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  1. Fairy Tail Guild

  2. Fairy Tail Guild

    Lets join US
  3. Dear Sir / Mdm @Phoenix @Big Dumb Object & Admins, I notice there are no premium equipment attached in cash shop, only a few useable things such enriched oridecon & etc on sale. On the other hand, i've walked in BG site and did not find NPC name Erundek to exchange badge into BG equipments. In addition, there are no NPC to start BG Flavius, Tierra & KVM. Hope admin team can look into this since some new player excited to have same Premium & BG equipments, Thanking in advance for kind and lovely attention from Admin team ;D. Regards, JoBeN

    Dear @Big Dumb Object I just login, and see my donate item such wing/ upper & lower headgear ++ event items also missing.. Appreciate if your team could check on it.
  5. Resource File Loading Fail

    Issues done... my internet crush while update.. i re-update and it go fine
  6. Resource File Loading Fail

    Dear Admin, This morning my patch automatically update.. Unfortunate, i couldn't view major of my equipment after that. Please help D: @Big Dumb Object
  7. The Return of Eir

    I cant use my 100 point coin
  8. The Return of Eir

    BTW, thanks to team those put great effort in bringing EIR back.. Highly appreciate on your SUPERB job
  9. The Return of Eir

    luckly u dont need to start back from 0.. i've check mine and it is there
  10. The Return of Eir

    Glad to know EIR is UP. After a round of feeling back each character. Notice, ACD (after cast delay) quite high.. as far we understand, previous after cast delay only 50% not even 100%. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/RebirthRO_Changes