven Ears slot quest Sunglasses[1] Quest Pencil in Mouth Gangster Scarf Abyssmal Hat Err wait i search for more.. Btw @Phoenix how about an Instance that we dont have here ? like Sarah and Fenrir since Dali is existing here.
  13. I understand it. We just need a bit of updates for the fixes you going through. Just a bit and we become hopefuls again ???
  14. @Big Dumb Object @Phoenix my fellow players begging you to fixed OGH and other Instances. Dunno why you guys ignoring us(Thor). This issue is long time ago and we reported it several times.
  15. @Phoenix maybe this can be fixed later on. Sprites
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