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  1. Problem solved itself. Thanks everyone.
  2. I'm having log-in issues for Eir server. I can successfully log into my account, however I cannot access the Eir server. Error comes up as "The map is not available". I downloaded the newest RebirthRO.rar file @Phoenix posted as of 22 Feb 2021, but the error still exists. Any guidance to resolve this error?
  3. Yes! This made my top 5 favorite movies to watch yearly.
  4. It's been over a week and I cannot even get a response as a courtesy. I had higher expectations from an admin/spokes person for RebirthRO. A simple follow-up would suffice. v/r Litany
  5. I feel you. Admins, @Big Dumb Object, My follow-up question pertaining to the compensation to Eir members: How are the admins determining who is being compensated and can you elaborate on the "veteran" status? v/r Litany
  6. Answered. Thanks
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