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  1. Bayangz

    help !

    Hi Phoenix , i got the same problem. And I tried to install the client fixer. But I cant click the Install button. Please refer the image below
  2. Joji - Full EP , thank me later
  3. Hmm ya i saw someone selling it at 30c , and there's 60c also. So i'm so confused about the price. The immunity to freeze and +10% hp for me is quite good. But it depends on which char u use it.
  4. Yo thanks for the reply. But the link that you give to me is broken. I click it but i got "This site can’t be reached "
  5. 1. Manual update ur patch (how to do this ? got example ?) 2. I try both allow and off. Still not working 3. VPN ? 4. Ive been reinstall rro for 5th times already.
  6. This problem start from yesterday. Any suggestion to fix this ? My internet connection is running well. HELP!
  7. I got the same problem. + my patch failed. HELP!
  8. +1 to this , i got 10 jungle food left. Tsk
  9. Help me kill pipol pls
  10. 2k fluff = 1 hour of spamming Utan 2 Easter eggs (1-2hours of finding eggs) = 100 fluff Is this a troll event ? My suggestion is to remove the fluff as reward. This really kill our interest to do it again.
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