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  1. Still active? I need a new emblem pm me
  2. Syuveil

    Future of Thor

    Low priority? Almost half of population of thor are in my guild, and they are always asking about new sprites and instances. If nothing happens within these conversation, I will quit and will be happy to carry my guild to another server.
  3. Syuveil

    Future of Thor

    Implement the other renewal instances; Geffen Magic Tournament, Isle of Bios ETC. Update the cash shop; Shadow gears, Permanent Alt Sprites like in loki
  4. Syuveil

    Future of Thor

    Thor's economy is really bad in which it even comes up to the point that I had to give zennies and my few items to the newbies.
  5. Syuveil

    Future of Thor

    Does the admin have any plans for thor? I heard some rumors that some of its players are quitting and transferring to another private server. This is quite alarming
  6. Syuveil

    I got Scamed

    Did you get a trade sceenshot?
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