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  1. Lets put it this way. You did a high tier bullshit so we expect a high tier apology as well NOT a 1 liner.
  2. Loyalty doesn't get you anything. How can you assure us the staff that you're not going to the same thing again? https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Rules#Bug_Abuse Exploiting and doing other things deemed against the rules by a GM will result in an insta-ban. Report all bugs/exploits to the GM team via PM Immediately. (Exploiting: Abusing a bug in the game for self gain.)
  3. Mystery


    This is not the last time we'll talk to each other. I hope you're happy on the other side. If you want to say something to him or pay respect to him. Please post it in here. Rest in Peace Doremi
  4. Hello! I'm sure some of you after installing gepard shield experienced this. So heres a guide on how to prevent gepard.dll from missing and also a guide to exclude your RRO Folder as an exception(This is to prevent your anti-virus such as i.e Windows Defender from deleting gepard.dll from your files). OH NO! Gepard has gone missing! Okay so if you're experiencing this error~ downloading the whole client all over again is a DRAG right?? I know the feeling *nods* *nods*... The solution is simple! Here's a link of the latest gepard shield files. Gepard Shield DLL! Now all you have to do is download this file right here and extract the files into your RRO Folder then VIOLA! I will not make it anymore obvious on where to download it... OKAYYYY!!!??!?!???!?!! "GM MYSTIE! EVEN THOUGH I FOLLOWED YOUR INSTRUCTIONS THE ERROR STILL APPEARS!" Don't worry theres always a solution for everything~ As I explained earlier, your anti-virus (i.e Windows Defender, CCleaner, Avira etc etc) keeps on deleting the gepard.dll file(s). So all you have to do is exclude files using your anti-virus. "BUT GM MYSTIE! I DUNNO HOW TO EXCLUDE FILES FROM MY ANTI-VIRUS!" *smirks* NO WORRIES! I'll guide you to it~ FOR WINDOWS 10 Windows Defender! First open your Windows Start button. Type on the Search Bar SETTINGS. Now Settings will appear~ Look for UPDATE & SECURITY! Windows Update will Open~ Now on the Left side of the selection window. Look for WINDOWS DEFENDER! After that it will open another section of the selection! On the right side Click the "Open Windows Defender Security Center"! Windows Defender Security Center will pop up! Here you have to click the "VIRUS & THREAT PROTECTION". Another section will appear~ You have to look for the VIRUS & THREAT PROTECTION SETTINGS Look for Exclusions! Click Add or Remove Exclusions! Click the Add an exclusion and a pop-up will appear that contains "File, Folder, File Type & Process". Click Folder and look for your RRO Folder in your computer! And you're done! Windows Defender will not delete any of your gepard shield files anymore! Please do pm me here or on Discord including the type of anti-virus you have so I can also add a guide to it on this thread!
  5. Welcome & Welcome back to RRO! Hope you'll have fun playing! ~Mystery~
  6. Mystery

    GM Weddings~

    Hello Loki~ As you guys know GM Weddings are now available again! This is where you will post your GM Wedding form/application. Fill out this form first: Post your form here so we can confirm! Thank you & Have a mysterious day! Mystery
  7. Welcome Back! & Have a mysterious stay~
  8. So there's an issue about the PVP Doom map and we would like to replace it. But before that, the staff needs your opinion on what map we're going to replace it. So here are the candidates. Option 1 2009rwc_03 pvp_2vs2 RWC_01 2@nyd Top Part I'll make a poll so that you guys can pick and we'll replace doom with the winning map. Option 2 We add the winning map for a new pvp room. Best Regards, Mystery
  9. Okay this has gone far enough.
  10. Stick to the TOPIC. This is not the place to hear your jibber jabbers about who is who and what is what. This is a warning. Again, Stick to the TOPIC .
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