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  1. Navys

    Class vs Class is back!

    I'd first like to say I'm completely against randomness on this event, and that making universal rules that apply for all classes is impossible, so I'll be giving my inputs on the class I main, which is sniper, and maybe you guys can use that to come up restrictions and rules for the remaining classes. There shouldn't be restrictions on consumables. Most of the player's skill comes from experience of when to attack or back up, be that for healing or switching armor/weapon element to outplay the opponent. and if you restrict the use of elemental converters and holy scrolls, which are easily obtainable for all kinds of players, you're giving end game players way too much advantage when they already have melanis enchantments for SLOTTED holy armor for example. 100% supportive of no eden sets. I could see this being a problem on stalker/champ/sinx/sg event, because of the incredible mobility they have, but do not mistake running from backing up. The arena should have a decent enough size that gives the players both options without being always in range of attacks as you will see top players from many classes using that strategy. If you're disabling heal skill then autocast shouldn't be allowed as well. As I said earlier, I'm against all sorts of randomness. If you're looking for a 100% skill based gameplay then anything that provides advantages by chance should be disabled. My main concern with this are Pneuma. Fable and WS cards, but since you mentioned RoR, why would you allow something that auto casts quagmire and tarot, when one of those heavily affects the enemy's attack speed and the other can insta win the battle for you if you get the coma card. You're setting up to fight against a specific class, then suddenly you're dealing with something completely out of the skill set because of autocast and that's enough to mess you up and cost you the fight. Honestly people get offended too easily, this is a pvp event, where you're fighting for the #1 rank on that class, and if you win you have all the right to brag about it. How many rounds are there per match? Will it be double elimination brackets?
  2. Navys

    Loki WoE Changes

    This whole comment makes no sense at all, but i'll try to break it down so it's easier for you to understand. While breaker sets are indeed vulnerable, they get the job done in less than 2 seconds, being it a sinx, stalker or sniper, so there's not even time to react when you see someone hitting the emp because it's already too late, and don't forget eden sets are a thing, so you can keep full tank gears until you actually hit the emp, and then switch, plus they have fable, which makes them completely invincible to any physical damage through the entire break if it procs right away. Increasing the emp's HP does give the defenders an advantage because just rushing with multiple full tank sinx/stalkers with devo will not be as effective anymore, as it shouldn't be. If there's a good guild defending, the reason for them to lose the castle should be dying rather than because they got rushed. You're saying increasing emp's hp will kill classes like they have no other purpose in woe. Stalker is the best class for leading, sniper is super useful delaying the enemy with traps while doing some nice long range damage, and sinx has the best close range dmg after champ and can drop people almost instantly when getting a touch on them, so please try to have a more open view about the entire situation than just saying classes will become useless if the changes do happen. The exact reason they were proposed is to make the attacking guild have to take over the emp room, thus encouraging teamplay. And lastly, if the guild defending is too strong, props to them, and up to you to come up with a way to take them down next war, that's how it works, so deal with it. As much as I'd love everyone to be inside the same castle, 2 does sound better because the 2 main guilds at moment are Infection and RED, and right behind are hooters and majesty, so that provides action for both sides. I like the first one, plain and simple damage reduction to emp as well as more hp. The second option doesn't really fit in our current woe I think, because if you're implementing a new set specific to breakers, it would make them way too predictable and easy to deal with. Breakers should still have a chance at going all in for a break, even if it takes longer, and there are many ways you can tank while breaking emp, just find the right balance between damage and resist.
  3. Navys

    How long should WoE be?

    Honestly I feel like 1h would be too short and give guilds less action and a small advantage for who's defending the castles, and the reasons for that are: 1) Time taken to regroup > I'll take as an example last woe 1 between Infection and Hooters. Whichever guild was defending the castle had a full setup on entrance and since the guilds were evenly matched, you can't just run in one by one hoping to run past or you'd just die, so for that you need your entire guild on portal with proper buffs and coordination to go in at the same time and setup inside. This takes easily 3-5 minutes after your guild get fully wiped out of the castle and the other guild has taken over entrance again. If the collapse point is inside the castle, the same happens, both guilds will stay at distance until everyone is ready and then make a move. 2) Ecall cooldown > It often happens on big fights that the attacking guild does not want to try a push unless they have ecall available, because there's already a lot of disadvantages when fighting a fully setup guild defending something, so one of the tools your guild has is clear the portal and sneak an ecall inside and then slowly push from there. So if you need ecalls to push on every room of a castle, that's around 10 minutes wasted after the fight has finished just sitting there waiting on the cooldown to end (happened a lot back when FP vs MD was a thing). 3) The advantage to defending guilds I'm referring to is that with only 1h to break a castle, it's not enough to take a 2.0 castle from a well coordinated guild for example, because you have many factors that prevent you from pushing. One is of course the enemy guild following you all around the castle, and the castles have 2 stones that have to be destroyed to even have a chance of moving further, and then 3 barricades after that, and there's also the fact that stones can be rebuilt thus restraining your entire attack back to the stones. Regular castles do not have stones or barricades, but the flag in spot is usually on 3rd room near emp and the break point where fights happen is usually right before the flag in spot so you can just quickly flag back and you're instantly there to help your guild again while whoever is attacking has to walk all the way back. (side note: flag in spots also mean you can keep assumptio and mind break through some of the fight, so keep that in mind.) 1 castle per realm open per hour doesn't fix the problem that our server currently does not have enough population to make use of all those at the same time, it's always random breakers running and doing their thing, so if that's the reason for them to be there, might as well be closed. The fact that my own guild had 3 castles at the end of last woe 2 with only 2 people on should be enough proof that we have too many castles open at moment. 1) At this point, if anyone lacks supplies is because they're lazy to farm, because the server provides everyone many ways to get them. You can make an argument that newer players will have problems farming them, sure they will, but they're not really suited for woe yet if that's the case are they? 2) I wonder what kind of supply could possibly help economy a castle... The best thing you get from those chests currently are EDPs, speeds and +10 foods, and everyone who has tried to build economy lately has failed, so a revamp on those does not affect economy one bit. 3) Woe activity will become a thing when you can find people to fight, and reducing the castles is a good way of doing that. You guys have no idea how happy we all were (Infection) when RED allied Hooters, it was the best woe we had in forever. Also, with the upgraded god items, everyone will want to make them, so the action will build itself around those, just be patient.
  4. Navys

    Looking for an artist

    Please leave your price below.
  5. Navys

    Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    I'm not saying they're expensive, and that people aren't aware it is a thing. My point is that it makes everything so easy for those who already have all the best items, that you can switch, kill some people, then switch back and still get away. There's no drawback to switching sets like that, and no time for anyone to react when someone rushes you. Then they spam until they feel like they're in danger, press one key, and they have 90% dmg reduction equipped. Top players are hard to kill because they're skilled and have the best items, but when you give them an option like that, it's nearly impossible to kill one unless you're a player on the same lvl, and even then it's hard because the tank option is good against everyone.
  6. Navys

    Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    I support this. Eden Sets currently provide about anyone the ability to be tanky anytime they want, and immediately switching back to damage when they're in attack range. This benefits the so called "pro players" way more than everyone else, because the difference of equips is already a big deal most of the time, and it takes away the "skill" part of someone's playstyle, because you're basically pressing 2 buttons to switch between tank and damage. Some classes benefit more than others, one of them being LKs, which seems to be everyone's main concern in woe. LKs should be able to do a high damage when close, I agree, but not without taking a considerable amount of damage trying to approach (isn't this why they have all that hp?) or not giving the enemy any chance to counter because they're already doing full damage from their skill due to the set switch. It may not seem like a big deal in woe but when your guild have to give that much attention to one single person/class, to not even be able to finish the kill most of the times, because the person will most likely run away with his tank set when he's in danger of dying, just makes it look like some people have god status. Another class that gains a huge advantage with the sets is stalker, for obvious reasons, although this isn't a problem just yet because people are not focusing on defenses, but it will be eventually. As for the "meta", it's been a while now that cedi are the best and most versatile equips in the game, with some quests and guild points filling up the remaining slots. Melanis enchantments have just recently been addressed, but it's not a must have in order to be a high lvl player, neither are +10 equips. If you want to give new players guidance on what equips they should be focusing on at the beginning, always suggest cedi items. As they progress and choose their main class, they will have to face the fact they will need higher refined items, as well as more expensive cards in order to get stronger, and in most cases the price you pay for certain items will not give you the result you wanted, but it's still required if you want to keep growing. A part of woe should be about outsmarting your opponent when building your team, and classes should have their strong and weak sides, but some of them right now are too strong and able to face off against any other class and almost always win. (LKs and Snipers)
  7. Navys

    WoE Suggestions [Loki]

    I'm not trying to take advantage with this. If you paid close enough attention to infection you'd have noticed we never reach 20 players (last woe's exception). Thats not exactly a good number for defense and can be taken down, either by being killed or castle breaking. You're saying that it's up to the GL to make the guild stronger? How's that working for you so far? You've been around for years leading the hunters now and, as you said, you're still a mid rate guild, which I honestly don't agree with. Last woe1 showed very well that you have enough strength to take on the top guilds, it's all up to you and your guild members to find a better setup. Woe is all about adaptation. You guys were having a hard time against us at the beginning, you brought a new tool into your party and it worked, you started to wipe us in some occasions. 2- Players aim to be at the top, I don't think anyone would downgrade their equips on purpose to join a meaningless fight for them when they'd have a much better time with their best stuff against the best people. And how is equally dividing the rewards among all the guild members increasing the difference? They're growing together, and the economy is down to a point that any item giveaway, such as cedi, rdc and guild points for new players wouldn't have a negative impact on the server. 3- Hate? You literally just asked half a dozen of your members to come in this thread and dislike every comment that goes against yours, so you're a part of this problem. And you're threatening to quit because the thought of having to fight a guild for a castle goes against your guild's principle. Equips are not everything, we have a lot of classes to use for a reason, make the best of it, you're probably the guild with the highest members. There is a reason why my guild can stand big fights, find your guild's weak spot and start working from that point on. (Boy I sound like a poet)
  8. Navys

    WoE Suggestions [Loki]

    I'll stick to my suggestion for this reply (castle tiers). I think you're missing the point. woe is already divided as it is, or do you see Fashionista and Radical Dreamers fighting FP/TH/LC/Infection? (I have nothing against them, let that be clear). They're pretty much in their own fight far from all the other big guilds. So why not reward them with a tier of their own to help them grow and be able to join the bigger fights? Guilds will choose stronger players over new ones, that's a given, which is why low and mid tier castles would help those new players get some woe experience, give them the equipment needed to prepare them to join stronger guilds in the future. You can't just expect that they'll join the server and be playing in a top guild in like a month or so. We need a castle reduction whether you like it or not. I know your side of this, and I'm pretty sure what you're trying to avoid is giving up your def advantage, as other guilds would as well. To avoid big guilds overpowering smaller ones, what could be done is that once a guild gets "promoted", say moving from low-tier to mid-tier, they cannot enter low-tier castles anymore, same from mid > high (monitored by IP maybe?). Everyone fights the same people every woe already, the only thing is that there is no incentive for any of them to hold a castle other than to have the precast advantage, which from my experience in the past month, is what people have been doing in order to force the strongest guild to have a weaker setup, but if they still lose the castle changes and it's the same idea over and over (I've been in both sides of this). If you can't get inside a castle by killing the defense, there's Ecall for that. If you consider a top tier castle having 4 guilds right now, Infection/FP/TH/LC, one of which will be defending and the other 3 trying to take it, that's a lot of action taking place and there's no way people wouldn't be able to setup inside with that many people flooding in and GLs running all over the place trying to find a safe Ecall spot.
  9. Navys

    WoE Suggestions [Loki]

    I don't think restricting equipment refines is a good idea. It'll set the standard for high-tier woe much higher. Even people who currently fight at the top level don't have all equips +10. The concept of the castle tiers was to make guilds want to fight for the top tier castle because they would technically have the best rewards, but the 3 tiers don't need to have the same type of reward. Low tier could have something like ocas, cedi and guild points to help those players grab their mid tier equips and get started with some money. Mid tier could start giving out SRTs and orbs. Top tier could give out PD foods, rune strawberry cake, speed pots, hall of abyss mvp catalysts, melanis mvp lights, 30 days costumes, maybe a chance at +9 and +10 SRTs. Those might not be the absolute best type of reward for each tier, but to me they are the ones players in that kinda range would be looking for. They also should be equally distributed among the guild members so they'd really feel rewarded and willing to help out their guild.
  10. Navys

    Nerf LK please :V

    Honestly, bringing up Hell's Power here doesn't have anything to do with it being hard to tank ranges in woe. We have the only Bloody Cross in the server as far as I know, and I only think it's fair we get rewarded from farming a rare item like that. Also, Bloody Cross is only usable by Priests and Champs, so it's not like a broken weapon that inflicts that on everyone at any given time. And dispell... come on now. There are very few profs in the game, if any, and all you have to do is either get decent pd or GTB and it's gone, and before you say that you'll take more damage from ranged itself by using GTB, remember that defender's reduction is pretty significant for you to feel anything switching from cranial to GTB, but if you want movespeed over ranged resist from your pally, then that's on you. It's only so easy to get kills from a distance when your opponents don't have good teamwork. If I see people without support I'm going to aim them, simple as that. Makes me wonder because you keep saying ranges are so hard to deal with, but when I go up against other ranges in woe, being them devoted or not, I can kill most of them, so if your guild is having problems dealing with them, get someone smart to do it. There are elements that make it hard to get a proper setup? Ever thought about using those elements to make it harder for other people as well? If profs are so deadly, why don't you use one, wall of fog alone is a perfect counter for ranged attacks already. FP has the best pvp players in the game, I'm surprised you're having such a hard time dealing with small problems like that.
  11. Navys

    Nerf LK please :V

    Maybe your definition of good sniper is different than mine then, because from my experience, I can't think of 5 snipers that deserve to be called good, but that's coming from someone who mains sniper and don't have to worry about approaching to deal dmg. I can see snipers and gunslingers being a problem in bg where there's almost no teamwork involved and everyone's by themselves, but not in woe. All it takes is devotion and a decent PD and you basically nulify any danger running against a ranged class, not to mention a single pneuma from a priest/champ or errende. People not using ankle snare just proves my point of how there's maybe only 3 to 5 good sniper in this server. Same goes for those who think dmg is everything. Every class being able to do equal or more dmg than LK is not quite true, otherwise FP would not need to rely on 6 LKs to win their battles. It comes down to how your party is built, but what I remember from my last woes were a few FP priests and LKs devoted while the rest of the guild was left on their own, and they were easy kills for my "wide-screen range grim reaper" because of lack of support. Sorry if anyone got offended, it's just the way I see things working there.
  12. Navys

    Nerf LK please :V

    Tbh Josh, saying that we're gonna see more lks in the future, good and bad ones, applies to snipers. It's also a matter of experience and knowledge, but how many actual good snipers do you see around? What makes both classes seem broken is how fast you can spam brandish and DS. You should use the incredible movespeed of LK to your advantage, there's very little time for a sniper to react if you're coming with 35% speed increase and a peco, and I'm pretty sure no sniper can out dps a lk when they're hitting each other. It's true snipers need some work on the dmg script of some items but it wont change as much as you'd think, and I also believe there should be some kind of delay added to brandish. When you get close you should be able to hit hard enough, but not spam brandish 5-6+ times per sec as we're seeing right now. Gear sets made everyone's life easier, you need barely any work to switch items or even builds now, for dmg when you get close to someone or when you need to tank and run away, so that's another thing that makes it seem like LKs are that much tanky, or any other class. For the auto counter, I believe it's fine now. Before this change came, I remember talking to people and they'd literally run straight to LKs with their sinx because they were that easy to kill with fable, so it's a nice change, even unintended. There are ways around it, and it's up to people to figure out how to deal with it. Get your brains working for once.
  13. Navys


    A set bonus was never mentioned as far as I remember, so probably not.
  14. Navys


    In order to get antiques you need to donate 5c or 500m to bio4, so creds are cheaper, but bio4 is now open which means you'll have to wait 29 days for it to close so you can donate and get an antique. They are considered legit. For the effects, you need to kill monsters wearing the antique equips so they receive exp and get lvls, up to lvl 10, and for each lvl you get to choose a bonus for it. There are different bonuses depending on which equip you buy. For example, if you get the helm, you will see the bonuses when you talk to the NPC and he will also tell you how many points you have to spend on effects (according to the lvl of your antique item). Most bonuses have 3 lvls, let's say you want to get max hp% for your helm. First lvl will give you 2%, second 5% and third will give you 10%, so if you want the full 10% you'll spend 3 points(lvls) of your antique on that bonus. For other bonuses, like anti knockback on the shoes and maya p effect on helm, it only requires 1 point, but there's a lvl requirement for the antique itself before it allows you to get that bonus. Upgrading has no fee, once you donate the amount to the NPC and get the antiques, all services after that are free. There is an option to reset the antiques if you wish to change effects, but I'm not entirely sure it's working, and I believe the equip goes back to lvl 1 if you reset it. Hope this helps.