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  1. Have about 5 Incubus Cards i could sell but 8m is not even nearly enough for one. Willing to trade for credits or items of equal value to me though.
  2. I'm still buying these. Contact me if you have any or are willing to farm some items for me. I'm sure i can offer you something worth your time.
  3. Reset the AzzyAI to default settings, that should fix it.
  4. Second that. Guild Towns were a super cool idea back then. But now with the server being dead you really should not give people more options to hide and make it look even more empty.
  5. Willing to trade Credits for: Abysmal Knight Cards Incubus Cards Lady Tanee Card
  6. Naerith was my Priest you silly. And yes. Hop on sometime i havent seen you in forever.
  7. Still buying. Msg Novels, Naerith or Vesica ingame
  8. I dont know if this is the right section but there wasnt any other one I'm looking to buy or trade a couple of items so if you have any please contact me. Cards: Dark Lord Card Lady Tanee Card 2x Incubus Cards Alice Card Treant Card 3x Wootan Fighter Card Succubus Card 3x Abysmal Knight Cards Minorous Cards Skeleton Worker Cards Desert Wolf Cards Willow Cards Sohee Card Mandragora Cards Vadon Cards Dokebi Card Sandman Card Butoijo Cards Strouf Cards Caramel Cards Earth Petite Cards Peco Peco Egg Cards Drainliar Cards Gear: Keris 2x Safety Ring 10x Magni's Cap 10x Odins Blesssing 10x Stone Buckler Lunakaligo Tidal Shoes Wool Scarf Diabolus Manteau Diabolus Ring Etc: Old Card Albums Elunium Oridecon Steel Iron
  9. The old data is gone okay, but what about items we had donated for. Will we get the donation credits refunded to buy them again?
  10. Then they should atleast remove Eir from their homepage. It angers me sooooo much to see eir up there everytime i logon desipite knowing it might never be back. Seriously rRO has the potential to make a GREAT lowrate server. Dont let it go to waste and USE it.
  11. Geneal additions could be as simple as adding a Healer/Buffer to every city either for free or a very low fee. I'm not speaking about OP buffs but no one likes to play without agi/bless/asu/magni. Especially not when leveling. Warpra could teleport players up to the floor before the mvp. Running into a dungeon only to leave it after 20 min cause you ran out of consumeables is a pain. Its 2016. You gotta adjust the game to be more casual friendly, even if it hurts some serious MvP hunters that way, the health of the server is more important. Adding the server back to see what is there and needs to be changed is also a good idea. Its been 2 years since we played there last. Its not that easy to rememeber all the good and bad things that way. If you had asked for suggestions right away back then ud probably have gotten a lot more answers.
  12. Its been 1 month again. Can we please get an update on the current status? As someone said already, if you are not willing to invest the time and put it back up, just tell us already... im getting sick of wating and waiting for way over a year now.
  13. Yes it does. You can for example use an Orc Archer Bow together with Steel Arrows for the 50% increased dmg bonus from it but then use a Fire Converter to deal fire dmg. But if you switch arrows u'll have to use a new converter.
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