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  1. Jessie

    Valk Shoes vs +10 Bronze Greaves's_Shoes
  2. Jessie

    Fatty Chubby Kitties (FCK)

  3. Jessie

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    Around 50m.
  4. Jessie

    Oichi's Store

    Sent you a pm
  5. Jessie

    Oichi's Store

    Still doing the farming service?
  6. Jessie

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    HWC = 50c~ Kiel = 3c~ Arc Angeling = 20m~ GTB = 6c~ Tao = 6c~ FBH = 3c~ These are prices that I have seen others buy at or myself.
  7. Jessie

    Oichi's Store

    Just PM me on Jessie or walk to the left side of Prontera near the chat rooms and enter my chat to wake me up.
  8. Jessie

    Oichi's Store

    I can mail you the payment and you can mail me the herbs. My characters IGN are Jessie or Hermes.
  9. Jessie

    Oichi's Store

    5,000 would be nice if you could farm that much.
  10. Jessie

    Oichi's Store

    Would you farm Blue Herbs at 15k each for your farming service?
  11. Jessie

    Fatty Chubby Kitties (FCK)

    You're welcome.
  12. Jessie

    Fatty Chubby Kitties (FCK)

    If there was no one on then you should have won by default.
  13. Jessie

    Fatty Chubby Kitties (FCK)

  14. Currently only the RDC Helm is in the game. The other options are not completed. So you can't get them. However you can use this as a guide for what you can get for rewards for completing the various RDC missions themselves.
  15. Jessie

    Frosted Puff