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  1. Halloween Event 2017

    Ratio = 6 / 12 / 6 Oct 31st Map 1 : Hyegun Doppel Bathory Drainlair Evil Druid Raydric Map 2 : Jakk Flame Skull Whisper Ancient Mummy Mummy Dullahan Zombie Gibbet Knight Skel-Prisoner Nightmare Ghostring Map 3: Marionette Familiar Loli Ruri Heirozoist Quve Lude
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  4. ~Misale Cedi Shop & random stuff~

    B> LResist5 (just read your last post) and Sdef10 pm me or look for Jac on main thanks.
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  11. Chat Filters

    srs tho man scrubs like me always need heal i get muted fam
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  13. No, why are you changing the OG pvp map fam, most memories are attached to that map ;(
  14. **CLOSED**

    3306 white herbs. offer me
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