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  1. Mystery


    This is not the last time we'll talk to each other. I hope you're happy on the other side. If you want to say something to him or pay respect to him. Please post it in here. Rest in Peace Doremi
  2. Mystery

    Class vs Class is back!

    @Navys First of all I'd like to thank you for your honest feedback. This will help us think of a much appropriate ruling. Rule #1 is already been updated and changed. In regards to Rule #2 That can be arranged depending on the class. I just added this rule to keep players from running away as in running around in circles and hiding from the battle. Backing off is different yes. These two things can be ruled out immediately by the host. In regards to Rule #3 I think Luck is a big factor in pvp so I don't think we should take away that easily. But I will discuss this with the staff for further more debate. If its going to be a 100% skill based. I'd only let participants to wear GOH set (Including Ring and Clip) and let them wear whatever headgears they want. In regards to Rule #5 I'm not going to takeaway the whole trash talk part. If a participant gets pissed off and loses his/her cool because of a spectator said something during the match then thats their own fault. But there should be moderation. Thats just my concern.
  3. Mystery

    Class vs Class is back!

    Yep. But for now lets polish the rules. Since players are the ones who are going to play. Its just right for them to change whatever rules they want thats if we come to an agreement.
  4. Mystery

    Class vs Class is back!

    Yes Vvest will be allowed since thats an equipment not an item. Variegated Vest is an Armour after all.
  5. Mystery

    Class vs Class is back!

    No. You can use Fortis to buff yourself before the fight. But anything that you can click in your item inventory will not be available of use during the match. I'd like to hear more suggestions regarding the rules. Rules can be changed immediately if we come to an agreement.
  6. Mystery

    Class vs Class is back!

    Armour Changing consumables i.e Holy Scrolls aren't allowed during the match. Armour swapping is allowed. Yeah. Lay off with the attitude. We can work this out. Not entirely just to your favour. I was aiming for a gladiator style. But please add more suggestions for the betterment of the event. Rules are updated!
  7. Mystery

    Class vs Class is back!

    Hello Loki Players! Class vs Class will now be held once a month! We're bringing back this event because well... its fun As for popular vote... We will be having Champion vs Champion for our first fight! Lets start off with the rulings(Rules may vary or change depending on the Class selection of the month)of the event. Rule #1 THINK BEFORE YOU ACT! Using of consumable items will now be enabled. But there will be a limit of 200 Slim Potions per match. Blue potions can be used indefinitely (This rule will not apply to all Class vs Class and will be changed accordingly) and so are the other items except for Slim Potions. You CAN swap gear but you will be forced to do this the old fashioned way no eden gear sets. THE USE OF RE-RAISE POTION WILL AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFY YOU FROM THE EVENT. PARTICIPANTS WILL BE CHECKED FOR RE-RAISE POTIONS IN THEIR INVENTORY AND WILL BE ASKED TO PUT THEM AWAY IF SO. Rule #2 DON'T RUNAWAY FROM THE FIGHT, YOU COWARD! If a participant decides to just run around the arena and refuses to fight. The host of the GM (which is me...) will start a countdown of 30 seconds. The participant who will not follow this rule will be disqualified immediately. "BUT GM, WHAT IF BOTH PARTICIPANTS INSIDE THE ARENA REFUSES TO FIGHT?!" Same rules will also be applied reflecting Rule #2 or DON'T RUNAWAY FROM THE FIGHT, YOU COWARD! Rule #3 "NO USE OF MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS TO JOIN THE EVENT." No need to explain this further. Rule #4 "RES PLOX..." NO. The use of Re-raise potion and Token of Siegfried will not be allowed during the match. If the host sees you use any of the item, you'll be disqualified from the match. The use of Yggdrassil Leaves will be allowed. Players who pvp will understand why its allowed. o.ob Rule #5 "#LEARN2RESPECTEACHOTHER" Don't be a dick. Pretty simple to understand. Mechanics of the Event This will be a 1v1 PVP match (War of Emperium rules will not be applied). Last Participant Remaining will be the winner. Match ups will be random and will be organized through Match up Brackets Hyegun Hat will be allowed. Thus the skill Heal is also allowed for Non-Acolyte & Crusader-Class. The use of Ring of Resonance, Ring of Fire Lord, Kraken's Tooth Necklace, Kraken's Tentacle Ring, Clip-on-Fringe & Belly Button Ring will be allowed. Max-stats characters will not be allowed to participate. Sealed Osiris card will be disabled during match-ups. Rules Regarding Participation & Spectating Someone asked me if the previous winner can still participate the next Class vs Class. YES they can still participate the next Class vs Class Event. What if someone breaks the rule of using multiple accounts to join the event? They will be disqualified during the current Class vs Class Event and will be given 1 more chance to follow the rule again and participate in the next CvC. But what if they do it again? Then they're just wasting my kindness. This will result as an abuse of event and will result of the said player banned. SPECTATORS WILL REMAIN NEUTRAL. Spectators who will be caught interrupting a match in any kind of way (Such as using AOE skills, Storm Gust, LOV, Rainbow Twisler, Ice Wall and etc) will be kicked out immediately. EVENT PRIZE FOR THIS MONTH! Winner Event Prize: FLARE AURA (Lower Costume) Unique + Event Points & Bacon (Rewards may vary) 2nd and 3rd Runner up will be allowed depending on how many participants who will join the event. Losers will be awarded with participation/consolation prize. Class vs Class Arena is now available next maintenance! DATE & TIME OF THE EVENT WILL BE ANNOUNCED 7 DAYS BEFORE THE MATCH. This is to gather up registration and prepare for the event. Please contact @Mystery @Silver @Phoenix in-game, or in Discord Mystery#0737, Phoenix#8549, Silver#2079 or here in community.rebirth.ro Thank you for reading the rules of the event! Make sure you follow them so there won't be any oopsies I will update this thread for further more addition of rules and etc... As always... Have a mysterious day!
  8. Hello! I'm sure some of you after installing gepard shield experienced this. So heres a guide on how to prevent gepard.dll from missing and also a guide to exclude your RRO Folder as an exception(This is to prevent your anti-virus such as i.e Windows Defender from deleting gepard.dll from your files). OH NO! Gepard has gone missing! Okay so if you're experiencing this error~ downloading the whole client all over again is a DRAG right?? I know the feeling *nods* *nods*... The solution is simple! Here's a link of the latest gepard shield files. Gepard Shield Files! or you can use my Mediafire if the site doesn't work for you! Gepard Shield File v2! Now all you have to do is download this file right here and extract the files into your RRO Folder then VIOLA! I will not make it anymore obvious on where to download it... OKAYYYY!!!??!?!???!?!! "GM MYSTIE! EVEN THOUGH I FOLLOWED YOUR INSTRUCTIONS THE ERROR STILL APPEARS!" Don't worry theres always a solution for everything~ As I explained earlier, your anti-virus (i.e Windows Defender, CCleaner, Avira etc etc) keeps on deleting the gepard.dll file(s). So all you have to do is exclude files using your anti-virus. "BUT GM MYSTIE! I DUNNO HOW TO EXCLUDE FILES FROM MY ANTI-VIRUS!" *smirks* NO WORRIES! I'll guide you to it~ FOR WINDOWS 10 Windows Defender! First open your Windows Start button. Type on the Search Bar SETTINGS. Now Settings will appear~ Look for UPDATE & SECURITY! Windows Update will Open~ Now on the Left side of the selection window. Look for WINDOWS DEFENDER! After that it will open another section of the selection! On the right side Click the "Open Windows Defender Security Center"! Windows Defender Security Center will pop up! Here you have to click the "VIRUS & THREAT PROTECTION". Another section will appear~ You have to look for the VIRUS & THREAT PROTECTION SETTINGS Look for Exclusions! Click Add or Remove Exclusions! Click the Add an exclusion and a pop-up will appear that contains "File, Folder, File Type & Process". Click Folder and look for your RRO Folder in your computer! And you're done! Windows Defender will not delete any of your gepard shield files anymore! Please do pm me here or on Discord including the type of anti-virus you have so I can also add a guide to it on this thread!
  9. Mystery

    GM Weddings~

    GM WEDDING ACCEPTED! Congratulations The Drought & tutuBee! -Mystery~
  10. Mystery

    New to Rebirth

    Welcome & Welcome back to RRO! Hope you'll have fun playing! ~Mystery~
  11. Mystery

    GM Weddings~

    Accepted! Congratulations!
  12. Will look into it.
  13. Mystery

    GM Weddings~

    Hello Loki~ As you guys know GM Weddings are now available again! This is where you will post your GM Wedding form/application. Fill out this form first and read the content: Post your form here so we can confirm! Thank you & Have a mysterious day! Mystery
  14. Mystery

    GM Weddings~

    Hello Loki~ As you guys know GM Weddings are now available again! This is where you will post your GM Wedding form/application. Fill out this form first: Post your form here so we can confirm! Thank you & Have a mysterious day! Mystery