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  1. ~Marc gives 5% Water resist and Antifreeze, you don't need anti freeze on Drake. and 5% is kinda low. and yes, you still need a sniper to kill Drake. just be sure to put ME on you when you're tanking Drake to kill Wrath Deads that he spawns. A lot of Wrath Deads will drain your HP + they cast poison. Drake on the other hand will just tickle you with those resists.
  2. ~i'd like to share my gears on my hp for a decent ME damage with tank (not 100% immune but still can manage w/o healing) on drake. upper - Marin Hat (10% resist on water) with 2 Leaf Cat Cards (20% resist) mid - Large Blue Angelwing with Rata Card lower - Blue Messenger Bag (for extra move speed to gather Wrath Deads) +3 int armor - Valkyrian Armor with Swordfish Card (75% unstackable resist - see picture below) weapon - +10 Piercing Staff shield - Valkyrja's Shield with Aqua Elemental Card (20% resist) garment - Caliginous Cloak with Marse Card (30% resist) boots - Ebony Greaves with Kiel-D-01 Card or you can use Icering Card for additional 15% resist rings - Spiritual Ring + Rosary combo for 30% Magnus Exorsismus damage
  3. A Newb Sniper

    RDC Set

    ~maybe you don't have 50 million zeny on you? if it still closes even if you have enough zeny, prolly a bug.. ask a gm if they're online.
  4. ~to get to where Aenbharr is: from GH (P) > exit South warp > enter East warp (381, 311) ~to get to where Implosion / Anunaki / MVP Skoll is: from GH (P) > (check the inserted photo) be careful on far_isld03 tho, never enter the 4th warp (dead end) [entered 03 > walk up the stairs > cross the bride > walk straight] (i marked the stairs and bridge white colors btw)
  5. A Newb Sniper

    RDC Set

    ~only RDC Helm is available atm.. the other gears arent implemented yet. lets just wait for further announcements from GMs regarding those ~and the best thing to do with RDC points is buy items worth selling (if you already own helm) Speed Pots / Bloody Branch / Holy Elemental Scrolls - or you can use them too (edit): you wont be needing sprites for the other RDC Gears (in case it would be implemented) Armor / Weapon / Shield / Shoes / Garment / Accessory
  6. ~cool guide bro.. wish you made one for snipa too. LOL hope you can do woe sometimes, had fun playing with you when you were on TB i cant imagine how you can do woe using one row of keys on keyboard. all i can do is 5 keys in a row + ctrl anyway, glad you havent forgotten me in game. keep in touch once in a while. goodluck IRL
  7. ~an indication will pop up if your Antique leveled up.. make sure you got your 'Guild Chat Display' togged ON for it to show. there's some number / codes popping on the chat box too, just ignore them. GM will prolly fix those popping numbers. ~ and Antique exp increases every time it leveled up. it will show how much along with the 'Level Up' notification last time i remembered, Level 9 -> 10 needs 1 Billion XP per Antique goodluck ~
  8. ~can someone suggest a job / tips for faster farming at VIP Dun? all i can do is normal hit / sharpshoot on the mobs. LOL * le me is Newb *
  9. ~same thing happened on mine.. just log in your account on rebirthro.com and 'Set as main character' that fixed my server / name on bugs.rebirthro.com . . as for the reported bugs, dunno what happened to them
  10. ~you'll just have to do the quest once
  11. ~ uhmm, i dont think you can do the "Breaking the Seal Quest" atm coz the Seals are already broken. . i think you should wait for biolab 4 to close then do the quest. and for the antique part, i think it depends how many zeny / creds you donated 500m / 5c per antiques. (info given by some friends.. im trying to get antiques too :p)
  12. ~hi.. Miscellaneous Attacks includes Blitz Beat, Falcon Assault, Traps, Acid Demo's i think Misc attacks are attacks (not magic) that doesn't rely on weapon damage. i hope others comment here as well..
  13. ~hello.. just download and install all these 3 files.. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679
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