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  1. The ones who complain more are not the ones who donates anyway.. LOL..Why bother? LOL
  2. I already made my case. All I can say is goodlluck..
  3. Permanent Banning punishment should have been given only to those who have gone wrong against other players (e.g. scamming and the likes) and not against those who made abuse a bug that the developers have done the mistake of pushing bugged code to the production server in the first place. Bug issues can be corrected anytime. Just remember that the blood of any application is their users. Even if you have the best software in the world but no one uses it, it will just be a nuisance application. I did not say to tolerate the wrongdoings of some players, it's just that a bug will not be abused if it weren't there in the first place. New gamers might sign up eventually, but if you don't find ways to make people stay and love the game/server, you will soon lose those and the active community will not grow as you visioned it to be. And please save me from the reasoning that when you test it before it was working as intended. Test site is different from production site. Do the test scenarios that you did on the test server as you did on the production. There are a lot of instances that when a code is pushed from test site to production, the effect changes due to environment issues. I have been to a lot scenarios that codes pushed to the production were incompatible to the server.
  4. We don't go high and mighty because someone abuses our mistakes (as developers). We correct our mistake, issue an apology, and give proper treatment to the mess that we made. It is our users who make our software evolve to be the best one. Being high and mighty above abusing my mistake is not a good customer support and one of the reasons why other users go and find better applications to use.
  5. Not that I am playing RRO anyway.. It just adds a reason not to go back.. again, abuse or not, bugs came because there were some things that the programmer mistakenly coded. There wouldn't be a bug if the code entered is correct from the beginning.
  6. I will be more specific since I really don't like the way you put down punishment to some people. If a bug came from a drop rate error would it be logical to just remove all items that was dropped during the time that the bug was introduced until the bug has been fixed? It was the developer who had wrong code from the beginning. Please don't make a the players be your testers. My opinion comes from experience of a software developer. User's (players) should have the best (and right) gaming experience. Meaning, even before the users use a new feature, it should be reviewed at least twice.
  7. Why not test a new feature thoroughly before implementing it?
  8. No @Connor, No Owning.. otherwise let's just create a legion in "some lame server"... lolz... People playing bugged items is not their problem.. just like buying an OP equipment then nerfing it sometime..
  9. Will be doing some AFKing in Morroc to catch up with you guys.. Been studying and working at the same time.. whattalife.. and #BringBackConnor
  10. Rayne19


    RIP Owning.. lolz... let's meet at where you are playing Miles.. - Rayne Note: they changed N()v@R0 to some lame server.. lol
  11. GRIM REAPER is OP.. lolz
  12. No Idea on the count of quest done for http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Breaking_The_Seal_Quest I think they need to repeat 500 times server wide to open the Biolabs 4. Then you have to wait 1 month until the biolabs 4 closes to buy antiques.
  13. BUYING: +9/+10 Bronze Greaves - Offer Last Price
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