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  1. Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    Point is, eden sets are being used as an excuse because they're losing to certain people not because it's OP or whatever.
  2. Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    I don't really see how eden sets as a problem. Yeah, people can switch but you can too. Everyone can. Which makes it pretty even. Meanwhile without the sets, good players would still be decently switching gears because of experience and the mediocre ones would get outplayed due to their slow switching. I don't see the logic how this would even out the playing field(?). The only real reason I see it being a problem is that people are getting better now and some people can't accept it.
  3. Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    No one would use them. It would be better to switch manually if that ever happens. In my opinion, the delay when potting is already a decent downside. It got me killed a lot of times because I can't switch after I pot. I don't why people don't really focus on the main issue which is the gear and knowledge gap between players.
  4. Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    I'm just saying, I was already doing fine before these sets were out and it just saved me a few hotkeys, nothing really changed. I'm pretty sure it goes the same as well for the more experienced players. And the fact that you can't switch to them when you're potting is a pretty good downside. Sometimes I have to manually switch due to this. Putting a delay to them is just stupid and will make them pretty useless, waste of money and hotkey slots too. No one would use them. The main problem is without the knowledge on what to do on certain situations, all these gears, items, sets and all the other factors don't really matter. The sets are just another piece of gear and is pretty much useless if you don't know how to use them just like any other gear you have right now. Honestly, I'm seeing more diversity on builds now. People are coming up with different kind of builds and it makes the gameplay more challenging. Instead of the old either one: offensive or defensive build. It kinda makes the game more fun. And in my opinion, this is how I see it, you people are complaining about the sets because you're all probably getting killed or having a hard time killing certain people due to these sets but won't accept the fact that you can use the sets as well and some people are better than you. Right now it's "easier" for everyone because it can be utilized by everyone. What's the problem with that? You want them removed because you want it to be easier only for you.
  5. Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    Removing eden sets would only benefit the more experienced players which will eventually just widen the gap even more towards newbies. Eden sets have no class restrictions and can be used by everyone so they cut down that gap. Think of it like this, mediocre/newer players actually now have a chance to go up against the "pro" players in terms of switching gears. I actually don't see anyone complaining about these sets in-game or the forums except for the 2-3 people who posted here. And removing them would be a tedious work for the staff because everyone will ask for a refund. Imagine the amount of zeny, credits and pieces of paradise that have been used to make these. Yeah, people can switch a build to another in 1 second but you know what? you can do it too so I don't see the problem to it except for the fact that some people here are blaming the sets because they can't kill people that they used to easily kill before. I for one actually got annoyed when everyone started using them but you know what, that's actually a good thing because it adds challenge to the game. I'm not being cocky or anything but before these sets came out, everyone complained when I always BG'd because I barely died and I just kept camping their spawn. Now, people can actually kill me and I have a hard time killing some people too unlike before. Why remove a feature that everyone benefits from and ask them to be removed because you're the only ones who are going to benefit from it when removed? That's a bit selfish and egoistic.
  6. @mail: What to do?

    What's gonna happen to the items that were stuck in @mail? They didn't go to my webstorage so I'm still waiting since September lol.
  7. DS Stalkers

    I believe the main problem was that they were dealing massive damage that they could be compared to a sniper because of thief bows. Then the nerf hit them and it was a bit of an overkill that it nearly killed the class. They nerf thief bows and DS almost at the same time which I think should've been done seperately to see the best result. They are currenlty dealing almost half a sniper's damage so lowering it slightly would not help at all. Why not remove it completely then nerf it accordingly if it really poses a problem? I think that's the best way to deal with it.
  8. DS Stalkers

    Can we remove the penalty on DS when adding a level on chase walk? Currently it's -10% DS damage modifier per level you put on chase walk which is a straight -50% at level 5. Playing a sniper with cloak is actually better than putting a level 1 or no chase walk at all so this is not an option. I believe the nerf was unnecessary due to thief bows being nerfed already which boosted their damage a lot. DS stalkers are a joke at the moment due to their damage. They're currently close to non-existent because of this. Thoughts?
  9. Suggestion for summon MVP HOA

    Making it announce only inside means you still want less people to KS it because they won't see you summoning. That's the point here. It shouldn't be that easy. You're still not making any sense. You should probably sit down and think it through then come back to this thread.
  10. Suggestion for summon MVP HOA

    I KS them, they KS me but I don't go to the forums and complain about it. I'm not lazy to think of a strategy. This is why the server is dying. A lot of people don't wanna think. They just go to the forums and cry about something that they cannot resolve by themselves.
  11. Suggestion for summon MVP HOA

    Just like what others have said already, HoA is not meant to be solo'd. If you wanna farm there then prepare to get KS'ed or bring your friends with you and fight for it. Yeah, it kinda sucks that you can get KS'ed by people but HoA is supposed to be a high end place to farm and not your typical MvP room. The cards are very expensive and shouldn't be that easy to farm. You have to work hard for it. Just because you guys started farming doesn't mean everyone has to adjust to your own convenience.
  12. Suggestion for summon MVP HOA

    Everyone else who farmed HoA dealt with it so why can't you? If you're gonna make it that way then respawn timer should be fixed cooldown so that way everyone will have a chance at killing the MvPs. Or if you can't handle the KSing then don't farm there at all.
  13. Herja summoning/killing guide

    Now I can stand outside and wait until more people summons and KS. LMAO
  14. Hey Look!!! :D

    All of them.
  15. Hey Look!!! :D

    5k ea acid bottles.