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    Loki WoE Changes

    This make me fucking laugh
  2. iShotLethal

    I got jailed for typing wrong macro!!!!!!!!!

    Just signed in to say, semi-relevant username
  3. "Its not a personal attack." You take screenshots of you and your friends having a laugh and attempt to ridicule me and saying you had a good time laughing at my guide and dont call that an attack? Seriously? Are you THAT stupid and delusional? The fact that i called you out on it and you removing the screenshots of your discord chat already proves my point "I have the right to agree or disagree" Then state that and all wouldve been just a discussion. You disagree on guildhopping, thats fine, i wouldve countered with my experience in a professional manner (as per my other previous responses to everyone else besides you) however you then try and twist the meaning to include the person being "scum" or "betrayer" or "worse than scum" is pathetic. and wheres the discussion if its a disagreement and you are voicing a disagreement? All i heard from you and your friends were: "He is so easy to take down" "Devo alt pally cry wahh wahh wahh" Then you try to frame me as scum by using pathetic anime quote ""In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum." - Kakashi Sensei, Naruto. " Thats just seriously stupid and made ME laugh and im pretty sure everyone who read it as well. And you call that NOT an attack? Fucking lol. Seriously, how is that NOT an attack? I really hope you reply more to show how absolutely pathetic and hypocritical you are and roast you some more. "Second, the screenshots I provided is to make you realize that you should not boasted so much." I can boast if i have the facts to back it up, which i have provided. " "I'm the best sacrifice-user pally in RRO". I can say such things, but guess what respond people will give. "Sacrifice? I can give you neutral-resist and you can go to hell" There will always be people that are your "haters" or disagree with you. The difference between you and me is that i can back myself up with facts and have the balls to do it. " And I don't respond to your reply to end the shit that is about to start. Silent is the best treat. Good luck " Nonono, you started this shit with your whole charade of a personal attack. Its already started, you started it you dumbass. This wasnt a discussion, if there was a discussion, where are the counterpoints like i did in the first reply to your "discussion?" Where was your counterpoints? But fine, you can run away like a pu**y, act all innocent because you tried to talk shit, then got your ass handed to you no lube with no condom and you are bleeding and hiding like a coward. There will come a point in time when you think you got something to say, maybe youll actually have the balls to do it to, feel free after you finish washing the taste of my d*ck out of your mouth.
  4. Well ya know, gotta put the "bigshots" with big mouths that are just all talk with no brains in their place ya know Edit: i should probably respond to everything, instead of just the personal attack of Kims @A Newb Sniper For SNiper? hahah no way, too lazy, you doing good anyways @itEm PrOtEctOr Poem of Bragi, clown skill which in short, letts you spam skills faster and more frequent @Rabo Di Bambino Good to see you again, hope you are doing good @George If you havent heard of me, you havent heard of me, nothing i can do about that @Sempee If thats a problem you face, thats a problem you face, i didnt because i always adjusted my position to be hit as little as possible, including North Wind/ Crimson Fire Blossom from Ninjas and Storm Gust/ LoV @Plumadea I dont macro, but people convinced that i do will still think i do, people that know me know i dont, so either way if anyone accuses me of macro, not like i can really prove my innocence by saying i dont
  5. Well since you so delightfully decided to make an attack on me, let me respond in kind ? “but I opposed the idea of guild hopping. Cos we really hate the shit (a.k.a. "betrayer") like them. First hand you fight with your guild, next time you fight against them - this is what betrayer are.” Sorry where does your idea of a guild include “if you join this guild, you are honorbound to stay in this guild” rule come in? Where in any guild is there a rule where if you join one and want to leave, you are immediately labelled a betrayer? That doesn’t sound like what a community/guild is about, sounds more like you are a cult. Pathetic really ""In the ninja world, those who break the rules are scum, that's true, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum." - Kakashi Sensei, Naruto. Are you seriously using an anime quote to suggest how I live my life and how I play the game? FUCKING LMAO. Pathetic. First of all when did I EVER suggest we were “comrades?” When did the rule “Once you join the guild, if you leave you are considered scum and trash” come about? Pathetic “I tell him whats the best, run around 24/7 with ur alt devo on your butt” Ahhh you were apart of the Owning EX guild right? If I remember didn’t you guys LOVE alting clown/gypsy for invulnerable Siegfried on your own party and at emp entrances? So its okay if you guys use alts but when someone else uses an alt its not okay because it makes it harder for you? Sounds hypocritical to me. “I could kill him easy, just status bow him” Well lets look at the evidence shall we? Thankfully RRO has an extensive log for WoE reports even going back as far to when I was a bit active in WoE. From: https://rebirthro.com/woebr. So lets go ALL the way back, the longest entries (you can check yourself using the find function ctrl+f for iShotLethal): 2016-05-11 0700 – 70 kills, 6 deaths 2016-05-11 1900 – AFK probably sleeping 2016-05-14 0700 – 179, 4 2016-05-14 1900 – 155, 3 2016-05-18 0700 – 85, 2 2016-05-18 1900 – sleeping 2016-05-21 0700 – 174, 9 (but this is where I guildhopped into FP, so lets go where im not in FP) 2016-05-28 0700 – 137, 5 2016-06-01 0700 – 140, 4 2016-06-01 1900 - 66, 7 2016-06-04 0700 – 200, 9 (in FP again) 2016-06-04 1900 – 156, 5 2016-06-08 0700 – 54, 0 2016-06-08 1900 – sleeping 2016-06-11 0700 – 203, 7 2016-06-11 1900 – 138, 2 Okay lets stop there, im getting tired copy pasting. So I only get into single digit deaths in those WoE’s of those glory days as you say it. But that’s strange, its so easy to kill me but I die so little? Well THANK YOU for killing me only once or twice or maybe even three times in WoE’s even though I was so easy to kill. Thank you for sparing my life so I could dish out so much damage in WoE. Thank you for sparing me. Or you know, you just fucking sucked at killing me and don’t wanna admit it LOL. “Desperado spam on entrance that literally a dead chicken can do properly?” Thanks for mentioning that, I mean its TOTALLY possible to sit on the EMP entrance on Desperado spam back then, not like there was it was made impossible to do on WoE from GM's. "Wasnt he salty at FP coz they didnt gave him god items?" Ofc. I have three fully fleshed out characters on a Gunslinger, Palladin and Clown/Linker but im salty about not having a single god item thats unrefineable like the +10 GOH i have. Good logic there mate "He is using Hp300 orb what" Do you even see what its on? its on gear that i use for defense, so yes i maximize the amount of hp i have on my defensive sets. But then again, you sound so patheticly dumb that when you see a GS all you can think about is "huur duur must build only max damage no other way to play" kind of person judging by the "intelligent" thought process of your post and screenshot of your discord chat. “He should try rebel on ____” This is an RRO server, so ofc im making it for RRO. Its not “Universal Ragnarok Online Forum” you dumbass Literally, are you TRYING to appear pathetically stupid? No seriously, ive never had someone made themselves so easy to get burned like that, do you need the number for your local fire department? Let me tell you a REAL saying kid, not one from an anime show. "Im not a believer of fighting fire with fire, but i do believe that when someone punches first, and the other guy punches back that those two punchers arent equivalent. Ill tell you what my mentor told me, Never start a fight, I didnt start this fight, but if you start a fight with me, ill finish it." If thats your preference, thats your preference. Im not saying you have to. I wasnt satisfied being your average Gunslinger, i did everything and took every advantage. The numbers speak for themselves. If you dont want to go to taht extent i dont have anything against. Im just a person that went to that extent because i wasnt content being second rate.
  6. What do you think when you hear someone claim they are the best GS in RRO? Ive seen throughout my time on RRO GS that only use Tracking claim they are the best. Pathetic. Ive seen Gunslingers only know how to use Spread Shot + FullBuster and claim they are the best. Pathetic. I know Gunslingers that only know how to use Desperado, Rapid Shower and Triple Action think they are hot shit. Pathetic. I am here today to show you what it truly means and what it takes to be the best Gunslinger in RRO. How I became the best. Everything I used, all my gear, all the tricks, everything. I don’t plan on playing this game anymore so I decided to pass my knowledge for anyone else that wants to take advantage of it. A little about me I guess. I used over 8 different weapons, 8 different weapon sets and over 10+ consumables and various gears to my advantage. I was both loved and hated depending on where I woe’d. I could turn the tide of battle with just me and my two alts, literally a one-man army. If I asked I could have any guild give me 3 spots for woe even if they were full for my Gunslinger, Clown and Paladin. I wasn’t content being third best or second rate. Back then guilds would be 50-76 full up on members in woe, with up to 4 big guilds fighting. Every single Gunslinger in every guild was just a brain dead Spreadshot spammer. When you see an enemy Gunslinger everyone thought “better take them out or they would do quite a bit of damage.” It was different for me. It was “we have to take him out or he will kill everyone.” My name is iShotLethal also known as LethalConcept. My Stats: Str = 90 Agi = 140 Vit = 90 Int = 114 Dex = 255 Luk = 90 The Gears: Headgears Upper: +10 Healers Heart Hat | Evil Snake Lord + Giearth +10 Event Coppola | Evil Snake Lord + Giearth Baphohorn | Vanberk + Giearth + Permeter + Permeter Dyna Upper (Red Beret based) | Giearth + 3x Permeter Hyegun Hat | 3x White Lady + Evil Snake Lord | Healing Red Beret | 3x Clock Tower + Evil Snake Lord Stuff Panda – Increase Agi Floppy Bunny – Blessing Snow Valkyrie – Wind Walk Pink Pochi – Attention Concentrate Headgears Mid: Fisher Glasses | 2x Gemini + Marduk + Orc Hero Poring Party | 2x Gemini + Marduk + Orc Hero Avian Wings (black) | 2x Gemini + Marduk + Orc Hero Headgears Lower: Planet Orbs | Maya Purple Card Red Tie | Maya Purple Card Armor: +10 Great Old Cloak Weapons: Knife | Valkyrie Randgris + Lord of the Dead + Jolie + Drake +9 Soldier Rifle | Samurai Spector +10 Goblin Revolver | Grand Metaling + Samurai Spector +10 Goblin Revolver | Hypatia + Samurai Spector/Memory of Thanatos +10 Tony Tommygun | Samurai Spector + Valkyrie Randgris + 10 Firestorm | Lord of the Dead + Valkyrie Randgris + Drake + Maero of Thanatos + 9 Firestorm | Skoll + Skoll Baby + Orc Champion + Stormy Knight +10 Barrage | Lord of Dead + Orc Champion +10 Vigilante Shield (HP300)(Normal5) | Thara Frog +10 Antiquated Shield (HP300)(MEvade5) | Golden Thief Bug Garments: +10 Caliginous Cloak (Hp300)(LResist5) | Isis +10 Great Demons Shroud | Isis +10 Heroic Backpack | Isis +9 Nidhoggurs Shadow Garb | Assassin Cross Shoes: +10 Ebony Greaves (Hp300)(Dmotion5) | Egnigem Cenia +10 Valkyrie Shoes | Orc Knight Card | Accessories: Vendors Clip | Implosion Vendors Clip | Errende Ebecee Vendors Clip | Smokie Ring | PoPoring Card Recondite Ring (Dex3)(Random5) | Implosion Recondite Ring (Dex3)(Random5) | Grand Poporing Recondite Ring (Dex3)(Random5) | Berzebub Card Recondite Ring (Dex3)(Random5) | Berzebub Card Consumables: Blue Potions Condensed White Potions Speed Potion Cursed Water Fortis Protestas Guild Town Wing Cartridges/Bullets Tasty Pink Potion Rune Strawberry Cake Aloevera Hwergelmir Tonic Holy Elemental Scroll Small Life Potions Medium Life Potions Regeneration Potions Big Magic Defense Potions Gear Sets: Full Damage Set w/ Revolver - Dyna Upper (Red Beret based) | Giearth + 3x Permeter - Poring Party | 2x Gemini + Marduk + Orc Hero - Red Tie | Maya Purple Card - +10 Great Old Cloak - +10 Goblin Revolver | Grand Metaling + Samurai Spector - +10 Great Demons Shroud | Isis - +10 Valkyrie Shoes | Orc Knight Card - Vendors Clip | Implosion - Recondite Ring (Dex3)(Random5) | Implosion Full Damage Set w/ Shotgun Same as above but with - +10 Tony Tommygun | Samurai Spector + Valkyrie Randgris Full Defense Hide Set (Primary) - +10 Healers Heart Hat | Evil Snake Lord + Giearth - Fisher Glasses | 2x Gemini + Marduk + Orc Hero - Planet Orbs | Maya Purple Card - +10 Great Old Cloak - Knife | Valkyrie Randgris + Lord of the Dead + Jolie + Drake - +10 Vigilante Shield (HP300)(Normal5) | Thara Frog - +10 Caliginous Cloak (Hp300)(LResist5) | Isis - +10 Ebony Greaves (Hp300)(Dmotion5) | Egnigem Cenia - Vendors Clip | Implosion - Vendors Clip | Smokie Full Defense Cloak Set Same as above but with - Vendors Clip | Errende Ebecee - +9 Nidhoggurs Shadow Garb | Assassin Cross Anti Stalker Set Same as Full Damage Set but with - +10 Goblin Revolver | Hypatia + Samurai Spector/Memory of Thanatos Full Damage Insta Tracking Set - Red Beret | 3x Clock Tower + Evil Snake Lord - Poring Party | 2x Gemini + Marduk + Orc Hero - Red Tie | Maya Purple Card - +10 Great Old Cloak - +9 Soldier Rifle | Samurai Spector - +10 Great Demons Shroud | Isis - +10 Valkyrie Shoes | Orc Knight Card - Recondite Ring (Dex3)(Random5) | Berzebub Card - Recondite Ring (Dex3)(Random5) | Berzebub Card Half Damage Half Defense Set - +10 Event Coppola | Evil Snake Lord + Giearth - Poring Party | 2x Gemini + Marduk + Orc Hero - +10 Great Old Cloak - +10 Tony Tommygun | Samurai Spector + Valkyrie Randgris - +10 Valkyrie Shoes | Orc Knight Card - +10 Caliginous Cloak (Hp300)(LResist5) | Isis - Vendors Clip | Implosion - Vendors Clip | Errende Ebecee Full Auto Right Click Set - Baphohorn | Vanberk + Giearth + Permeter + Permeter - Avian Wings (black) | 2x Gemini + Marduk + Orc Hero - Planet Orbs | Maya Purple Card - +10 Great Old Cloak - + 10 Firestorm | Lord of the Dead + Valkyrie Randgris + Drake + Maero of Thanatos (switching between) - + 9 Firestorm | Skoll + Skoll Baby + Orc Champion + Stormy Knight - +10 Heroic Backpack | Isis - +10 Ebony Greaves (Hp300)(Dmotion5) | Egnigem Cenia - Vendors Clip | Implosion - Recondite Ring (Dex3)(Random5) | Grand Poporing Pet: Bathory My Skills: 5 Coin Flip 10 Single Action 10 Snake Eyes 10 Chain Action 10 Tracking 4 Dust 1 Increase Accuracy 1 Triple Action 5 Disarm 10 Rapid Shower 10 Full Buster 1 Adjustment 10 Desperado 1 Bulls Eye 10 Spread Attack 10 Gatling Fever 10 Ground Drift 1 Madness Canceller The Build And How It Works: The big significant factor of this build is that you are supplementing a huge damage and defense to consumables. For defense: Holy Elemental Scroll: Makes you holy element ONTOP of being unfrozen. This gives you a 25% resistance to Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Poison and 100% immunity to Holy in return, you take 1.25% extra shadow damage You remedy this by stacking Shadow Resistance. 3x Permeter Cards totalling 45%, Isis for 30%, Bathory for 10% giving you a total of 85% Shadow Resistance from cards. This makes the 1.25% you get from Holy Elemental Scroll non-threatening. This obviously VERY slightly lowers your damage where you could take Una Fey/Duneyrr cards in your Headgear and Giant Whisper in Garment for stacking your damage. But it’s a hell of a small penalty in your ATK to gain huge defensive potential. To maximize my benefits I used Small + Medium Life Potions and Big Magic Defense + Regeneration Potions. For Offense I stack significant boosts with Hwergelmirs Tonic, Rune Strawberry Cake, Aloevera and Tasty Pink Potions. This is ontop of your buff helms for Increase Agi, Blessing and Attention Concentrate What Bullets Do You Need: I only really used 2 types. Normal and Terra/Earth Bullets. Some people also went the extra mile to use what I did with Holy Elemental scrolls so I forgone the stronger Holy Bullet, used the lesser common element of Earth and use the Normal Bullet for stuff like Invulnerable Siegfried groups. Then against Holy Elemental Scroll users you can vert your normal bullets with Cursed Water to shadow element. How I Used My Weapon Sets, Against What Foe and Which Skills?: Full Damage Set w/ Revolver - Rapid Shower causes more hitstun and can almost perma “hit lock” a Lord Knights if done with Bragi. Note I said almost. I have perma hit locked some Lord Knights before but it depends on your timing and to an extent, your connection - Desperado spam with Bragi is disgusting Full Damage Set w/ Shotgun - My primary to-go-to damage set. Full buster with Bragi is the strongest single target damage you can do. - When Spreadshotting DO NOT SPREADSHOT THE TARGETS THAT DIE EASILY. Spreadshot the LK’s, Creators and Palladins. Why? Because they are usually the ones that can tank more and usually the vanguard and infront of everyone else in their guild. That means anyone trying to move up and help them gets hit from the AoE and usually will die. Also this means you can spend more “up time” spreadshotting because if you spreadshot a Sniper and they die within 4-5 shots, then you gotta spend a fraction of a second searching a new target and that fraction of a second is wasted not spreadshotting. This ofcourse is only applied to groups/big fights. Full Defense Hide Set (Primary) - Use this set when moving around/not shooting. Hide is there incase you need to use it to stop someone from hitting you at range - The Jolie helps against a stupid scenario like warping into the map next to an enemy so you can Auto them into quite a bit of statuses. Full Defense Cloak Set - Simliar to above, Cloak is better in certain scenarios Anti Stalker Set - Same deal as Full Damage Set w/ Revolver, you just have your Revolver specced out to target Stalkers so that Desperado almost insta-kills them with Bragi. - Rapid Shower with Bragi will also Stun lock them hard if they don’t FSK because the multiple continuous hits can break them out of Chase Walk Full Damage Insta Tracking Set - For when you lose your Bragi and need high single target damage. The only reason its here Half Damage Half Defense Set - I use this set sometimes when im entering a full defended EMP room. Allows me to deal a moderate amount of damage while tanking more than my full damage set Full Auto Right Click Set - I use these for REALLY tanky characters like Paladins that are by themselves or Lord Knights that are by themselves. Some run Coma so that’s the reason why I use the Avian Wings. Load up as much status as I can while auto attacking. - Useful set if you need to regroup somewhere and someone is chasing you, decrease agi makes them pause to re use their blessing helm and if they don’t have one, you are almost guaranteed to run away scott free Do I Use Grenade Launcher?: Sometimes, very rarely. Youll hit any class at range using Cloak/ Chase walk with Spread shot in groups. If they try and run past you switch to your Full Damage with Pistol and Desperado. It’s a nice option to have, it’s just not a strong option to use. Guildhopping: I Guildhopped a lot. Infact I was somewhat known for it. I would constantly switch around the guilds depending on where I felt like woe. I HIGHLY recommend it, you learn a lot of things. I learnt a lot of strategy from various guilds, learnt a lot of habits and mannerisms observing people, how focused they were and how they would behave. Some stuff are like how some Invulnerable Siegfried parties setup, they move in a certain order, so if you take out a key piece (doesn’t have to be the Dancer or the Clown), they are screwed. For example I used my Full Auto Attack set on the Gunslinger which was what I learned as their designated damage dealer in that group, applied Decrease Agi and because of that, dropped that Gunslingers Attack speed right down so that their Spread Shot rate was pitiful and we rolled over them. Another example is that I used my over zealous allies as meatshields. Against a VERY defensive Paladin-Creator healing party that had one of the most strongest Ninjas in the game, I knew that the Lord Knights in the guild would run in one direction as a group. So I ran in the other with Speed and with my Bragi I used their distraction to Desperado wipe that Paladin group. Guildhopping also teaches you something important too. Shows you who really cares about you. If they pull that “why are you leaving the guild? We are a family” shit on you, they don’t really care about you, or if they do, its secondary to the fact that you are leaving and they are having one less person on WoE. When I left my home guild, Massive Destruction, I was just told, “we will miss you, whenever you wanna come back, just ask us for invite” Hotkeys, how did you use them all?: I didn’t fit everything in hotkeys. First thing you need to do is memorize each spot and be able to use them without needing the hotkeys on the screen. This gives you more vision, takes less time off the battlefield because if you constantly are looking on the hotkeys you aren’t focusing. I never had my hotkeys visible, the only ones I looked at were the two “attached” ones that came with the hotkeys. They are PERFECT for your two bullet ammos because it displays the ammunition there too for you to keep track off 4 rows of 9 gives you 36 hotkeys to use. I Categorized them in my head for easier use for me. Gave them little word phrases to help me memorize. I used: 1. Q – Spread Shot| - Main set of skills here 2. W – Full Buster| 3. E – Full Damage Set w/ Shotgun| 4. R - Desperado| 5. T – Rapid Shower| 6. Y – Agi Helm | - Start of the buff Yourself train. Starts with Y 7. U – Agi | 7. I – Bless Helm | 8. O – Bless | 9. P – Pink Pochi | 10. [ - Attention Concentrate | 11. ] – Wind Walk Helm | 12. \ - Wind Walk 13. A - Full Defense Hide Set | 14. S - Full Defense Cloak Set| 15. D - Half Damage Half Defense Set | - Along the Defensive gear sets. Only need half Defense 16. F - Full Damage Insta Tracking Set | - Fuck a single person up with Tracking set 17. G - Tracking| - GG Track you to death 18. H – Ground Drift | - Be a Hero. Use Ground Drift 19. J - Coin Flip| - Furthest most out of the way and under the Buff Train line 20. K – Adjustment| 21. L – Increasing Accuracy| 22. Z – Hide | - Right under Full Defense Hide Set 23. X – Cloak | - Right under Full Defense Cloak 24. C – Detoxication Ring | 25. V – Detoxify | 26. B - Full Auto Right Click Set | - When the person is By themselves 27. N – Madness Canceller| 28. 1 – Speed Potion| 29. 2 – Condensed White Potion| 30. 3 – Full damage set w/ Revolver | 31. 4 – Blue Potions | - Most comfortable spot for me to use while spamming skills. 32. 5 – Anti Stalker Set | - Right above the R and T keys for Desperado and Rapid Shower 33. F5 - +10 Antiquated Shield (HP300)(MEvade5) | - Out of the way, on the edge 34. F6 – Cursed Water| 35. F7 - Hyegun Hat | 36. F8 – Heal | - One the other edge of the middle F keys Everything else I manually clicked. Yup you heard me. Manually. Clicked. Not enough room on my keys so I manually clicked everything else. All my consumbles that aren’t on the list I manually clicked. Any alternative weapon that’s not listed I manually clicked. /effects off and /lightmap This allows you to see more of the map and see better. Imo a must do for any serious WoE person Positioning: Position plays a damn important role just about as important as your gear. If you click on my character on the left under my profile on this page youll realize that i have one of highest if not the highest KDA for a WoE Gunslinger of 15.37 with 4642 kills and 302 deaths. Thats not with me cherry picking WoE's and only going for the ones im guranteed to stomp in, thats me going into every single woe (until i got bored of this game) and using positioning to have the most impact per time of any Gunslinger. Just about every other gunslinger will have double digit deaths, some even in the 40's, ill have them around less than 10. You may see other gunslingers that have that amount of kills but they would have triple or even quadruple my amount of deaths. What does that tell you? it tells you that for every 3-5mins i spend dead/in guild town the other person is spending 9-15mins dead. Thats 10mins not spent dealing damage, not spending helping your guild, not spent killing people. Always position yourself near the far end of the map opposite your enemy. Always try to have as few enemies visible on the other side as possible. This way when you spreadshot them, and they have allies rushing to help them, they will get caught in the AoE of Spreadshot. Always look for advantageous positions and essentially "free kills" by going on perches/parts of the castle that have a view of the main paths people take. Also you always and i say ALWAYS must keep your eye constantly scanning your screen fully zoomed out to see whats going on. If you get rushed, dieing in a blaze of glory is stupid, reposition and gaining a moments breather to deal consistent damage later is more better for the team/guild. Last titbits of information: There was something wrong with the ATK formulae that gave Implosion a larger damage boost than Ifrit. Same thing happened with Poring Party Balloon over Melody Notes or Fable Sword. Dunno if that’s true anymore, cant be bothered to test it out but that’s the reason why they are there. I liked having a cart so I always had a vendors clip on. Nice for storing stuff as well. Put all your clickables/ stuff you manually click into your “Favourites” tab in your inventory and then memorize where they are. My characters still abuse the costume glitch btw. If you wanna ban/jail/remove them go ahead but I cant believe you are removing the option to customize our characters so uniquely, honestly I only have one word to say this this. Pathetic. I used Valks for my offensive set because while providing a slightly lower Max HP than Ebonies, it provided a MUCH larger SP pool in return.
  7. iShotLethal


    * How long have you been playing rRO? Or Ragnarok Online in general? - 7- 8 years * What is your favorite town to hang out in? - Prontera * If you were an iRO monster, which one would you be? - Gunslinger * What's an interesting fact about yourself? - I can cook 4 star meals * What do you like to do when you're not playing RO? - Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Reading, Gaming * What's your favorite book / television show / movie / video game / anime? Book - The Master and his Emissary / Stormlight Archive/ Lightbringer Series TV Show - House MD / The Crocodile Hunter Movie - A Silent Voice / Your Name / Akira Video Game - Online Mahjong (not the western version) / Overwatch Anime - Neon Genesis Evangelion Franchise / Steins;Gate / The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
  8. iShotLethal

    To the Americans, a poll about Obama

    It seems that none of you actually want to talk or discuss this. I mean the point of a discussion or a poll is to express your opinions and ideas to the other side to try and reach a consensus. Since you are all so brave at anonymously voting that Obama was great and none of you actually want to defend your points, then ill just leave here saying one thing and making one point. We can all agree that we are all biased in some way. I can admit that im biased, in that even though i am Australian, i believe socialism and the left/radical left is killing America. We can all agree we each have different thoughts and are biased in some way. We should also agree that media would also be biased in some way because of this. Australian news will always portray news in an "Australian" light. Blue state news will always portray news in a certain light. Same with red states. All ill ask you is consider this, If you believe that people WILL have biases, because everyone has biases, that all the media portrays Obama as this american hero and that you instantly believe its true, then you should try researching it on the net. We can all agree everyone has bias. Google doesnt. Find out for yourself. Google just accumulates all the information that you want to search which then you can cross reference and triple check to see if its right. It wont filter anything out unlike news/media sources. Obama wasnt a great president, he is a war criminal. Among the disgusting things he has done, he just recently announced a new rule that allows the NSA to share vast amounts of private data gathered without warrant, court orders or congressional authorization with 16 other agencies like FBI, DEA and DHS. This DIRECTLY opposes your 4th amendment right, and if you dont believe me, you can look it up yourself. Socialism which is predominantly pushed by the left right off the bat violates 3 of the 10 commandments. While im not Christian or Judaism we can all agree the 10 commandments are decent/good morals to follow/live by. If you choose to stay ignorant, thats your choice. You can stay ignorant all you want, but the world doesnt stay ignorant with you.
  9. iShotLethal

    To the Americans, a poll about Obama

    A majority of you should be Americans i think, im genuinely curious what you think. I would pick that he has been one of the worst presidents of USA from all i have read but it would be interesting to see if anyone thinks the same or if they are stuck in their own echo chamber or if they have actually searched for the truth and formulated their own opinions.
  10. iShotLethal

    US Election Day

    I still dont see why this is still up for debate. Trump won, Clinton lost, i dont care if you make excuses about whatever or whatever. Its like saying you failed an exam/test and then saying "Oh but i would have passed if i studied" Yeah sure, but you didnt. Yeah sure, Trump wouldve lost if etc etc etc... and Clinton is so popular she should have won etc etc etc... But Clinton was shown to be better so etc etc etc... Doesn't fucking matter, your excuses are null and void because Trump won over Clinton.
  11. iShotLethal

    US Election Day

    Your formatting literally kills my eyes, and from what i read, you are delusional and hypocritical. "republicans picked a reality star who prolly bribed them to put him on the ballot vs choosing someone who has actual knowledge about politics and the experience " Oh yeah, but the democrats put someone who rigged themselves to primary, over someone who appealed to and energized crowds (Bernie Sanders) who was more publicly liked, and polled better than Clinton. How well did her wealth of politics serve in getting elected? How well was her knowledge and experience to lose her THREE TO ONE advantage over Trump? " He says he wants to build a wall around america to keep people out... " Another generalization, he said to keep ILLEGAL immigrants out. Do your own research instead of listening to bias news. " ...shows that he is a coward who wants to hide in his fancy house instead of trying to actively go to other countries and try to work issues out like an adult " No it doesn't, how DID you put two and two together? Are you stupid? " ....and we elected him twice not because hes great but because they other guy was even shittier " So you agree that the reason we elected Trump is because Clinton was shittier, yet you claim Clinton is better... What? " look at all the other wars we have been through they lasted a long time and i wouldn't be shocked if trump starts another one " You know right, that if CLINTON was elected, experts predict WW3 WOULD happen, Dont believe me? http://www.thegamersdrop.com/2016/11/11/world-war-3-news-russia-confirms-nuclear-apocalypse-vs-usa-hillary-clinton-won-13290/ http://heatst.com/politics/kremlin-clinton-victory-would-have-led-to-world-war-3-between-russia-and-the-us/ http://www.morningnewsusa.com/hillary-clinton-presidency-could-trigger-world-war-3-experts-say-23118052.html http://www.infowars.com/a-vote-for-hillary-is-a-vote-for-world-war-3/ and thats JUST from your first paragraph, im not going to bother correcting your 2nd and 3rd as it would take too much time and i cbf. Do your own research instead of listening to media from a blue state. " I don't think just because someone works hard, they deserved to win." Are you serious right now? In what part of the world are you allowed to be lazy and be elected PRESIDENT? Come the fuck on. Seriously? " You're saying that Trump attempted to reach out to the public more than Hillary did "] No, im not saying, its FACT http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/09/after-first-2-full-months-since-conventions-trump-is-crushing-hillary-in-campaign-event-attendance/ http://truthfeed.com/fact-check-trump-vs-clinton-battle-of-the-rallies-heres-the-shocking-attendance-numbers/19536/ " Overall, month to date, Trump held nearly 3 times the number of events than that of Hillary Clinton and 16 times the number of participants. Clinton held 5 of her 11 events in high school gyms which in many cases were half empty while Trump held his events in arenas and other large facilities with at least 7 of his events (Columbus, Harrisburg, Ashburn, Wilmington, Abingdon, West Bend, and Akron) having reported overflow crowds. " Trump was smart, and beaten Clinton in public image. Im not saying it, the numbers themselves tell how much he did, and it reflected in how more people went to his rallies and conferences. http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/aug/31/donald-trump/has-hillary-clinton-not-had-press-conference-269-d/ http://freebeacon.com/politics/fact-check-trumps-claim-clinton-no-presser-235-days/ Trumps public image wasn't very good? I beg to differ, his numbers at events made Clintons PALE in comparison. Whatever your political views are, just take a moment to marvel at the fact that Hillary Clinton was less relatable to working class people in the rust belt than a man who lives in a golden skyscraper emblazoned with his name in the middle of Manhattan Again im not saying Trump will be a good president, i infact believe he WONT be, however Clinton was in no shape or form BETTER than Trump during elections. Trump did marvelously to win, and he deserves it.
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    US Election Day

    Im not American, im Australian so some stuff i might have gotten wrong, but because it was SUCH a huge shitfest, i did extensive research and triple checked my facts, so im pretty sure im right. Clinton wasn't better than Trump, If she was she would have won. She lost against pretty much a reality tv star that has not held elected office. She lost not to a popular candidate, but to a businessman, and politics is a game, and Trump played it 110% better than Clinton. Yes the polls pre-voting showed that Clinton shouldve won (ignoring the fact that Bernie Sanders definitely wouldve won by a landslide). Trumps own campaign party didn't think he would win, but he instead criticized his own team, pretty much did a hostile takeover and played the politics game well. Trump literally picked up politics in one year, where as Clinton was what, in it for over 40 or so years? Trump worked overtime and did 4, 5, and even 6 rallies a day to swing states (which he did) even though the media made fun of him. Refused to quit when the polls put him down. He was getting made fun of in the media for hitting places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Clinton from what i read rarely does conferences and as much rallies as Trump, EVEN when Trump KNOWS he is being set up and is walking straight into a trap, he will still do it. He appealed to people instead of putting them down like Clinton did (seriously, who calls a general group of people baskets of deplorables?) For somebody who wanted the presidency so bad, she wasn't willing to grind when it counted. She had literally every advantage.The one thing Trump can say that she can't is that he worked his ass off down to the buzzer. And it made all the difference. And i agree, Trump has to be one of the most hated/disaproved (maybe even the most) candidate(s) in the history of the US. Yet he still got elected. What does that say about Clinton? She never did what Trump and Bernie Sanders did, which was appeal to the white working class and those without college degrees. Sanders was clearly the better choice, but guess what? The DNC pushed someone who got rigged up the front, and campaigned saying "it was her time". From what i read Clinton (or the DNC) has a 3-1 advantage at the start. This should be a wakeup call to the Democratic Party that the super delegate system and rigging your own primaries to choose a more flawed candidate, when Bernie Sanders polled way better and would have 100% won it for them, is stupid. Oh yes i know how racist Trump is, what a bigot he is and being anti-gay and all that stuff, but guess what? Americans showed that they hated a corrupted politician that never appealed to the masses diligently even more.The one that played the media and sat contently thinking its "her time" and that she is guaranteed the win from the get go. Yes i agree neither candidate are good, but i disagree Clinton is better. Trump deserve the win. Is Trump going to be a good president? No. But did he deserve the win over Clinton? I 100% think so. DNC fucked themselves royally, Trump didnt.
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    US Election Day

    From what i read and saw, Hillary Clinton deserved to lose
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    Donate? On this server after whats happened? Loool @Minimio Do yourself a favor and quit now while you are ahead