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  1. Phoenix

    Class vs Class is back!

    Original post edited slightly.
  2. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    Results from the Polls: 1 Castle WoE won in forums as well as in game. I will update this post with modifications to what you can expect from participating in the WoE, as well as when you start to gain economy from a castle, at some point in the next few days so that you all are not surprised when it comes down to what you can get by participating. We hope that you will enjoy WoE more after these changes occur and thank you for taking the time to vote in all our polls c;
  3. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    We're going to average them with the idea that people tried to abuse the game system with alts (even if they didnt)
  4. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    We're able to track who votes in the forums
  5. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    Vote Here: CLICK ME
  6. Phoenix

    Altered WoE Suggestion

    Pick your poison. Please only vote if you actually participate in WoE.
  7. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    Suggestions to Alter Current WoE Proposal: ♦ WoE Castles Reduced to 1 per WoE. [2.0 Castles with multiple Entrances] ♦ Increase Emp Health by 10x (or more depends on testing) ♦ Participation Rewards instead of only rewards for the winning guild. (This would be tied to the Battle Reports) People -need- to reply in this thread more
  8. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    It was brought up because people asked staff about it alot so its in here for sundays.
  9. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    Can increase the emperium hp, this has been needed for awhile. However, changing it to plant would make current breaker gear pretty useless so no for that for now. I want to hear more than just Infection talking in here before adjustments are made.
  10. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    1 castle per woe might chase off smaller guilds. What about 2 castles?
  11. Phoenix

    The Real WoE changes thread.

    Put your suggestion in the actual topic not a copy pasted editted version of mine.
  12. Phoenix

    Carnival Event NPC Bugged

    Can you tell me which one?
  13. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    It was already reduced once. 36 is a good number, so no its not going to go lower.
  14. Phoenix

    Loki WoE Changes

    If we change it to regular non-donor than the reward would not be draupnir.. So keep that in mind =]
  15. Choose a castle for each realm for WoE 2. Choose your second fav castle for this WoE time.