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  1. Jackie

    Class vs Class is back!

    With all the limitations you might aswell just disable skills and make it an all out brawl.
  2. Jackie

    The Real WoE changes thread.

    I think your proposal is amazing GM Czar.
  3. Jackie

    Anama-chan's art shop!

    I'm interested! As for posting in the art shop I'm pretty sure you need 10 posts elsewhere before you can post/create topics there. I'll leave you a PM with my references for your art. c:
  4. Jackie

    Free Art (FULL)

    Let me know if you'll have a free slot for this art please. <3
  5. Jackie

    New player (???)

    hi ' new to RO gaem giv free stuff plx thx ' nice to meet you
  6. Jackie

    Fake Original Doll's Ranked Condensed Potion

    If you have some of the real 'Original Doll's' Potions. You can check the character ID the potions were made using @itemlist. Keep the number and in future if you're buying more potions with the same similar name you can use @itemlist to compare it to the character ID you have from the original pots. If they are different report the different one to staff to get rid of said impostor. Example:
  7. Jackie

    S> Costumes n Stuff

    I'll buy your acid bottles 5k ea and glistening coats 15k ea. PM me as I probably won't check here again
  8. Jackie

    Looking for an artist

    I can draw stickmen both worse than tono and sempy. On top of that i'll add arms and legs for $2!
  9. Jackie

    returnin player question

    they got 'disabled until further notice'. they're 'working on a fix' for it.
  10. Jackie

    Nullify MVP cards at WoE

    Loki woe has 3 castles open on those days yeah and the woe is still dead af lol. But Eir has 5?!?! Honestly the castle count needs to be lowered.
  11. Jackie

    Nullify MVP cards at WoE

    why would you make 2 woes.. hardly 15 active people play the server (excluding alts/non-woers) the best thing would be the just move the time of the current one. Also from my perspective, even if mvp/mini boss cards were disabled, veterans still have high refined gears compared to the 'newbies' that play which still pushes the edge far towards them. But it does close the gap quite a bit.
  12. I'm not really around in game anymore. Just stalking forums.
  13. Damn oldies. Welcome back. <3
  14. Jackie

    Ohh my goddd

    Nice to see you too hun. Been a while since I've seen you around. Great to see you're still kicking too! How've you been doing?