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  1. Someones Alt

    S> Costumes n Stuff

    S> The Transgenderer (unlimited gender change), Acid Bottles (13k pcs), Glistening Coats (10k pcs), Gold (500+pcs) Tao Gunka, SRT10 (2pcs) +10 Goblin Bow, SPGain5, Random2, LEvade5, SEvade5 Permanent Costumes: Mad Hatter (Upper), Costume: Black Butterfly Hairbow (Mid), Costume: Black Death Aura (Lower) Costume: Poring Card (Lower), Costume: Little Angel Wings (Mid), Skoll Ears (Mid) 30 Days Costumes: Falling Bishop Ghost Box (Upper/Mid/Lower), Costume: Panty Hat Box (Upper), Costume: Smiling Man Box (Upper), Costume: Rose Ring Box (Mid), Costume: Trident Box (Mid), Costume: Mini Love Clips Box (Mid) Costume: Emperor Wings Box (Mid), Costume: Green Fairy Wings Box (Mid), Costume: Black Death Aura Box (Lower) pm offers here. i can only play during weekends but i can set a schedule on weekdays if you're buying ^
  2. Someones Alt


    true, but not to the point that you posted something "bad", then a few minutes later, ALL your posts will be down voted i just upvote herbal 5 minutes ago with 1 upvote on his profile. check him now. -33 downvotes
  3. Someones Alt


    its not that important for forumers like you who only have 6 posts but unlike that guy herbal, erelyn, newb sniper and others who had lots of post. seeing they had low or negative reps will make other people think they are not trusted or anything they post here on forum is offensive or useless
  4. Someones Alt

    Alil help (asking for stuff)

    players donate or farm for themselves here you can ask for "a little" help in game, dont be such a lazy dude asking for "spare" POINT COINS? and buy angra? i think thats too much.
  5. Someones Alt

    Packing Master fixed

    @Big Dumb Object @Phoenix @Mystery @Venus hope you guys do something about this. all players who had eden sets with accessory on them is forced to make a new sets because of this. creds / zennies wasted for nothing.
  6. Someones Alt

    Packing Master fixed

    yes. more than 5 or 6pcs. the NPC will ask for LP and POP. im more like a soloist type, mostly dont rely on devoes / heals / supports i had 1(normal gears) 2(status gears) 3(full damage no resist gears) 4(fast spam gears) 5(break gears) 6(tank gears) 7(neutral resist gears) 8(PD gears) most of them had accessories changed :'(
  7. Someones Alt

    Packing Master fixed

    POP is easy yes. but once your Eden Sets exceed 5 or 6pcs, the NPC will ask for LP instead of Zeny thats the problem. i spend lots of creds to make most of my items +10s so that i wont spend any more creds to change my eden sets and make them permanent. now this happens. ALL my Eden Sets were useless because of the right slot accessory removed. i spend about 15c after my 5th set. now i have to just throw/delete them away and make a new one? spend another 15c (not including the paradise and zennies) just to fix all of them? :'(
  8. Someones Alt

    Packing Master fixed

    so Packing Master can now make a set with 2 rings on it, and makes our old sets (ALL) a little useless (because the other ring that is supposed to be intact (right slot ring) will be removed) can we atleast get refunds for it? creds, paradise and/or zeny? or perhaps free of charge when replacing a set when it exceeds 5pcs? especially mine since i have 8 sets on me. (i paid 3c and 4c on my previous sets, and my next set will cost me 5c regardless on how many items on a set)
  9. Someones Alt

    100k DS Damage??!

    i think you're dreaming. you did 60k per shot? so why is it that when i see you at woe, you cant even manage to reduce my hp even 10%? it is true that you didnt say you did 100k. but the way you say "doing 100k (200k full damage) per ds ISNT THAT HARD"? i know there are snipers that does 100k per ds. but maybe perhaps 3-5 players only. (using hypa) dont act pro if you're not. dont comment anything that only exists on that little brain of yours. "ISNT THAT HARD" hah! you made me laugh again stupid cupid
  10. Someones Alt

    100k DS Damage??!

    "doing 100k per ds sn't really that hard".. please don't make a fool of yourself once again on this post.. play sniper and try for yourself if your DS can even reach 20k.. or maybe perhaps you're DSing some level 1 novice and say "doing 100k isnt that hard"? hahaha
  11. Someones Alt

    S> Sacred Nappy

    S> Sacred Nappy on +10 Valkyrian Armor pm offers here..
  12. Someones Alt

    More Slots for guild

    i really dont have problems on newbies / weak players. just the ones who are BIG HEADED and ACTS LIKE A PRO even if he doesnt. spamming unnecessary chats on main. attention seeker.
  13. Someones Alt

    More Slots for guild

    dont act like you are the boss here.. you're WEAK, didnt you know that? you havent even contributed kills or ANYTHING on those guilds, only DEATHS you think you're pro enough to act like that? you're NOOB
  14. Someones Alt

    More Slots for guild

    how about you mind your own business and make yourself better in game? you're just ALL TALK AND NO SKILL. meaning, YOU'RE WEAK dont pretend you're a good player here. you cant even do anything good on woe. cursing Perdono when you're woeing on Revenant Idol, and joins his guild woe2 coz you dont have any other guild to join? like WTF, "i didnt curse you, i just want to join TH" - FU cupid. now what guild are you in? hard to enjoy woe when you're noob right?
  15. Someones Alt

    More Slots for guild

    WE CANT BEAT FP? is that a joke coming from a very weak player like you? a noob attention seeker at #main infiltrates the forum and still chats here like he thinks he's a pro what a joke. if you dont have anything better to say you weak, SHUT UP. ok?