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    Yes at Hugel @go 22

    Bingo : Located at 56, 208 Inside the building Arcade owner Monster Race : Eckar Elleberd Eckar Erenes 65,72
  3. Event Lucky Box

    Mall @go 16 .. Event Point Shop at 118,99 ... I like how the mall is made.. Did you mean bring back the Past Events Headgears to NPC obtainable using Event point ? To be honest, its not easy to do past event quest. Some events takes a lot of effort and is time consuming. I'm in favor of Event Lucky Box. You're still lucky to get what now a days .
  4. The Fishing Adventure ~ A guide

    okay russeh <3
  5. The Fishing Adventure ~ A guide

    can't either.
  6. The Fishing Adventure ~ A guide

  7. Events

    I won last time at DBD, still no rewards no marks from achievemnt tho got ep ofc . maybe like what she said something to be given gm itself.
  8. -.- rain rain go away !!! 

  9. Questions about Boss

    Hello again sorry for keep u waiting Idk if its possible to do the max resistance to boss monster tho i can only suggest that there's another option to deal with it since you're a wizard why not focus on damage or mdef since you got a nice resist. Note : Other people always asking about stacking ( check script ) Some reference still don't have script tho
  10. Questions about Boss

    Hi lex , since Alice card effect is 40% Less damage to boss monster while Boss5 orb is resistance to monster 5% I think it will just stack after damage reduction from Alice Card. So for example: Boss monster's base attack is 1000; 1000 - 40% - 600 600 - 5% - 570 Unlike if they both have the same exact effects, it will be like this 1000 - (40% + 5%) 1000 - 45% = 550
  11. RDC Reward Officer

  12. Hi hello

    Welcome Noctum.

    yes where u at ? lance ahahaha