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  1. i am a returning old player as well! welcome!
  2. hi guys! i am a returning player here i don't know if this forum is still alive, but i'm in dire need of creds atm so please do fund me by buying arts from me! uwu slots [ ] FREE [ ] FREE [ ] FREE samples (i'm only offering whole body illustrations!) - 60 c notes 3 slots at a time no rushing! - i may work slow but rest assured your piece will be finished no furries, sexual innuendos/pairings (anything R18), mecha, armors and pets the customer must pay the amount first before i start anything (sorry, i've experienced A LOT having customers that do not pay after i finish illustrations) how to order? - simply copy paste this and fill up the information! ; my IGN is iDietrich if you need me in game! thanks for stopping by and see you around : )
  3. some of those names ring a bell but im more on Air, Maple and Leaf Cat's era
  5. ooohhh im so happy rro's art community is growing again! Btw here are my most recent commissions from another RO servers.
  6. omg melllll i missed seeing your coloring qq we should do art trade again gggg anyways, hi own ex c:
  7. Not really that old but I played RRO starting 2010! Although ive played RO servers since 2006
  8. HAI!! C: Omg I miss seeing your drawings of RO :c too bad you don't accept art trades q-q Anyways, Im having problems logging in too, when I go to the website, it says my acc is not registered?
  9. Based on my experience, the following should be included in your art shop topic c: 1. Introduction : something about yourself that the others need to know, includes contact, ign and times you are online also art shop status (are you open/closed?) 2. Slots and waitlist : so people could track your progress and how long the line is 3. Samples : most important ; place everything that you offer and perhaps showcase your best works in a particular category (personally, in the previous forums, i offered chibi, half body, full body, and signatures) 4. Pricing : do not lowball yourself. if you think your art deserves the price you've put unto it, let it be! 5. Do's and dont's : you are the artist, you create your own rules. place the things that you are comfortable and confident in drawing and put those that you aren't. 6. Order Form : putting my sample I put in other RO art forums Lastly, enjoy drawing and good luck in your art shop!! You have a nice style, wishing you luck c:
  10. that's some cute stuff over there! c: can you please doodle my little AB right here? good luck with your future art shop!!! get dem $$$!!
  11. iDietrich


    Hello! Not entirely back in RRO but dang I miss this game C:
  12. iDietrich

    Free Art (FULL)

    Daammnnn I'm late :c
  13. Thanks! but it still doesn't work
  14. I already did haha but it still errors every time Yo thanks
  15. I tried to but I got these
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