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  1. Cheerful Sanguine

    Unban Request

    I honestly did bad things to harm the server, due to greed by abusing bug, abusing max stat changer, botting, and by selling credits. But I have already learned my lesson, and still manages to donate, and vote to help the server grow. I have also help various players during my active days here in this server by giving free items , and by giving them advices on different matters that is in the game. My apology goes to all the players in the server, not only to Admins and GMs. I am very sorry to all the awful things that I have done.
  2. Ingame Name(s): Calm X, x Calm Like A Bomb x , x Bulls on Parade x , x Guerilla Radio x Approximate date you were banned: November 27, 2017 Reason for being banned: botting, abusing max stat exchanger, selling credits Why should the team unban you? I have learned my lesson the hard way, and came to the true notion of playing is grit and grind, playing honest and diligent. I am still playing in my alt accounts and supporting the server in any capacity available but this banned account has a special place in my heart because it is my first and original account on the server.
  3. Mine was windows 10, Ive fully installed a new RRO on it, using online setup. But cant open numerous account, using patcher. please help me lol
  4. Thanks as always @Misale, wait those rupees needed premium points? And what are the costumes right there? I mean the overall costumes. Lol thanks for the answer
  5. Is Drooping Tortoise tradable? Thanks for answering.
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