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  1. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    Doesn't ring any bell for me lol. All I know is just to kill mobs :< Oh tomorrow, I don't think I can. OMG, just when I saw someone who can do the instance with me, come this hectic schedule. Maybe I can do it on Sunday Also, I don't have friends left here. They all go. I'm all alone (/sob in the corner of the room) Maybe I can bring some of my chars together with my wizzy. And, well, look in #pr for another wizzy. That's Fairy-Angel thing? ^
  2. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    Ooh..You just visited, or you'll come back for good? I finished the quest once. Didn't know what to do, cause my party-mates are all in a hurry. They said just kill the mobs If you'll gonna comeback, I'll quest my chars there, prolly sinx or sniper? My wiz is good but well..i dunno if it can help, need bragi.
  3. GoLDEN HoLe Mystery

    what's this lex?
  4. 2018 Valentine's Event

    Oh nice, thanks for the info. So, when using in legit areas, only these slots are working right (I hope so)? Upper (first 2 slots), middle (first slot), lower (no slot)
  5. Blue's Dead Shop

    Since I can't connect to captcha, I'll just leave this here S>Christmas Gift Box - 35m ea
  6. downloading now excited to play again.

    I remember loosing my Gloom back then when it was still 30c+. The team told me that I sent it to someone I don't know that was inactive a very long ago, and that I'm lucky because he's been inactive for years and that they'll give it back to me. Well, I guess I was really lucky because I mailed my Gloom to someone I do not know that was inactive a very long time ago. Also, they said that I dropped my Bapho Card before in Pront Field 8, that's why it's missing. Ye, like it's my hobby sending away or dropping my items without my consent. Anywho, welcome back We have Valentine's Event ongoing.
  7. 2018 Valentine's Event

    I'm not sure. Haven't tested yet in legit areas.
  8. 1. Go to Prontera and look for Cupid, just below the respawn point in Pront (156, 181). Speak to him, and he'll give you 10 Valentine's Chocolate everyday for 10 days (per IP) 2. Go to Jawaii (@go 17), and look for James (135, 209). Play Rock (/awsm), Scissor (/shy) and Paper (/meh) with him. If you win, you'll get random item, including the letters which you should deliver to the NPC's stated in the letter: Daniella - Amatsu (@go 10) 268, 188 Alexander - Louyang (@go 14) 199, 129 Claire - Ayothaya (@go 18) 92, 172 3. Give the letter to respective recipient and you will receive Valentine Goodie Bag 2018. Double clicking the bag will give you certain items like Old Enriched Elunium, Old Enriched Oredicon, etc etc.. including Love Items (Love Heart, Love Fabric, Love Silk, and Love Fluff) 4. Go to the small heart shape island north of Jawaii and talk to Gabriela (204, 289). Exchange the Love items to make the headgears. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL Kitty Love Scarf 1 Love Heart 2 Love Fabric 3 Love Fluff Gum Heart 1 Love Steel 2 Love Silk 3 Love Fluff Heart Ring 1 Love Steel 2 Love Silk 4 Love Heart Love Bunny Band 1 Love Fabric 2 Love Silk 4 Love Fluff Mini Love Clips 1 Love Fabric 1 Love Heart 3 Love Silk
  9. For Sale and Buying :D

    oh, what time are you usually on? maybe we can meet on friday or weekends?
  10. For Sale and Buying :D

    Gonna buy that zosi axe gonna be online at..eeer..11pm SEA time? dunno what's the equivalent in-game time
  11. Blue's Dead Shop

  12. What are you watching?

    At first, I thought Stranger Things is a series for children. But meh, especially, when season 2 was released. I was a fan boy in an instant
  13. What are you watching?

    I stop watching cause of work. But whenever I have time, I'm watching: [Series] How to Get Away with Murder [Series] Suits [Series] Game of Thrones (I didn't stop watching this..just waiting for the next season /rice) [Anime] One Piece [Series] Stranger Things (waiting for another season) [A lot of movies waiting in line] [Series] Big Bang Theory (haven't start yet, waiting in line) [Series] Breaking Bad (haven't start yet, waiting in line) [DC Series like Flash, Green Arrow] (haven't start yet, waiting in line) [Series] Limitless (haven't start yet, waiting in line) [Korean Series] whenever I like etc etc... (cause I'm gonna be late for work lol)