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  1. Nah. You can add any one enchant to any of the enchantable items I believe but like I said I only ever enchanted one item. None of the armors available were customs. It was stuff like Valkyries armor, Lords Silk, whatever the boots are that add a small amount of water resistence. The weapons that I remember are Orcs Blade, polished bow, woven bandages, Zephyr and I think there was a whip in there. Sorry, I can't look at the list atm.
  2. The npc to start the quest is in the upper right corner of the Melanis map. Just past the Swartz Spiegels in that pocket above and to the right, hiding behind some trees. I've been trying to get ahold of a buddy to ask him if he cares about me sharing this info now but since I haven't seen him online in a long time (and I'm not active myself) I'm gonna put what I know about Melanis here. I'll be using Rhyos as the main example for each thing I discuss. I haven't been on in awhile so I might be mistaken about a bunch. Melanis mobs tend to have 7 drops. One enchant, one enchant catalyst, one weapon, one Light (if it's an boss type mob,) two seemingly worthless but fairly expensive sellable items and one box type item which varies per mob. Only one was vulnerable to Thana card that I remember and I think it was the Chevalier of the Void. Enchants and lights only seem to drop at mob chain 5 and still at a very low rate. Weapons seem to start dropping at enchant level 3. You can get the boxes and other drops at a low level but they start dropping like candy out of a pinata at the higher chain levels. Rhyos Drops: Eye of the Lion: 5% chance to break both weapon and armor on attacking at refine +10 while attacking. Casts wide stun and wide confusion at a low rate when attacking. Very small chance to break your own weapon plus some small amount per refine. I think it's still less than .5%. Pumice Piece: Seemingly useless Snake Heads: Catalyst Items for enchanting. Need 10 to 20 of them I think. I have hundreds in storage, or had. I might have sold them. Cute Snake: Sale item Violet Light: Used for summoning one of the MVP's. Woven Bandages: Unarmed weapon for star glad/taekwon. attack +7% and reduces reflected melee damage by 20%. Two slots. Enchantable. The MVP's are listed on Monsters of melanis and they're summoned at the dark jagged looked npcs in the map. I think they were called fragmented light or something along those lines. You use one of the colored lights to summon them that the other mobs drop. So, each monster has ballpark 60-70m HP, dex can get as high as 1500 on some of the mobs and they all do a ton of damage. I'm pretty sure everyone I've seen farming there uses life drain but I can't speak for the other star glads and the rediculous damage they're doing. There are both boss mobs and non-boss mobs on the map but the boss mobs are immune to knockback which makes it a good choice for farming as a star glad. You seem to have to build for each mob but life steal and splash damage tend to be plusses. Rhyos for example is the only mob I ever spent time farming. Pretty much a really strong chimera clone. Attacks are fire element but uses Earth Magic and he breaks your shield or armor iirc. Also stuns. I basically used a polished shield with Alice, Fire armor and a Great demon shroud of criticality (40% extra crit and chance to cast FCP.) Ktullanix on the armor, GEC and any worthwhile footgear (I use antiques) and Megs for accessories. Use a book with a sniper card or two and whatever other damage cards work best with your build. Also use drooping amistr hat/beret. Honestly if you have two sniper cards and the amistr headgear you can almost use union and still survive using heat and being hit by 14 Rhyos at once which is completely absurd. You only have to worry about potting for SP. Might be worth keeping a handful of ygg berries on hand just in case you get unlucky on Life drain. You can also switch between a Jakk carded garment for extra earth resist. Something to note, it depends on your comp (I believe) but if you get many monsters attacking you at once there's a good chance you'll notice a delay on response in game. I think the worst one I had was like.. 20 seconds before my quick keys were registering but that was cause a sinx dragged several other Ryhos on top of me so there were 20+.
  3. Unless they changed it recently the list of items that can be enchanted is about 7 items long for both weapons and armor. I don't think there's a failure rate but I've only enchanted on item with animal enchants so far.
  4. Jesus Christ. That's a fuck ton of spam. Log in to your account and use the opt out option for e-mail. I think that should do it. It might be worth using the "Forgot your username?" under password recovery to see if someone's actually opening up accounts w/ your e-mail. Otherwise I would just block RRO. What e-mails are they gonna send you that's important anyway which you won't know about in advance? Check your junk mail/spam when you need to. Plus wtf? Those were all sent out at the same time? Either the accounts were all made at the same time or the e-mails are automatic/sent out simultaneously.
  5. Synel

    Nerf LK please :V

    It's usually Several FP members and some owning who play well together. They don't necessarily join as a group but it's not a bad thing if they do anyway.
  6. Aside from testing w/against known scripts is there a way to see the scripts on server custom items?
  7. Synel

    Nerf LK please :V

    Well, I'd say classes with the highest cap for tanking are stalkers, Lk's and Pallies. I'm saying the exact same thing you guys are but I'm trying to point out that quick switching of all gear available has consequences, but it really shows most on LKs. And it's because of the magnitudes available on this server, in both offense and defense. I'm not even trying to argue against other classes having counters to LKs, like traps and creeper bow, or kaite and kaupe, reflect damage, etc but some of what you're saying isn't right either. I built an LK before when Defenus said it was more my playstyle compared to the other classes. I built mine to get all damage from players to 30% using 7 equips and one shield card. Add in the armor card, a few headgear cards and the garment card, you're down to having only one vulnerability really while still having room to be immune to all but one status effect (two now that burning is a thing.) This only works for LK's and pallies. Other classes can't use the gears necessary for it and the resist they can get (aside from stalkers) doesn't go high enough to compete because just having partial resist doens't cut it anymore. The reason this is important is because of what one of you guys mentioned earlier, it almost comes down to using tank gears and spamming pots untill you're not being attacked, at which point you switch to attack gears. Mix in other party members for support and you have an LK that effectively has to be watched because it can go from turtle to FU in one quick key while the rest of the party is attacking you from elsewhere. It happens in BG pretty often when a team knows what their doing (which sadly only turns out to be only FP/Owning teams most of the time who join as a group.)
  8. Synel

    Nerf LK please :V

    Snipers don't have the same degree of tanking ability LKs do. Maybe I'm ignorant but snipers can't use shields right? And the siege set they use has less resistance than the ones melee classes. That's a class nature issue ther which shouldn't be a factor here if imbalance is what we're talking about. They might have fairly close resemblance, but I'm pretty sure the classes that are primarily ranged can't reach the same tanking ability as others. That's kind of the point. Same with sinx. Frankly speaking, I'm not sure a single character should be able to survive against a group of what's supposedly primarily dps chars and run up and switch gears to do enough damage to take out a majority of the group and still be able to run out without dying. When I had hatred on LKs, I had a chance that I could take em out before they killed me, but it wasn't very often. The only time I really took out an lK was when I hit them while they were hitting other people. Either way, antique isn't the tankiest set out there. Even w/ full antique set you can get what... 40% general reduction plus 45% reduction to the main four elements? If you stacked cards on top of that you drop damage to somewhere between 11% and 30% damage taken from any source w/ one being the odd man out. A full set is 25c so it's not really the richest equipment available. Again, I think the question is coming down to what a class should be capable of.
  9. Synel

    Nerf LK please :V

    Well, I don't really see a lot of issues with ranged damage to be honest but I've never been a fan of ranged classes so I don't have the experience to say one way or the other. The only issue I have right now is the amount of stagger from getting hit. I won't go as far as to say I don't understand what James and the other LKs from FP are saying when they talk about knowing how to play/switching between sets but I do think being able to switch between tank and damage sets so easily is a bit op in itself. It goes back to what I said earlier in this topic. The game is hitting extremes with equipment and becoming Rock Paper Scissors.
  10. Synel

    Nerf LK please :V

    How much does ranged damage need to be nerfed/fixed? Awhile back (before the merge awhile back) there was a complaint about snipers not doing enough damage compared to Stalkers so they were asking for a boost via weapons/buff. What kind of damage should they be capable of doing (or any class for that matter?) It's never really been fleshed out I think.
  11. Synel

    Nerf LK please :V

    I think they need to reset all the balancing they had before the merge, which should include the spam that Yandere mentioned. There's not much they can do about ping I think and macros aren't allowed on the server. As for whether they're used or not I've seen instances where people are probably doing it but it could also just be timing on their part. I think blatant use use of macros is pretty obvious but I'm not really the person to talk to about that.
  12. I appreciate the response and the honesty. I don't think admins/gms should be treated like full time workers. Most of the time they don't even get paid for doing this job right? I don't expect them to be held to some overly professional standard beyond what's they personally want for the server. This post wasn't an attack or a challenge of any kind. I was simply asking the question. So, thank you for linking to the tracker and letting me know what the situation is. I hope you guys have a good night.
  13. Jesus, do people make new accounts just so they can post their opinion w/ anonymity? I'm asking again because I never got an answer the first time. If it's gonna be left as it is now then that's just how it's gonna be. I do think it makes a good amount of skills more powerful/more spammable along with some dynamic changes to gameplay, but it was never made clear what the plan or reason for the merger was to begin with in-game wise. Ancy did explain why he did it on the dev blog, but he made no mention whatsoever on the functional effects aside from those on the admin/developer side. So, again, this is why I'm asking. And specifically in response to the comments, @Mojok Knight Ex I do think it's "interesting" that making one class superior to another is something you've decided to gloss over. Saying the server is too customized when the base change to max level inherently changes the dynamics of gameplay without modding those variables mentioned is the same as rejecting balance to a degree. So yes, personally I am a bit off put by the fact that a single sniper can pretty much stagger me into oblivion just by shooting from around a corner; Or other factors influenced by these changes. But I'm not demanding they be changed. I want to know what the plans for the future are. And how I'm gonna have to deal with it. @Jew I'm all for a minimum skill delay, among other things. The changes were put in for a reason beforehand to match the customizations right? Just after the merger high wizzies could spam Jupiter thunder like nothing, the stagger I mentioned above was also increased, and several other aspects changed. To my knowledge though, only a portion of the customizations were done away with, so the imbalance that was meant to be undone to begin with has returned. Maybe there's a plan to deal with that, or maybe it's gonna be left the way it is. I have no idea since it hasn't been made a priority or at least I haven't seen it outlined. And I could be wrong about some of these. Maybe it wasn't the merger that led to all the changes. That's what I get from talking to other people. If there's another reason point me in the right direction.
  14. So, again, are the mentioned variables gonna stay the same or are they gonna get reverted to post-modification? For that matter how much of what the merger changed is gonna be left as is vs re-modified?
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