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  1. Bittersweet candycanes

  2. Bittersweet candycanes

    Oh nice. I wonder what would those lucky cookies/candies will give ye.
  3. Bittersweet candycanes

    I don't have Candy Canes before so I don't know what cookie bag is. Is it like Goodie Bag or something? Maybe they intentionally disable it, just like the Ham Card? Why would they?
  4. Bittersweet candycanes

    That bug report up there, that's where you file your feature request (surprise). As for candy canes, I've filed the request for that here https://bugs.rebirth.ro/tracker/issues/230, but it seems that they change the loot rate of treasure basket only.
  5. VIP reward

  6. Price Checking (Temporary)

    Unbelievable like its too low or too high? I dunno, maybe what I saw is buying, but atm, I think I remember it selling. I heard few people saying its useless card.
  7. Hello~!!

    I haven't seen a post/pic related to baby yet. But I'm not that active in fb so....ye.
  8. Farming @ VIP Dungeon

    He's in Dungeon 1 > Warp at the south part of the map > Dungeon 2 > Warp at the north of the map (the middle one) > Dungeon 3
  9. Price Checking (Temporary)

    A year ago? Are you sure?? If its a year ago, I think you bought those at an overprice amount.
  10. Hello~!!

    oh right I always mistaken you to someone else
  11. Hello~!!

    Ye, I don't see any members of OC now, that's sad. I miss it too. Well, I don't rush things. I take one thing at time. So that there's always something to do and something to look up to. Like I didn't max the my fishing level, so that when I'm tired, I'll just go fish and be excited for it to level. Also, studying and exploring other characters, one after the other, not just using it to kill and look for the KDR ratio makes me feel alive. Right now, I'm using SL and SinX. Also, I'm online like 20 mins to 1 hr per day, cause of work, or sometime every other day. That makes my time so little here in game. There's so many things I want to do here that I cannot accomplished immediately, took me a while to finish something. Also, I'm waiting to see someone I know returning back here, like you. It makes me feel nostalgic.
  12. Hello~!!

    Welcome back Lex Eer, just to make it formal
  13. Price Checking (Temporary)

    I like the colors ^ wb lex