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  1. blueMagus

    Valk Shoes vs +10 Bronze Greaves

    Probably cause you're using other items that increases HP by percentage, like Tao Gunka Card. Valk Shoes increase base HP, and not by percentage. Maybe it stacks well with your other items that increases HP by percentage rather than having another items that increases HP by percentage. Try removing all your items, and and test the difference. My sinx (w/o any other items equipped): Base HP: 155,340 HP with Valk Shoes on: 175,740 (difference of 20,400, that's 80*255) HP with +10BG (although I only have +9, I just compute): 170,874 (difference of 15,340, 10% of max hp) Some computations with HP (I don't have zeny to decard, so I'll just compute :< well, I just card my tao) using the same base HP: 155,340 HP with Valk shoes and Tao: (155,340 + 20,400) * 2 = 351,480 HP with +10BG and Tao: 155,340 * 2.1 = 326,214 In any case from the above, valk shoes gives more HP than +10BG.
  2. blueMagus

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    PC>Judgementering Card
  3. blueMagus

    Blue's Dead Shop

  4. blueMagus

    Blue's Dead Shop

  5. blueMagus

    Blue's Dead Shop

  6. blueMagus

    Web Storage / RebirthRO Market2 Loading issues

    Hmm I hope our forum be active in answering queries, like in discord.
  7. blueMagus

    Web Storage / RebirthRO Market2 Loading issues

    I'm using the same chrome you've posted. But it works perfectly fine with me. I can select which character I want, and it can show me the items in my characters inventory, with the exception of my main char. I dunno why I cant access it's inventory. Maybe too many items? or my internet is fluctuation atm, not sure.
  8. blueMagus

    Blue's Dead Shop

  9. blueMagus

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    in their descriptions yes. But try trading it to your alts. iirc they're untradeable. Btw, Ham card too was disabled.
  10. blueMagus

    Job Level Cap

    Job level is max at 120. Base level is max at 255.
  11. blueMagus

    Blue's Dead Shop

  12. wouldn't it be great? lol
  13. I actually ask this to my friends. I want to have the power to pulverized those stupid ones. Like, I have the power to see letter "S" in their heads (the bigger the S, the more stupid they can be), to indicate that they're stupid so that I can pulverize them. But the determination if the person is stupid is very subjective and rests only over me, so its kinda overpowered. This power should never exist. I want to have 2 of my primary powers: [First] I like the power to heal (but without any side effects) and brute strength, just like Fifth Hokage's power, [Second] the power over time and space, able to bend it whenever I want. I also want the power of speed and teleportation like the Fourth's power, so I can never be late at work This goes with the power over time and space, so its one of my secondary powers. Ans since I can bend through spaces, I can sense everything around me. Well, there's too many secondary powers to mention. But I really like the power to pulverize someone.
  14. blueMagus

    Price Checking (Temporary)

    Yup, the question marks indicated means I don't know the price Porking is tradeable.