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  1. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Cedi Guide and basic equipment for beginner

    let it go...let it gooooooo~~~~~~~ this is the link from the old forum. u guys can read it for more info about gears... Lance and alex konayuki makes a good build... https://forums.rebirth.ro/forum/83-professor/
  2. l0n3 r4ng3r

    The Oreo Dispenser is Back!

    😶 Hai Chronos, Whalecum back!!!! \o\ \o\ \o\ \o/ \o/ \o/ /o/ /o/ /o/ Oreos pls.... ;D
  3. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Just got some email ;=)

    you are not a newbie duh >.< anyway, its good to have people back in the server. have fun!
  4. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Back again... again... again... (again?)

    hai there, its not wrong to be back again and again and again. it shows how much u care/love this server ❤️ i enjoy playing here even tho i am inactive, and logging in and out occasionally has its own joy. (less stress of boredom i guess) have fun!
  5. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Am new 2 RO gaem

    hai there.. im sure theres a lot of player like u. its good to have old players from years way back to check in on the server. have fun!
  6. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Client Keeps Crashing since i entered payon

    HAI RUKI!!!!!!!!! ❤️
  7. l0n3 r4ng3r

    moonhaven or invek

    Dearly beloved, here we are gathered today, cut the crap... why we cant be on both side of the war between fairy and angel...we are neutral!!!! i do hope that theres a way to switch side bcoz making a new char is...sigh... u know...like how u guys make hatred can be reset.../gg....
  8. l0n3 r4ng3r

    windows registry

    Hi, does anyone know how to add RRO registry into the computer? well,if someone is kind enuf to provide me with the registry files, i can just add it into my pc..... xD
  9. geezzzz.....those amnayel is giving me headache....😣
  10. even with no power human already killing each other....
  11. i cannot imagine a world with superpowers...
  12. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Farming @ VIP Dungeon

    use hp, magnus build...more or less... ignore alvilda. get tele,fly wings or any items u prefer... magnus all the way~~~~
  13. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Oichi's Store

  14. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    red = untradable green = more than 10m, less than 15m yellow = less than 50m black = no comment
  15. l0n3 r4ng3r

    Am I The Only One?

    Well,this happens sometime. Im just wondering if its just me or everyone.