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  1. Erm... that's not me, and I am not sharing the account I am asking the unban for, with anyone else. We might have the same case however if you check our accounts, you will know we are not the same person. Kindly check the accounts or ask phoenix and consider my request please. Thank you.
  2. Ingame Name(s): Dey, Hype Approximate date you were banned: Around November 2017 Reasons for being bannend: Abusing max stats exchanger Why should the team unban you? It's been a while since I've been banned on RebirthRo, yet I still regret what I've done. I am at 100% fault in here and I definitely regret my previous decision, because instead of reporting the bug to the staffs, I got blind in the greediness and abused the NPC that was there to help the players. It was a very shameful decision that I made and as a consequence, I got all my accounts banned and learned the lesson in the hardest way. In the beginning I thought it was only a harmless bug, which would bring me a certain profit, but by the end of the day, I saw myself abusing it, and yes, it was wrong. I realised and I am guilty of my own actions and I've always regretted it. Not only I lost the confidence as a player but also I reflected on my actions in real life, how to be a fair person in general. I blame no one in here other than myself and I would like to play again, with a different mindset and support RebirthRo again, and to cover all the mistakes I've done in past, I should start from helping new players and sharing knowledge of the game, fairly, and voting for the game to have a better growth. Again, I fully regret my decision and I have reflected on everything I did..... and as a player, I would like to get a second chance to play this game again Thank you
  3. S > Giant Crossbow Look for me in game or shout for "Tuna" if interested!
  4. B>NORMAL5 CEDI ORB(not overpriced ones if possible). please pm me of look for me in game. >.< thank u.
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