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  1. Killer Clown

    going with the usual tank build and spamming tarot with the hoa weapon gets you a lot of kills and a TON more sustain compared to going physical damage ( arrow vulcan, musical strike, double strafe). as for farming the point for the hoa weapon ( 1k hoa points) you can go to any hoa of your preference and just go with a PD + crit bow build and just ezpz critlock things to death or go with a thana bow and hit up aldebaran hoa to aim at gioia's and the rest you crit down. with the tanky tarot build you receive as low as 3 digit damage from any and all damage sources and deal devastating and annoying damage( coma, equip break specially shield and upper) through tarot.
  2. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    99 hdef prof, some 3 snipers or so, linker alt and thats it. Only difference is having a 4 slotted upper to get resists on. We dont even use a fokkin sinx because the boss is retarded Now tell me if this isnt a cedi party minus a priest lmao And yes thats how we filthy casuals do it. Sorry i cant be pro enough to do it your way which by the way you havent even thought about sharing to the average players that you care for so much
  3. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    whats up with the "not average player friendly" when you can literally take a cedi party there and succeed...............................................
  4. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    +69 to Lu and Jeki As for your rather lazy bum, dear Condensation, I know your ass lurks around forum so if you get your coconut rolling you'd find a bunch of tips on the topic and if you actually try it out, experiment and have friends to play with, it's not that hard actually. Heck it's more of a challenge getting friends to go online on RRO. Lul so yeah >> " Also this is the second month of Wolfchev without monsters in bio4, it requires literally no effort to go and try it out, there's no excuse. Stop whining like a little bitch and go do some work. "
  5. Easter Event Madness

    The entire reply is great but that part right there just hits the jackpot. If he keeps treating his players like shit, more people will leave. Plain and simple. Previous staff and players alike left because of terribly treatment. It's 20 fucking 17 and it still rains BS from the same guy.
  6. Easter Event Madness

    1:03 A.M. SEA time as I write this down. Some nasty things happened just a few minutes before writing (although I was just a bystander). Today was the first day of the Easter event and we were met with the requirements of said event. Lo and behold a whopping 5,000 Fluffs. We, the players, were presented the "most efficient" way of getting these Fluffs via Utan Kid at Umbala by giving him Meat in exchange for Fluff -- a simple task at first glance, since Meat costs less than 50 zeny with merchants and you just have to click your way through victory. Pretty simple, right? Or so everyone thought. I got online around noon local time and went straight for the NPC to get fluffs. 10 minutes in of clicking and pressing enter, I decide to take a break and grab brunch. After brunch I went back at it for a good 30 minutes and took another break thereafter. I thought to myself "Well this is pretty boring, I'm just sitting here staring at my screen clicking away like its my job for this event", but nonetheless I continued the mindless task of spamming clicks and the Enter button. One hour and 30 minutes in I check my progress -- a measly ~3,000 fluffs. By this point I have already entered autopilot mode in which my body just does what it was doing from the past repetitions and I was watching some shows on another device only to check every 20-30 mins or so to see if I need to restock meat and store Fluff etc. Fast forward a couple hours more and I was done with the Fluffs. Throughout the event what I've noticed as a common trend from fellow players is this -- "GOD THIS IS TIRING". Indeed it was. Wasn't even fun too, you're just sitting there clicking away. To get to my point, the fluff part was far from fun and it seemed more like work than gameplay. I do not see the reason why playing a game should feel like a chore or a job. And yes I do know monsters drop Fluff but that method is far from efficient and will be more taxing on the long run (remember its 5k pcs). The finding the eggs part was fun to be honest, but the fluff? I'd be having none of that. Now as for the Issue with the crackdowns of cheaters with the recently sneaky implementation of whatever code thing it was, I'd say its BS. Players play for fun, no? Was spam clicking fun at all? Absolutely not. As I watched main explode and all hell breaks loose, I get reminded of why our numbers are dwindling. Players GRINDING (not playing, but actually friggin grinding like its their god-forsaken job) for hours and are probably doing what I did (spam clicking while watching something else on another screen/device w/e) are met with a sudden ban. "??????????????????????????????????" - would be the first reaction. Confusion, anger, sadness, exhaustion -- all these things kick in at the same time. You're there just trying to get this hurdle out of the way and you're met with that.Such fun, very wow. If it were to happen to me personally I'd be furious and go to grab a drink and stay away from the game for at least a night so I can cool off the next morning and deal with that shit. As I've tried to get answers from our almight god ancy all he replied to us was that "if you're human you'd be able to do the code bla bla it has 60 seconds infinite tries". I asked him to take into consideration the fatigue of clicking the damn thing for HOURS just to get it done. Again he disregards it and replies in the same disrespectful manner towards his players. I asked him to do the same thing we did-- to sit there and click endlessly to get this event done-- and tell us if it was fun. Sure enough he agreed to do it and I'll be looking forward to that (but I'd doubt he'll actually do it). If ever the BS "screenies or it didnt happen" comes along then that can suck a fat trash can since that's what it is. If you don't want people to be cheating in your events (in the case of those that actually did), then don't put out absurd things like that. Yes previous events had cheaters, but I ask everyone, was there any event that was the same as this "left click and press enter spam simulator"? I am, by all means, not in favor of cheating. But when you have events like these that are simply not fun to do and very time consuming, that prompts people to most likely do cheat just to get it done. You are putting the players on a difficult spot. These are the likely options (likely, but not limited to): - Ignore the event and do something actually fun and at the expense of not getting hats. (very few would do, everyone likes events and hats, right?) -Play spam simulator (definitely not rro) and see how long you'll last. (RIP fingers/ little attention to actual rro screen/ tedious af/ a LOT of fatigue) - Earn zeny to buy fluff from other players. (promotes cheats to grab ez money / give a new business for some(at the expense of them not getting fluff for themselves and/or more work time for them to have fluff for themselves) - Cheat and get fluffs yourself. (saves money / potentially lets you earn money/ NO FATIGUE) Of these options, cheating has the most positives. So yeah, there's your reason for the cheaters. So there you have it. Our numbers our hurting and the recent witch hunt for cheaters got innocent players in trouble. Some may log-in an alt to voice out and appeal immediately. Some may take a beer and/or head to bed/do whatever to cool off and deal with it the next day. And worst-case scenario some may leave for good. This place needs to take care of its people more. I remember the last time ancy got into an argument with someone at main chat and said something along the lines of "I can show you the door", I warned him that it would hurt the RRO population and reputation, I was met with the threat of a ban although it was worded slightly differently. And as I pointed out that he was outright threatening me and community, I was force disconnected just for him to show that he is absolute and that his word is the law. What I'm saying here that you have player relations to work at. Well whatever, at this point its 2:10 AM SEA time and I'm tired. If this gets deleted well whatever, I just tried to voice out my thoughts. This thing may be worded badly and the phrasing and whatnot is terrible well pardon me for my lack of skill to write something better. -Naples
  7. Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    dis is the sekr3t : 255 vit GO set and actually have a real party with pally and priest and pray to rnjesus and offer cookies to ppl killing u :>
  8. WTA > Blue Herbs

    You basically admitted you were buying blue herbs from newbs for dirt cheap only to resell them yourself at a later date (either as herbs or pots), that in itself earns a downvote (not that I bothered doing so after reading this thread and the other one you made). Secondly, you talk the talk but can't walk the walk. The guys you've been bumping at are not the types to mess around, so I advise you to get your shit together and wisen up your act before you -further- ruin your "reputation" that you care about so much about.
  9. Antiques

    Did you even read his post. On topic: People needa do the quest.
  10. The Return of Eir

    More salt to Eir players' wounds eh.
  11. WoE 2 time change?

    Leave the times be. Don't want something to be broken by accident again. AGAIN. Trying to cater to the players from place A will hurt the players at place B. Then we have place C and then god knows what. You cant satisfy everyone and the 12 hour split already does its job. This being American focused is outright distasteful. How about people from other places that has to WoE at god knows what time? But hey you're God Almighty of this server, right? You do whatever the heck you want anyways. tl;dr I agree with the Jew.