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  1. I didn't finish editing/adding some new items in the pages of VIP Dungeon coz of busy sched. You might want to finish it
  2. Oreo dispenser. Did I hear some toothache? 😓
  3. So fast. Thanks Equi, and goodluck!
  4. But..but..RIP to those who bought those NPCs just to be available for the entire server later on. That new map is like a GT for all, so RIP too to those who bought GT too.
  5. Hello, welcome back :D There's event ongoing, the holloween event
  6. Halluu. We're doing fine. But the forum is kinda dead. But hey, we do discord. Also, there's a lot of happenings that took place while you're gone, you may look at it in the news section, but here's one link. Hope you're doing ok too ^^
  7. This sounds good. I want to be a ranker too, but just imagining the points of those in the top 10 already stops me lol. If this wouldn't be bothersome, how about making it to top 30. But the pots made by those in rank 21-30 heals lower than those in top 11-20, and those in rank 11-20 heals lower than those in top 1-10. This would made the make a lot of ranker, but still would make the ranker to aim more, not just bragging rights "oh im in the top rank" and that's it. Hope this would make a lively competition between rankers. Same thing goes with smith rankers, but i have a little doubt on this.
  8. Disclaimer: Didn't copy the name "Enhanced" name from the recent maintenance. Didn't know it will be the name of the new God Items. Introduction: Biolab Basement is one of the custom of RRO. There's so many things happening in RRO now, and I would like to see a revamp on old custom items, in order to cope in. Quest Specifics: This should be account base quest. Only you can benefit on the quest (unlike the quest in opening the Biolab Basement 2, where people just depend on those who do the quest). I've got an idea of farming specific quantity of items in biolab basement, then turning it to an NPC together with the orginal Item (Drooping Amistr), then the NPC will enhance it. For example, to enhance Drooping Amistr, you must turn in 500 Amistr Card, plus the other items required in opening the Floor 2 of the basement, plus other items being drop by Amistr. The enhanced items will be account bound. Although this suggestion focuses on questable items, I included those last 4 items farmable from Biolab Basement's MVPs, just for ideas. As benefit, biolabs will be (I hope so) crowded again, people farming items, cards/oca. Price of cards will increase, also. Pre-requisite Quest: Biolab Entrance Quest Rewards: Enhanced Drooping Amistr Drooping Amistr Original Effect Unstrippable or Unbreakable; or 1 slot Enhanced Fable Silk Enables permanent Soul Link as long as it is equiped. Removed when this item is unequipped. If character is not a Soul Linker: (1)Increase ACD by 5%, (2) Increase damage from all sources by 10%. If character is a Soul Linker: (1) Decrease SP consumption by 5%, (2) Increase all stats by 10. Enhanced Jessica's Bell Jessica's Bell Original Effect +10 to Mdef; or +5 Mdef and 1 slot Enhanced Hypatia's Robe Hypatia's Robe Original Effect Penalty on Fire Resistance will be negated Max HP and SP +10% Enhanced (Drooping Amistr, Fable Silk, Jessica's Bell, Hypatia's Robe) Combo effect Resistance to Stun, Silence, and Sleep by 100% Increase resistance to Freeze by 30% Increase Max HP and SP by 10% Enhanced White Death Aura Enhanced Black Death Aura Enhanced Fable's Rod Enhanced Hypatia's Codex Enhanced Jessica's Spellbook Enhanced Zosimo's Axe
  9. Probably cause you're using other items that increases HP by percentage, like Tao Gunka Card. Valk Shoes increase base HP, and not by percentage. Maybe it stacks well with your other items that increases HP by percentage rather than having another items that increases HP by percentage. Try removing all your items, and and test the difference. My sinx (w/o any other items equipped): Base HP: 155,340 HP with Valk Shoes on: 175,740 (difference of 20,400, that's 80*255) HP with +10BG (although I only have +9, I just compute): 170,874 (difference of 15,340, 10% of max hp) Some computations with HP (I don't have zeny to decard, so I'll just compute :< well, I just card my tao) using the same base HP: 155,340 HP with Valk shoes and Tao: (155,340 + 20,400) * 2 = 351,480 HP with +10BG and Tao: 155,340 * 2.1 = 326,214 In any case from the above, valk shoes gives more HP than +10BG.
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