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  1. Phoenix

    Unban Request

    Denied. Didn't follow format, Ban reason was wrong and not following rule # 11 again...............
  2. Please use correct format listed in the topic rules above.
  3. Denied. Honestly, your first account will not get unbanned. This Unban Request forum is a way for people to prove their innocence or change of behavior to us. You have shown in these last few months that your behavior has not really changed by not adhering to the rules of this forum. However, if you follow the rules you may make a new Unban Request for your second account. We are not obligated to answer unban requests right away or at all for that matter.
  4. ‘Ello Lokians! A very delayed event will occur for 12 days! Cupid’s minions have decided to rebel against him and its up to you and a partner to stop them! Team up with Cupid to defeat them and get a reward for your troubles. The war is waiting for you. The Bacon eater came back from his vacation, he said Hawaii was a wonderful place, but it’s definitely more fun to fill our inventory with junk. The New Donor Box 2021 has been added with New Donor Headgears, Eggs, GM Cards and Costumes. The Tiers should have been updated. [Changed] Sealed Drake Card Buffed slightly. [Fixed] Pet Issue fixed. No longer should you lose a pet. If you come to help desk without a screenshot of owning said pet you will not be helped as proof of ownership is required to claim a lost pet. [Added] Retro Donate NPC. If you’ve been looking all over for those long lost donates of the past (the ones in the lucky boxes) never fear! They have returned to the Eden Mall. [Limited points not accepted, sorry!] [Added] Specialty Cards for Top 3 Donors of All time have been made! Spawn, Kanjis and ‘I Dont F With You’ please pick up your pseudo cards at help desk. [Fixed] Vending Warp no longer overlaps other npcs! [Added] Prontera has a new look just in time for Spring! [Added] New Cash Shop costumes. [Added] Ham implemented. Things to look forward to: St Patrick’s Day Event Pokemon Village Monster Hunter Episode Poring Island
  5. None of those characters are on the same account. Nor are they linked to banned accounts
  6. If you still wish to play respond to this thread again. Thank you.
  7. We've tried to add more days of woe in the past and it didn't work out very well. Why do you think that it would succeed this time? Do players actually want more days of WoE? If you can get them to like your post in suggestions then I'd be open to adding a woe day.
  8. Can you come up with something different than the same copy paste answers from your previous posts?
  9. Phoenix

    Patch Notes

    Ello everyone! Please patch! There are some new items coming today as a preview to what is coming by hopefully this weekend The following two sprites can be found in the Tier System: Loki: [Changes] Eden Sets- Your old ones when used will give you Zeny and Pieces of paradise. The Packing Master is now ready to remake your 3 sets! Eden sets will work like a macro, rather than what they did previously. Lord of Vermillion and Meteor Storm got an update on their sprite look: Maintenance for further updates will be this weekend so stay tuned!
  10. Typically there are 2 reasons why your game will lag. 1) Your internet connection. Is someone using it at the same time as you? Do you have any packet loss? Are you torrenting/downloading something in the background? If you say yes to any of those, I'd suggest, pausing your download/torrent OR tell your sibling to pause their download so you can play in piece, or talk to your internet provider to get a bit more bandwidth. Whichever works best for you. 2) Your graphics card settings. Are your drivers updated? In your Setup.exe in your RRO folder does it look similar to this: or this: You want to make sure the drivers are updated and to have your Setup.exe look similar to the second picture above otherwise you may experience unnecessary lag. You can also use the [Direct3D T&L HAL] if you have a good graphics card and processor. However, if you don't have a 1050 or higher I suggest sticking to [Direct3D HAL].
  11. In 2005~2007 we had 1.8k+ players on at any given time if I remember correctly.
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