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  1. Why my other OLD account is banned?

    I am just collecting daily rewards for my two accounts and this appears. I am playing since 2009 and this is the first time that I have seen this message. I have never committed any violation in this server...and I am donating real money to this server! So why ban my account? Good thing I was talked out not to donate additional money to this server. I am very angry that all of my hardwork on this old account had come to nothing and my old donations too.
  2. Server Closed?

    Server on Maintenance?
  3. Hey Look!!! :D

  4. Hey Look!!! :D

  5. Hey Look!!! :D

    B U M P Y
  6. Hey Look!!! :D

    B U M P
  7. Hey Look!!! :D

  8. Hey Look!!! :D

    B UM P
  9. Hey Look!!! :D

    B U M P :0
  10. Hey Look!!! :D

  11. Easter Event Madness

    Ha? So what's the reason behind those players who have been banned or put into jail? My point here is, some players who use third party programs, take their advantage, by acquiring instantly those things needed in the event, in turn could be an easy money for them by selling. Some instantly kill easily in PvP and WoE, by means of Macro. I am not pointing out those players who have used auto clickers because of the pain of getting those 5k fluffs. some have other reasons too, and I'm not against it. This cycle of problem will not end for sure, since it is stated from the very beginning that all forms of third party program is not allowed even if your statements were reasonable for using it. My suggestion is for players complaining in getting 50 fluffs from easter egg, which in my case, unreasonable for those who have farm 5k fluff. And I'm in to reducing the required fluffs also, if that's the case of having crap loots from the easter egg.
  12. Easter Event Madness

    Seriously, why unban and unjail those cheaters? Those macro thingy/cheaters users are one of the cause of this servers downfall, not only from events but from other things also such as PvP and from WoE. I'm not into argue or what so ever, just want to clarify something from the other side of the problem. My suggestion, is to raise the chance of getting those head gears from the event, since it is already difficult getting those fluffs from the first place. "Difficult in, Easy Out" - events should be like that.
  13. Hey Look!!! :D

    B U M P
  14. WoE Suggestions [Loki]

    LOL, I thought this thread was about WoE suggestions. How come it became too personal, but I agree to Sir Perdono's suggestion, not from TH or anyone else side>>>>> Mr Hoy's suggestion hmmm was too much, like the higher tier suggestion, in fact we should be prioritizing new players welfare for this game.

    If possible too, please let us exchange it for limited points. Thanks.