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  1. based on the title, here are the gears i have to reach 95% Neutral Resist. +5 Deviling Party Hat = 5% Great Old Hauberk = 10% Vigilante Shield + Parasite Card = 15% Winged Cardigan + Deviling Card = 60% Poring GM Pet / Kyuumi Pet = 5% ***The Deviling Party Hat to be at +10 to achieve 100% Neutral Resist. Here is a link to the screenshots showing differences in damage with and without those equips: https://imgur.com/a/NMVyLtL I haven't tested these equipment in Tier Z of Gold Cedi since that's the only Boss I know that casts a weird version of Earthquake. (damage can't be lessened with GTB Card unlike Orc Knight's Earthquake). I think there are better builds for Gold Cedi, which I don't know, I just use my usual Cedi Prof Gears in that area and I rely on Wall of Fog, Assumptio and Yggs as my crutches.
  2. Thanks for posting the locations! Merry Christmas to you too~
  3. Pardon if it's quite a lot but when you have the opportunity to suggest, might as well make the most out of it. --- Oliver Hood: RMS Link --- Sons of Kobold Hood: RMS Link --- Black Cat: jRO? Link (there are other headgears there too) --- Analyze Eye: RMS Link - jRO? Link --- Ifrit's Breath: Ragnarok Europe? *TBH, I found this in an Italian RO forum of some sorts. Pardon in advance if this is out of the guidelines, I just thought it looks cool. --- And finally this, Chilly Breath (also knows as "Cold Breath in-game"): RMS Link Do Note, that I am fully aware that you can achieve this through the Endless Tower Quest, 100x to be exact, but to be honest, who has the time and in-game money to spend for that. Just asking if there can be another quest or another achievement that would let us obtain this. --- Thanks for this topic, Phoenix.
  4. The Day 24 and Day 31 rewards of the Eden Group is both our joy and misery. We earned a lot ever since these two became a thing, I mean, where else can you earn 4 or more credits (depending on the loots though) by just waiting for a whole month, right? And here's the thing, there are people who owns more alts than usual just to make the most out of this rewards system. ( I do have to note that I am not dropping any names or actually calling out anyone but we all know ourselves, I myself included ) which has basically led to an over supply of equipment and other things that led to a continuous decrease in its value, which is our misery now. These two specific days (and their effects as stated above) are also the reason why there's no point in farming and collecting of cards from OCAs and MCAs, its better to just wait for our free points rather than waiting every two hours to feed Marvin, except for those people who had bought a large number of OCAs and MCAs in the past. Now, to give a personal suggestion that might make OCAs and MCAs meaningful again, and that is to change what Days 24 and 31 give. Instead of these rewards handing us points why not just hand us Nectars instead? (Now by all means, it should "never" give Blue Nectars) Let me give an example: Cursed Old Box can give 0-8 White Nectars and/or 0-4 Yellow Nectars Cursed Old Chest can give 0-8 White Nectars, 0-4 Yellow Nectars, and/or 0-2 Red Nectars This doesn't entirely eliminate access to the Cedi System namely for newbies, startups, or those who wants to pass time with friends or strangers but it gives back the purpose of OCAs and MCAs, we will need cards again in order to finish a set and claim our BCA(s). This is in turn can help control the number of equipment and other things in the current market, being we won't be oversupplied probably and the prices can potentially increase when they continue to get less in number. (ex. GO Hauberk, Cloak, Boots?, Ebony Greaves, Caliganous Cloaks (supply and demand)) By all means, this is just a suggestion which is a bit too late but better than never and I know that there are flaws to what I just said. Although this is a time when we do need to give out suggestions that can potentially help one of the systems a good number of people enjoy and earn from be meaningful again.
  5. This one's for farming, credits to Misale for posting this guide. For now, you can continue leveling to make farming easier. Loot what you can for better equips. Good luck out there.
  6. I would like to add some things too, since it is a starter guide for newbies: Might be nice to recommend getting Hyzo Hat (via Halloween Exchanger at the cost of 2 Lude Bandanas). Also Chubby Bunny won't be available until the next Summer Carnival or an appropriate event regarding rabbits. Hyzo Hat would be useful for: Tier D Dark Lord and Osiris + Immaterial Arrows Baphomet, Lord of Death, Dracula, Doppelganger + Holy Arrows Tier C Dark Lord ,Osiris and Thanatos + Immaterial Arrows Baphomet + Holy Arrows Tier B Bacsojin Garm (given its current element is either "Ghost", "Shadow" or "Holy") Ghost Element = use Immaterial Arrow Shadow Element = use Holy Arrow Holy Element = use Shadow Arrow Hope this helps, and if i'm wrong then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . Just something I personally do when Cedi-ing, I also don't have Chubby Bunny.
  7. Try these steps, it worked for me and other people too:
  8. October 27 10-8-6 Map 1: Doppel, Hyzo, Whisper, Ancient Mummy, Evil Druid, Jakk, Loli, Ghostring , Skeleton Prisoner, Quve Map 2: Hyegun, Knight, Gibbet, Drainliar , Dullahan , Raydric, Lude, Bathory Map 3: Mummy, Marionette, Flame Skull, Nightmare, Zombie, Familiar
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