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  1. This from the guy who inexplicably gained 20 rep in the last hour while mine dropped by 20. I've barely managed to retain the will to keep responding to you, let alone to make alts to down vote you. ? Cya champ, stay paranoid.
  2. I've made it quite clear that I do not think Wolfchev should be made easier, I've made it quite clear that I can run Wolfchev so to say that I'm crying is idiotic. Try reading the thread before commenting? Or even better, just don't comment. Lol Lucas you're such an angry little man.
  3. They said he used cedi tanker build, which is basic gear, and a sinx with a "low cost build". So it clearly implies that basic equips are what is needed. Perhaps it's you who need to improve their reading comprehension princess. Also the comment I responded to actually states that you can "literally take a cedi party there and succeed" which is just not true, sinx isn't even a part of a cedi party. Derp. Keep reaching though champ.
  4. I'll pay 50c to anyone who keeps their equips open constantly during wolfchev, and succeeds using only basic cedi equipment. It's practically impossible. Feel free to keep trying to be a smart ass using unproven second-hand information though lol. BTW I loved your little rant about the Easter event. Absolutely packed full of whiny little bitchness. ?
  5. Yeah absolutely. I'm not asking the GMs to make it easier. I just think making the equips tradeable would be a mistake, and would certainly not be in the interest of new players as the OP would suggest. Lol "Naples" I already run wolfchev, when I talk about the high requirements for the instance I'm talking about the average player who does not have the kind of equips that I do. Nice assumption though moron. ?
  6. There are no reasonable guides on wolfchev, so you have to be able to figure out the gears/build/characters on your own, which very much requires skill. 80c is a LOT more than most people can afford. And that's just to equip one of the necessary characters. For wolfchev you would need to create/find a full party, cos none of the current parties let ANYONE join, let alone someone who isn't sure what they're doing.
  7. Firstly, there isn't the same accessibility in wolfchev as there is in cedi. A much higher equip and skill level is required for wolfchev, and the older players who spam it are not particularly helpful to the newer participants. Secondly, cedi HAS BEEN abused and pros HAVE used it to increase the gap between them and other players, and they still do, although to a lesser extent since the prices dropped dramatically.
  8. Except it wouldn't work that way. The pros would just spam it and sell the gear, as many new and average players cannot complete wolfchev. So it would actually increase the gap between players rather than reducing it.
  9. Condensation

    Chat Filters

    Lol at "upstanding black citizen" being disallowed.
  10. It's nice of the morons to prove your point. From 0 rep last night to -28 this morning, and you're active and helpful in the forums, when all the high rep people do is spam memes in Guild posts etc. Looks like the forums are as broken as woe lol.
  11. You have now reached the end of your RRO journey. Thank you for playing and we hope you have a wonderful life!
  12. +10000. There are a few people on this server who have an absurd amount of influence because of the amount that they donate, or just because they have friends in the right places. BR being removed was an idea that almost everyone supported, now it's back. Why?
  13. Some FEWDIO shorts are under 2 minutes, but there are a couple that genuinely freaked me out, like the one with the baby monitor. Let me know what you think.
  14. Have you seen the short horror flicks on youtube called FEWDIO? There are a few of them, I'd would check them out if you like that sort of things. They are absolutely fantastic, way scarier than full-length horror films. I'm loving those Search and Rescue stories! +1 for that!
  15. 3 AK in Coronis, the extra slot is the only thing which makes it superior. Use FCP to prevent it from breaking rather than placing a card in it which makes it indestructible. Also, referring back to your original guide, I think HBP is better for sniper all round, DS damage is also affected by the increase in ranged damage, so for a sniper even a +7 HBP is better than GDS. Most of the guide is excellent though, I'm just pointing out some inconsistencies in order to help. ^^
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