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  1. Give You The World


    See You later :} You rich enouf sir.
  2. I think the server is being DDOS attacked, that means nobody can log-in ANYMORE, if You go "select char" screen, You are doomed, anyways the this should get resolved soon
  3. you are gorgeous~ that's all i wanna say

  4. Dis looks awsome! I haven't played since December 2015 to be honest. I'd love to join! Sad thing is I still need to level up my character, but that shouldn't be problem right! SO anyways, I shall make my applications right away :}
  5. Hello there! New player? Need some leech??? I could help ^^ Just message me in-game!
  6. @Heaven on Earth Nice GIFF mate! Appreciate that. that made my day! (night actually)
  7. I love the new forums to be honest! Anyways, You can always use the wiki for the useful infos, let's hope the useful guides will be at the hand soonly :}
  8. How do I set up my character under Forum name? Like the sprite???

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