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  1. I can't complete my eden quest to get my gear. The Byalan Dungeon at level 60 is the one I can't complete when the NPC ask me to kill the Merman she doesnt count the kill so I can't turn it in. /sob
  2. It's not good enough Quite frankly all this should have been done long time ago. I'm most certainly glad that thor is getting the attention it deserves and I am grateful about the things that are being implemented. But all you said is that your gonna add some more overpriced headgears and raise the rates!!! but when it comes to the good stuff its gonna come to us at turtle speed. "WHAT"? This little forum update on thor sounds good considering how long we have been waiting for *This Type of update* but with out anyone to gm the server were bound to get the same results as we did when the last pair of Lazy and unenthused gm's were here. Its really just absurd that they only bitch about inappropriate names instead of catering to a dying server and its players. RebirthRO's Rinse and repeat cycle of gm's must come to a end. @Big Dumb Object Thanks for the update Long Live Thor~~!!!!!
  3. They said we will be getting a update Next Month. Well tomorrow is the start of that month so we will see!!! I hope we get New Instances that are up to date and New Cashshop items and Non-Cash Shop items cause I love to support a server that I love. And 3 GM's that actually care about The server and not just Loki. http://www.playragnarok.com/news/updates.aspx If it helps. Happy Halloween~~!!!!
  4. The skill Aqua Benedicta is broke can you please fix.
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