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  1. Loki - Thor Exchange =)

  2. The Leaf Village Shinobi Shop

    im back playing thor/loki
  3. Loki - Thor Exchange =)

  4. thor is down?

    cannot login in for no apparent reason. there are 29 people currently online but when i tried to login i can only access the character selection screen.
  5. The Leaf Village Shinobi Shop

    im back mega bump
  6. Buying and Selling Stuff

    how much do you buy the +9 GSS int enchants
  7. Deviluke's Buying/Selling/Trading

    hello is this still available Buwaya Agimat Tattoo +6/8 Orc champion helm +9 TemporalINTboots and how much? and this. how many do you have
  8. Headgear Suggestions [Thor]

    how to did you get the Mercury Riser may i asks?
  9. Starting on this server

    Suggestion for beginner equips are: Alligator Set Recondrite Rings Drooping Amistr Large Red Wings
  10. Loki - Thor Exchange =)

  11. http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/2016_Summer_Carnival last year we had this event.. hoping there would be one this year as well
  12. Thor GM Applications!

    woah GM application
  13. Why @storeall instead of @storeit ?

    http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Thor try using @storeall2 so that your equipped items wont go to storage
  14. Loki - Thor Exchange =)

  15. The Leaf Village Shinobi Shop