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  1. Twarry

    Can any GM help me :/

    my acct got hacked can you GM help see the list of trade or something My RK gears gone - Twarry of thor
  2. Twarry

    Bug Skill of AB Clementia

    here when i use my skill clement its kinda - to int and dex its a buffs i think there is wrong here
  3. Twarry

    Cy's / Twarry B>T>S>

    B>>>> TGL +9 offer Tempboots +9 or +12 clean or with dex (EA4) WWmanteu +9 with FS enchant Permanent costumes Kiel card Creds = 20m S>>>> Giant Cross Bow +10 / +12 Giant Cross bow Orc Champion Helm Ancient Golden Ornament Archer skel card AK card White knight card 15m Khali knight card 15m +9/+10 Elven bow (with AK) and with not T>>> +9 GXB to your TGL +9 +10 GXB = WWsuit +10up with 3 enchant (more good have EA enchants) Pm some offers
  4. Twarry

    Deviluke's Buying/Selling/Trading

    Im planning to buy TGL +9 please reply
  5. Twarry

    Server closed???

    Hope OGH Will fix in Thor
  6. Twarry

    Server closed???

    Servers down When the server Up?
  7. Twarry

    I got Scamed

    thanks you guys hope GM can help me
  8. Twarry

    I got Scamed

  9. Twarry

    I got Scamed

    thanks velvet
  10. Twarry

    I got Scamed

    how to get your item when you scam. i have a friend borrow my +7 FAW EA2 EA2encant then he disapear is there a possible to get my item back? like checking trade logs. hope i can get a reply thanks name of the scammer Lvl 29 Pikachu Cyrenea of Thor~