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  1. no such thing as tips, all you need is luck. ive tried 1 piece go straight to +9-10 and tried several pieces and not even get one, vice versa. in the end luck is all that matters.
  2. its just my own pov. This is an open discussion, and that threat (if it is lol) at this point really doesnt matter anymore and prolly nobody even cares. We should focus more on how to attract more people on to the server instead of focusing more on catering on old players hence increasing the gap between new players and the old much further w/c we know is insane already. We know things happened, for whatever reason, leaving only a man to look after 2 servers and with all this stuffs left behind. knowing that, the timeframe between thor dying 1st or getting stuffs done. Thor would prolly go off 1st. So what I think is to be done is for the admin to "reassure us" old players of thor that things will get fixed and get improved. cuz personally I think we have been left clinging for along time already. so we have something to look forward to and not wait for another miracle to happen. then hopefully when Thors more competitive, people will talk about it and play Thor and stay.
  3. i may not agree with the shadow gears and sprites atm, its low priority and not even mandatory at this point. as for the new instances i agree, though we know its not an easy job but may greatly boost peoples interest that may bring back players to Thor w/c many ppl say is greatly left behind already. and gonna quote some of my friends suggestions: 1. Rebalance skills, TC hits more than on kRo due to OCH and hercules's HP calc being a bit awkward, change masquerade chance formula and make weight not a factor (gym passes = very pay 2 win[-20% chance]). Lower Howling chance slightly, base chance from 75%->65% (makes builds which go almost balls to the wall howling of mandragora resist chance from 25% -> 15% with 10% being minimum chance) make Earth Strain cast one full strip instead of each individual strip skill, or give BG healer free FCP/Buff. (From personal experience seems to have something to do with there being a different method of calculation between cards or gears or set bonuses or skills?) 2. Rebalance some gears, OCH is too good, make it use up both upper & mid like loki, maybe even remove the slot. On none-pure resist builds (CK/Fberet/thara/etc) Fberet is barely better due to skills piercing resist (Hell plant, Rapid throw) or HP giving too many other benefits (WoE pots, TC, GoH, Dragon Breath, King's Grace, Shield Spell heal, unignorable "resist") Bellum claw is the only bellum weapon that beats or is equal to their KvM counterparts even at +14 refine while giving more benefit. Which brings me to a different subject, Thor needs more counterplay. What did Morpheus do instead? remove counterplay (IC asura = why use smokie card?). Oh and if anyone says: "use safety wall" then the sura is just going to use lvl 5 GoH and if you ain't high resist you're dead. 3. Nerf % heal items (WoE HP/SP % pot, Inc HP/SP Pot Large), This could/should be done together with lowering damage. Which will make avoiding damage and healing it up using highness heal/coludeo heal/shield spell lvl3/... much more important. I would personally just add a half second or second cooldown on them, lower/remove all the renewal baselevel scaling skills. (90% of the damage skills, exception the portions where baselvl adds a fixed amount of dmg e.g. TC's forced neutral portion, Hell Plant, etc) 4. Rebalance BG: There was a great post about a month ago detailing basically everything that was bad about every mode and info on about 6 or 7 classes. Out of spite he removed all the info because GMs didn't seem to give a damn or even give it a proper read. Give mount to ALL classes that need mount/cart, not only Mech & RK. But only Abyss from Guild actually gave a proper response. The duo who made it already quit Thor from what I heard. Rewards also need reworking, as was adressed in that post. 5. start bug fixing again, but I don't think the community will give a damn about 90% of the bugs in thor anymore after some people reported quite a few and only a handful got fixed. (Some even got removed off the GM's bug fix list, looking at you Ninja Gear Enchant NPC) TLDR: Everything was a good summation. and finally i hope that Thor gets more customisation/Originality like Loki i think this would greatly make us stand out of the rest like loki once did.
  4. Well im not saying that i do know what to do or what you guys must do. I have no idea on how to run a server anyways. but as a player on thor and being always online like almost everyday, what i can say are: 1st: We players of thor feel like left behind, i.e. there was this dude trying to reach out on gms since last week ended up rage quitting cuz he cant reach anyone through helpdesk. im not saying that ppl are not doing there job but you know every population count on thor is valuable atm. 2nd: End game of thor makes ppl frustrating to new ppl. 3rd: Not a noob friendly. why? 1 of examples are the decard system on thor w/c most would agree expensive. and decarding can even reach 250pp at a point. w/c is getting more expensive than the card/item itself. then ppl ending grinding another several hrs for another card, if im a newbie id say my bad shouldn't placed card on my precious item, time to buy me some creds. here comes the 2nd part we know not all can donate for creds, and you can try buying creds via zenny on thor for a week literally not even getting one. so i know this sounds crazy and contradict your ideals but maybe we can atleast have some achievement to get atleast few creds for himself, i know its a bit grave to ask this kinds of stuffs, if theres a possibility to make it account bound. or somekind of another currency from achievements w/c can be spent on several options ie: decarding, resets, renaming etc. it would greatly benefit the new ppl coming to thor. 4th: Balancing. yea i know another QQ kid. for what i know we are trying to stick to the original, i have no issue with that. and yet it seems to have a different feel in thor w/c im not sure if its just me. most classes are forced to do full resist or rather 1 sided builds w/c removes the fun part trying out a new thing stuff, again its just me. this are the few things "I" think thor got issues on. i hope thor community would be more responsive about this topic and share their thoughts on what to do. or ideas. on how to benefit the server.
  5. We can just hope, as Thor stands now its good as Dead if nothing is done. and its not "some players" but most of the players are gone. i hate to see Thor fade but i think its almost impossible to restore it from what it was used to be.
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