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  1. Avengeful Kim

    O w n i n g EX

    Stealing is stealing. No matter what reason behind it, stealing is wrong. I'm off from this Kim Joong-Un alike system Have a good rest, Owning
  2. Avengeful Kim

    Premium Items??

    Have you tried below step? rebirthro.com > login > activities > market > Inventory
  3. I have informed Silver about this issue, but not sure if there are any action taken against the impostor. I would like to remind everyone that please be careful of this fraud. From what I'm aware of, the real Original Doll is no longer active. Since 'i' in capital appear as 'l' in the game, some people created fake "Original Doll" and brew condensed pots to sell them as if the pots are of ranked pots. Here are some of the name that appear as Original Doll. Just convert the "i" to capital letter in game and they will appear as "Original Doll". Highlighted in red 'i' is the one converted to capital form. Just from the list below we may conclude that there are lots of fake Doll out there, so be careful. 1. Originai Doll 2. Originai Doil 3. Originai Doli 4. Originai Doii 5. Original Doil 6. Original Doli 7. Original Doii
  4. Avengeful Kim

    Hyrulian Hood

    It looks cool anyway. Added more option for people to go green
  5. Avengeful Kim

    Kimmy Shop

    Orbs and certain items added.
  6. Avengeful Kim

    200 Blue Potion Creation for Creators

    Try deleting the party and create a new one.
  7. Avengeful Kim

    Kimmy Shop

    Bump~! CEDI loots and certain stuffs added! DM me here on forums for fast reply.
  8. Avengeful Kim

    A Request for RDC Tutorial per Job

    I'm not familiar with Random5? Orbs? or whatnot, what does it give anyway?? Random5 increase damages by chances up to 5% when attacking. Its an orb from Cedi you can put on Recondite ring. How to get Chubby Bunny??? This is from previous event. You can get it from Past Event NPC in Eden Mall using Event Point Coin. I watched the video but she was alone, i didn't saw her with her alts.. Prolly she have poor connection. Her main get into the map first while her alts enter the map abit later after she left the spawn point. I think Claratehia's video was great too!!! Yeap. She did a good job
  9. Avengeful Kim

    A Request for RDC Tutorial per Job

    Solo Drake with Sniper (Credit Claratehia. But I don't think she is still playing) I know you can get a tank or make an alt to become a tanker easily, but this is just to share what I know. Warning: You need FCP if you solo with Sniper. Because you have to bring another 2 alts, just use creator for one of the alts. Always have Kaizel on your sniper and bring Token of Siegfried, Ygg Berry and Leaf for on your main and alts for emergency purposes. Ygg Berry is a must cos you might need 1 or 2 at some point. Kaizel from Reraise potion is a good option since its quite cheap, or you can bring one SL as an alt. Oh.. another warning! Wraith Death may cast Decrease Agility on you! You can just leave your sniper to death cos you have Kaizel effect on you. Top Amistr Hat There are other option like Chubby Bunny that give more damage, but Amistr Hat give life steal chance which is needed to stay alive. You can always try Chubby Bunny first, since we already using sniper card on weapon. But if you are using hunter fly card only, then I think Amistr Hat is a must. But first thing first, try it out and see which suitable. This is a very outdated guide from here. Mid Large Red Angelwing with Dark Pinguicula Card Similar to CEDI, LRW is one of the best option for crits against MVP. You can also put Lord Knight Card, but I'm not sure if life-steal work if in berserk mode. Lower Black Tie or Orange Tie or Black Death Aura Anything that boost damage. Things like Cottontail Balloon or yeah, I'm not updated enough to lower headgear for Sniper. But its similar to lower for CEDI. Last time, Clara taught me to use Black Death Aura, but I think BDA is outdated for sniper to use. Armor Reset Girl's Robe with Swordfish Card Swordfish card enchant you armor with water property. You can try put Gloom and see if you can survive while relying your life-steal. (Life-steal is based on damage. Since Gloom boost your damage and hence increase your life-steal, it might remove the need to have water property armor.) Weapon Goblin Bow with 1 AK and Sniper Card This is a very outdated bow. I think there are better option that GB. Try figuring it out from CEDI player cos Drake in RDC is similar to MVP in Tier D-B CEDI. Sniper card is a must! Or you can opt for Hunter fly card, but then you need more water resistance as you can only take minimal damage due to poor life-steal. Garment Great Demon Shroud with Marse card Marse card give 30% resistance to water element. GDS is kinda outdated. Maybe using the Heroic Backpack is a better option. Shoes Black Death Aura with Icering Card Again, outdated shoes! CEDI sniper is using Fey boots now but I'm not sure if its a good option. Icering give resistance to water property. Similar Accessory Recondite Ring with DEX3 and Random5 orb During Claratehia time, orbs are not released into the game yet. But despite that, this set of accessory is still the best option to boost damage for a sniper. Her video solo-ing Drake below
  10. Avengeful Kim

    Kimmy Shop

    Hello there. Apparently I have none of both items you mentioned. Sorry can't help ya
  11. Its not a personal attack. I have the right to agree or disagree with whatever point you put (the guild-hopping stuff) and why I agree or disagree. You need to understand from both the guild member and the guild leaders as well. We give out supply and even put effort (by giving out guide), give psychological treat (socialize - take in even the not funny joke the member do) to make every member stay in the guild. Well, maybe the guild hopping I mean is something else and different from guild hopping you are talking about. Like first hour of the WOE, you are in this guild but the next hour, you are in another guild just because the other guild offer you something. I can see how your definition of guild-hopping work, it does give advantage but it also gives some drawbacks. Second, the screenshots I provided is to make you realize that you should not boasted so much. People will react negatively. "I'm the best sacrifice-user pally in RRO". I can say such things, but guess what respond people will give. "Sacrifice? I can give you neutral-resist and you can go to hell". That's why people don't come out with OP statement like that. But you just did, so do expect negative reactions. Now I'm questioning myself.. why should I bother to make you realize.. commenting here is a dumb action. tsk tsk tsk And I don't respond to your reply to end the shit that is about to start. Silent is the best treat. Good luck
  12. Avengeful Kim

    Kimmy Shop

    Bump! B> Kris [ +10 DEF / +12 DEF / +14 DEF / +16 DEF ] - Mail me in-game your +def and offer. B> +10 Elunium Set - Diff name is fine. Mail me in-game your offer.
  13. The guide is good, but I opposed the idea of guild hopping. Cos we really hate the shit (a.k.a. "betrayer") like them. First hand you fight with your guild, next time you fight against them - this is what betrayer are. ""In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum." - Kakashi Sensei, Naruto. Lemme add these screenshots so you know how old players (old players "during this server glory") react to your post. BTW, thanks. Your post made our day.
  14. Avengeful Kim

    Rogue Quest Bug - Abused since 2016

    Well well well.. look what I found from Youtube. Usually I share these on Discord, but Ancy kicked me out. How to farm Bacon, bulk card and Opal.
  15. Avengeful Kim

    Kimmy Shop

    Bump! S> HWC / Kiel / Stalwart Sentinel / Prof