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  1. blueMagus

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    I'm not quite fond of AOE HP leech in pvp when attacking, unless it proc by chance like in vampiric clip.
  2. blueMagus

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    I see. I just thought 1 DS is equal to 2 hits, and that's my original idea, that 2 hits = 2k hp. Also, in my original post, hp leech will not work in aoe skills or splash skills, so in sharp shoot, you'll only take hp leech on the player where you focus your hit. If for example, you sharp shoot with pally and other players take also the damage, only 1k hp will be leeched from pally, and no hp will be leeched from the other players who took damage from ss too.
  3. blueMagus

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    Also, I just realize. Isn't my suggestion on Sealed Inca a little bit much, especially to range classes? For example, snipers and stalkers can easily run away coz they're in range, while they can easily do DS. And 5 DS is equivalent to 10k hp in seconds.
  4. blueMagus

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    ^ I don't know if that is just as worse as your other replies, or what. I am trying not to be negative with it, but all I can see is sarcasm. If you could compare your reply with jackie's, tony's, or navy's replies, yours is in a completely different level of unnecessary toxicity, to which I don't want to waste my time anymore. So how about if I'll just ignore your replies, or better yet, ignore you on this matter, and just focus on other whom I can share a good discussion with and let the others together with the GMs read yours? We good with that? Yeah? Ok then, bye lu. .....
  5. blueMagus

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    Ikr. And to think that this is only a discussion on reworking sealed cards (not nerfing it if they ever have one, instead buffing some not so helpful cards), I dont know why it became toxic for me because of just one man's superfluous assumptions 🤦‍♂️
  6. blueMagus

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    @Lu Sealed Orc Lord - I understand now the point of having 30% hp, cause the combo with HOLC effect on hp. Now about the nerfing of reflected damage, I am not talking about the long range damage reflect of HOLC, I am talking about my suggestion to add 30% long range damage, to reduce it (or even eliminate it though I didnt say eliminate it) but my point being, HOLC already has a chance to reflect long range damage, so my suggestion in SOL should be changed (the long range reflect). Im not suggesting to nerf HOLC so please stop with your assumptions. on top of that to nerf another mvp card so the combo stays the same 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 you either don't understand balance or you own one of these cuz I can't think of any other explanation for this suggestion Im not the kind of player who would suggest something just to buff myself. Now if your not satisfied with what I said that I dont have sealed cards, you may ask the Team to check all my accounts, ok. Now, OCC's crit wound came into discussion because jackie said crit wound would be too OP for that. And suggested the golden hole items effect. In my original post, I didnt mean to combine that crit wound to long range reflect, hence the "or" in the middle of numbers 1 and 2. After reading jackies suggestion, I suggest to reduce the long range reflect coz of the above explanation. Now what remains in my original post is numbers 1 and 3. In number 1, there's still an option, to break enemy's weapon cause I already explained it from my previous post, or to cast crit wound. I just suggested crit wound because I think external bleeding isnt suitable for a sealed mvp to be its main effect. Also, if it was chosen, the SOL effect on my original post would be "chance to cast crit wound lv5 when hit and adds 5% additional reflect damage to opponent". Honestly, I suggested crit wound without thinking about OCC. I just made a comparison to jackie on OCCs lv4 crit wound when attacking and SOLs lv5 crit wound when being attacked to point out if that is OP or not so please again, stop making assumptions Justbecause another card with "Orc" in the name has certain effect doesn't mean an orc mvp should combine all the orc cards??? Why does it matter that OCC has crit wounds? Also it's a weapon card specifically for status, why are you even bringing it up when we are talking about an armor card?? Also, Im not asking for this, I said I like the idea of it, discussion still on going. I am asking for the effect in my original post, this is jackies. You're asking for an armor card with, as you said, all the golden hole item effects in one (thats multiple weapons) Sealed Doppel - honestly, im not sure if there is "op in pvm" thats why im asking. Im just thinking if it would be possible to be op in pvm if a single card can max out your aspd. @Unhealed Wounds Sealed Maya - maybe they're thinking of instead of reflecting 5% of magic attack, they just made it 5% chance evading. Dunno, but lus suggestion is much better. Sealed Orc Lord - join our discussion too. Its fun, but dont be toxic. You and jackie are not toxic to talk to. Sealed Doppel - you are the third person to tell me that my suggestion is op, and I see the point now. @Jackie Sealed Orc Lord - I understand your point now on HP.
  7. blueMagus

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    @Lucas I didnt get the 10% from maya card, Im too sleely to dig deeper. Maybe Ill just read it again sometime. Also, I just noticed, when you said that you're seeing a trend. For real, thats the only time I see it myself. Its more of "when hit". Maybe because Im too sleepy when I made this, and Eddga was first to have "when hit" so I subconciously made the others "when hit" too.
  8. blueMagus

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    1. I like the idea of sealed osiris being 100% chance to be revived at first. I think after that, it should be 10% (the original effect) and redemptio (coz i dont know, redemptio sounds fun) 2. Sealed orc lord, I like the idea of breaking parts of the body (its like all golden hole items effect in one) since your attack reflected, also will break your weapon. Its like you are holding a steel, and you hit a much stronger steel, you'll feel the vibration in your hands like ouch! Reflect on long range cause the original orc lord reflects short range, so why not? Im againts the +30% HP cause when you combo this with High Orc Lord, it will be unfreezeable (sealed orc lord and high orc lord can be used in combo right? Or no? Cause I think it should) And maybe reduce the reflect damae of long range cause high orc lord already reflects long range by chance. Also, I add the option "to cast crit wound lv5" or "reflect long range" so it will not go in hand by hand. OCC casts crit wound 4 when attacking. This will have a chance to cast lv5 when "being attack" cause I have the the idea of reflecting your attack at a much more damage that will cause high level of crit would. If your not being attacked, crit wound will not proc. 3. Just maxing out aspd will for doppel will not be useful at all because most if not all physical type should have 196 aspd already. The flat 10 aspd I mention actually dont have effect on physical types cause they have 196 aspd already. I just put that in order to negate the - 10 aspd if the other player has sealed doppel too, with additional quag yo lessen further your speed. I tried to make the effects more on woe/pvp types as much as possible. Also, wouldnt it be op to have a single card to max your aspd in pvm environment, if there is a word "op" in pvm? 4. Sealed moonie, yas! Free speed potion! Additional to decrease flinch duration. 5. Sealed Eddga, dont know what to say with level 5 demo
  9. Sealed MVPs become "sealed" for a reason. Due to difficulty of farming them, (time, the required quest including the amount of money in order to open bio4, etc) it should be useful enough and not just some collectors item cards. Here are some of my suggestions to buff some of it: Alpha Room Sealed Mistress - ok Sealed Eddga - (1) Change: from 10% max hp to 15% max hp; and (2) Additional: Chance to break opponent's ankle when being attacked, resulting to slower movement (Gold Bidenhaender script) and cause external bleeding (Achilles Heel) Sealed Moonlight - (1) Additional: Chance to cast Decrease Agility Level 10 when being attacked (physical, misc, magic) Sealed Maya - ok Beta Room Sealed Phreeoni - (1) Change: from +100 hit to +200 hit Sealed Orc Lord - (1) Change: from 5% to cause external bleeding to 5% chance to break enemy's weapon when hit or cast critical wound level 5; or (2) Additional: reflect 30% of long range attack too; and (3) Additional: adds 5% additional damage on attacks reflected to opponents Sealed Orc Hero - ok Sealed Turtle General - (1) ?? : 5% additional fire damage on top of your damage (not like poring assassin which will convert only some of your damage), unmissable and cannot be reduced Theta Room Sealed Osiris - (1) Additional: 20% chance to cast redemptio when killed Sealed Lord of the Death - ok Sealed Drake - ok Sealed Doppelganger (new) - on top of the original effect, (1) adds flat 10 aspd and chance to reduce aspd of opponent by 10 and chance to cast quagmire lv5 when being hit or when attacking Delta Room Sealed Baphomet - (1) Change: Splash range from 9 cells to 5 by 5 cells around the caster Sealed Pharaoh - (1) Additional: chance to cast soul burn when being attacked Sealed Dark Lord - ok Sealed Incantation Samurai - (1) Change: from 100 hp from normal attack to 1000 hp from "landed" skill-based physical attacks (hp leech does not work on splash range or aoe skills, like if you are a knight doing BB on a priest in the middle of the crowd, life leech will work only when you landed an attack on HP, and not on the players surrounding the priest. Works only on the target you are attacking) "landed" = attack did not miss the target, if it miss (example: kyrie, kaupe, tumbling, flee, pneuma, safety wall, etc..) hp leech will not proc. PS: I don't have sealed MVP cards, I just don't find some of it worthy of being "sealed". PSS: I'm so sleepy so I'm not really sure if some of my suggestions are OP or meh. Please do post your other suggestions in order to make some of the sealed cards worthy, if ever this post is put into discussion.
  10. blueMagus

    Rebirth RO Wiki Updating

    I didn't finish editing/adding some new items in the pages of VIP Dungeon coz of busy sched. You might want to finish it
  11. blueMagus

    The Oreo Dispenser is Back!

    Oreo dispenser. Did I hear some toothache? 😓
  12. blueMagus

    Equi's Signing Off

    So fast. Thanks Equi, and goodluck!
  13. blueMagus

    Black Friday Sales

    yep, iirc
  14. blueMagus

    Black Friday Sales

  15. blueMagus

    Population Concern and Disabling GT

    But..but..RIP to those who bought those NPCs just to be available for the entire server later on. That new map is like a GT for all, so RIP too to those who bought GT too.