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  1. Ingame Name(s): xKitch / iKitch Approximate date you were banned:September(?) 2015 Reason for being banned: Banned for accessing another player's account and taking items off of it. When recalled to helpdesk multiple times, you continuously logged out to avoid talking to a GM regarding this issue. Why should the team unban you? First of all, I am very sorry for what I did back then. I was too young to understand things back then and I am guilty of the things I've done from the past. Clearly now what I did and completely regret almost all of it. I now realized how important those things that I tried to steal from before to other people. I also know now how hard it is to start from scratch and I have experienced my karma on this by experiencing the same way like I did (getting scammed/hacked). I have settled my issue before, paid the victim and asked for apology, gladly it was accepted and I promised to myself that I gotta work hard to earn things I really like, not only a lesson in game, but a lesson in real life. Up until now I've been living on that. I am sorry to the GM team (old ones) that I caused such mess and drama and I already suffered and conquered my responsibilities from what I did. I believe everyone deserves chances, and everyone makes mistakes. I hope I'll get to be forgiven and play the game again. Thank you current GM Team.
  2. I understand @Nemerith.. I have abused the power given to me, it started with one glitch that I found out, I thought it was just small stuffs, so I kept on doing it. Later on i just found out more glitch with higher income to easily get the stuffs I need in game, and I did not realized and forgot that I should not be doing those kinda stuffs. It was too late and I can't bring back the time, and yeah, nothing can stay as a secret, Phoe found out and ban hammer was smashed on me.. I don't even know what to say back then, broke their trust and made my bff a suspect as well. Had no guts to talk to them, but I have to face it. I did it on purpose, and have to face the consequences.. I've always regret what I did, not only I lost my account, but I lost the trust of my friends. I am really sorry for it, and I know that doing it again or broke any rule will result to this, reason why I will avoid it and just play like the others. Sorry again @Phoenix and the rest of the staff batch 2018.
  3. Hello @Nemerith~ Pretty sure what I stated we're true. You can call it abuse of "power" as well. I know what I did and no reason to tell you a lie because Phoenix is the one who caught me on doing so lying won't do me good. (You can ask her yourself) I do understand as well that lying won't grant me on my request, and that sucks.. I would like to play like the old times and spend some free time with my friends, reason why I won't mess this opportunity you guys gave us. Please check again and reconsider my request. Thank you!
  4. I can't fully say how you can trust me back on this, it's more like you should give me another chance to prove myself. I have experience one of the worst (if not the worst) case scenario to happen on one account, which is get banned, and fully understand the consequences of me doing the same thing that gets me banned. It happened once, and doing it for the second time knowing the punishment is plain stupid and I'm pretty sure I'm not like that after what happened.k Fully regret what I did and lesson learned. Thank you @Orion❤️
  5. Ingame Name(s): Q u z z / Hammerino / iQ u z z Approximate date you were banned: April 2018 Reason for being banned: Bugs and glitch Abuse Why should the team unban you? I happen to do shit back then, abusing every bugs I see instead of reporting it. I got banned and realized how stupid I was, now that I wanna play the game again, I can't because of that. Knowing this chance to get my account back, I won't mess it up. I have learned my lesson and promising not to do it again. Thanks!
  6. Ingame Name(s): The Bard That Got Away ; The Link That Got Away Approximate date you were banned: April 2018 Reason for being banned: Bugs and glitch abuse Why should the team unban you? I find myself guilty on things I did and fully regret what I have done. I won't do any more abuse and report it to the staffs instead. Thank you for considering!~
  7. We all know u have bunch of chars l0n3 l0l 😂
  8. It does add water resist lol dfq are you smokin? Check the script of leaf cat card and that~
  9. Log in on website and fix location every character you got or the ones who's bugging then download and run the client fixer to avoid such errors. Always patch~
  10. Chubby bunny effect on headgear is the best so far, but getting one with the same effect would be a tough one i suppose. Goodluck
  11. Broken Lovesong


    Cata farmers would most likely keep the respawn time/timer on their own
  12. Was being fixed actually by the dev team, patience
  13. I believe you also need to be logged in for 2 hours before you can get the Christmas Gift, try again. never had a trouble myself
  14. From what I remember, yes it should be allowed.
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