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  1. Hostilidad


    why would someone post a picture of themselves in some gaming forum
  2. Hostilidad

    Hostilidad's Servizio di caccia [Farming Service]

    Ok that's better I'll do it on the weekend because I can't play with all the work I got lol
  3. Hostilidad

    where can i post my trading?

  4. Hostilidad

    Art! Post your stuff here?

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/vehemens/ Hi these are some of the pictures I've taken so far, I haven't uploaded my new ones yet but yeah... Appreciate if you follow me
  5. Hostilidad

    Hostilidad's Servizio di caccia [Farming Service]

    Order completed items handed in I'M OPEN FOR NEW REQUESTS!!!
  6. Hostilidad

    Costume: Butterfly Ring

    Yep, and It can be made by doing a quest now heh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Hostilidad

    Hostilidad's Servizio di caccia [Farming Service]

    Sure, I'll have your items by next Wednesday my ign is: Hostilidad
  8. I am open for you requests please answer using the following format! Item Name: Unit: Price per unit: Estimated time of delivery (Once I accept your request) : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I speak Spanish , English and Portuguese just pm me! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Hostilidad

    Farming Oridecon

    Right now, If you have decent gears you can go into the fairy's dungeon and kill some angels; They drop oridecon almost all the time o3o
  10. Fanpage Facebook Group PLS JOIN WE NEED MEMBERS Here's a video I made so the post doesn't look that empty
  11. Hostilidad

    2018 New Team RRO

  12. Hostilidad

    [Video] How to use the RRO client fixer

    This happened to me using the "latest" client fixer lol
  13. I didn't know what sub-forum use to post the video, if this is the wrong one I apologize. Just a quick video on how to use the client fixer for all those who have the problem seeing the install button gray and can't click it. Hope it helps.