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  1. So... I can't use adrenaline rush nor cant I put in skill points in it? Why??? I was told I have to be soul linked to use FULL adrenaline rush (not to be confused with Adrenaline Rush). Is there any other way I can use this skill? Someone in game said something about Soul Link Potion? Is there even such a thing in this server? Just wondering.
  2. Ooh, okie dokie! Thanks peoplez~
  3. What are PP? 4.5c? Is this US dollars?
  4. How can I rename my character and how much is it?
  5. Hello, Neo, nice to meet you and welcome back!
  6. Searching for a guild that does WOE and are social people, not one of the two. I am level 84 knight, just started this server and looking for a guild that helps me power level and play together in parties and in WOE
  7. What are good gears for a newb to power level?
  8. Please, I'm searching for a guild. I am seeking a WOE guild that is also a social guild but not looking for only social guilds. Thank you.
  9. Hello. I've bee around but not too long. I am searching for new friends, awesome party adventures, and badass guild mates and rivals! My name is Lorena and I've been on this server for a little while before I left for a long time. I've finally come back to see if I can find great guild mates and friends to party with to power level. If there's anyone out there interested to help an old server stranger, please feel free to contact me on this new character name: Ekaterina Eden.
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