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  1. Watanuki

    Thor is Dead

    Its sad that I had to leave my home in thor after my previous laptop died and got a new one, I had to choose if it was worth to download RRO again and to my regrets of leaving so many friends behind... other than the constantly diminishing people of thor... there was nothing there for me anymore and returning to forum now I see that nothing has truly changed yet...
  2. Watanuki

    Thor GM Applications!

    it all sounds so serious and for good reason, but before I start filing and sending applications... how much does been a GM pays?_?
  3. Watanuki

    Cannot find the report section so here i guess

    please do not use the few to describe the rest... generalizations aren't welcome nor correct...
  4. Watanuki

    Easter Event 2017 Bug NPC Reward

    I am sad to inform that the reduction didn't go through, had a party not long ago and we both had 600 fluff, but the npc didn't wanted it... we ended up combining the fluff into 1k and then it let the person with 1k activate the event, but the one without 1k doesn't get anything... also the Reward eggs cant be trade even though the items inside them can be trade...
  5. Watanuki

    Easter Event 2017 Bug NPC Reward

    I don't like that I cant like your posts, so here is a hug Thanks for all
  6. Watanuki

    Thor Changes

    Last time I checked (like 2 weeks ago) Yes and we haven't got any Thor centered patch in some time that I can remember, so I doubt it's fix now will check/ask tomorrow in-game EDIT: Forgive if it was already mentioned, but what happened to the 2 GMs Thor had
  7. Watanuki

    Cannot find the report section so here i guess

    Wait, is the April fool still on I though you could kill people on poring costume with 1 hit, was it on your team?_?
  8. Watanuki

    Will there be an Easter Event in thor?!

    I hope so too :3 events are like small anti-boredom pills on thor...
  9. Watanuki

    Event Bug Bag

    THANKS YOU!!! +999
  10. Watanuki

    Event Bug Bag

    Thanks you for the quick reply +1 :3
  11. Watanuki

    Event Bug Bag

    why did it end up in loki, I swear I made the thread in thor D: thanks A New Sniper, but I don't even know if thor has GMs is there a way to move the thread myself?_?
  12. Watanuki

    Event Bug Bag

    Got this error where instead of getting badly coded bags called unknown item, I got the invisible Diamon Dust (aqua) and if I click it... BOOM!!! crash ___ I hope am the only one to ever get this problem and hope it get solved fast... and... what with not been able to trade costumes with friends on the event about sharing and friendship, no am not going to let that one go ever D:
  13. Watanuki

    Thor Changes

    what connor said " the reduction from 30s to 20s to pick up loot "
  14. Watanuki

    Thor Changes

    why the 10s reduction on drops?_?
  15. Watanuki

    I'm back! (After like 5 years?)

    Welcome back ah! Tyr, I sadly moved to Tyr near the end of it era and now am a thor resident traveler