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  1. 12 days of Christmas?

    Maybe he's just there for the Recolor Hat Option, for the Light-Up Santa Hat (2015)?
  2. 12 days of Christmas?

    I saw a weird "Big Dumb Santa" NPC in Prontera, near the Donor Box cat. When I click on him, it says my account is too new. Tried a wiki search, and it says that a previous year's version of this event requires one's account to be at least 6 months old. My account is older than that. Did y'all change the requirements for this year?
  3. Artist Hat - From the 2017 Christmas Event

    I got the Artist Hat from a Christmas Gift (2017) box. Here's what it looks like, and info about what it does. Artist Hat Icon: In-Game Right-Click Description: A Soul Linker wearing the Artist Hat, with the palettes and Hairstyle of: 574 / 106 / 24
  4. pls help me

    Have you tried the fixes i suggested in your other thread?
  5. Episode and Ragnarok Calc

    You might already know this, but, If you press ALT and U in-game, it'll open the quest window. At the bottom-left of the Quest Window is a tab named "New". You can click it, to see what episode the Quest Window thinks it is. I see you are on Thor... On Loki, the Quest window says it is "EP 14.1 Bifrost". When it comes to using Character Stat/Skill Calculators, an admin will probably have to give you the specifics on that. Sorry I couldn't be of any more help.
  6. Payment Wall

    Is that the payment option that took Store Gift Cards? I have 25 bucks stuck on a Dollar Store Gift Card. Would like to see that option come back, if it's possible.
  7. Failed to Connect to Server

    Can you login now? The server just finished a maintenance
  8. Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Santa Poring: Box of Trading Cards Smokey Sock : Gift Ribbons Smokie Gift: Wrapping Paper, Slingshot Snow Bunny: Gift Box Tendrillion: White Cat Ears If you have ammo, or gears, or a card, that Stuns when you attack, it makes fighting the Santa Poring a lot easier. For all of you copy / paste junkies: CTRL + C / CTRL + V Aaron /navi rachel 117/192 Arianna /navi lutie 132/232 Carter /navi mora 148/61 Elijah /navi geffen 144/132 Isabella /navi amatsu 196/203 Louis /navi louyang 88/124 Luvia /navi ayothaya 69/134
  9. Gulaman is dropped by a Poison Spore (Mob ID# 1855) that doesn't spawn anywhere normally... Poison Spore (1855) data from: http://ratemyserver.net/mob_db.php?mob_id=1855&small=1&back=1 Um, where DOES it spawn? Oh, and, is there any other way to get, or make, Gulaman?
  10. Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Jakk: Little Ghost Toy Smokey Sock : BB Gun, Gift Ribbons Smokie Gift: Wrapping Paper Snow Bunny: Gift Box Tendrillion: White Cat Ears
  11. Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Does Tendrillion re-spawn after some time has passed, or do you only get to fight two per day, per account? Is the very adorable White Cat Ears costume Tradeable? EDITED TO ADD: The very adorable White Cat Ears costume IS Tradeable ! =^+^=
  12. Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Christmas Orc drops Eddga Toy nao.
  13. Divinity Set Recolor

    Divinity Helm [4] and Divinity Wing [4] Only available on Black Friday (2017)
  14. Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Baphomet Toy...?
  15. Christmas Event 2017 Guide

    Thank you very much for posting the locations!