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  1. Did RDC Drake's Waterball Changed?

    It does add water resist lol dfq are you smokin? Check the script of leaf cat card and that~
  2. Client Keeps Crashing since i entered payon

    Log in on website and fix location every character you got or the ones who's bugging then download and run the client fixer to avoid such errors. Always patch~
  3. How to get 300k+ Magnus Priest?

    Chubby bunny effect on headgear is the best so far, but getting one with the same effect would be a tough one i suppose. Goodluck
  4. suggestion

    Cata farmers would most likely keep the respawn time/timer on their own
  5. Voting Section

    Was being fixed actually by the dev team, patience
  6. 12 days of Christmas?

    I believe you also need to be logged in for 2 hours before you can get the Christmas Gift, try again. never had a trouble myself
  7. Anama-chan's art shop!

    Awesome artsuu~ Goodluck
  8. Two ppl in the same household

    From what I remember, yes it should be allowed.
  9. Two ppl in the same household

    Sadly I don't think this is possible, MVP Room is made that way to avoid alot of alts inside 1 room, like every corner has an afk alt, that's why they did that to avoid MVP Rooms being abused. Try other farm locations for your gf or youself, Goodluck!
  10. help !

  11. Custom Equipment Quests

    Sorry but I don't think there's a list of specific quest/items only for Thor/Eir. I'd suggest you ask the community for stuffs you need or some tips for your class and search that specific gear on wiki if you can get it through quest for Thor/Eir or not. Have a good day~
  12. Acceptable behavior?

    He's doing that on every character that has girl sprite LOL (I'm a victim aswell) I'd say just ignore him, use /exall or /ex BanjoKazooie .. There's no cure for him.
  13. GM Weddings~

    Congratsuuuuu Elly and Daxie <33
  14. Why my other OLD account is banned?

    Well first of all, you are not banned for no reason. Second, Forums is not the place to discuss banned accounts, I'd suggest filing a support ticket using support.rebirthro.com and sign up on helpdesk, tell them your ticket ID. Good luck.
  15. Farming Gears for melanis

    I know google and wiki at least