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  1. Easter Event Madness

    There's so many wrong things about this sentence i dont even know where to start. So only people who donate a lot have a say in how the server does anything? So you know how much the people who complain donated? Cause only the owner/gms would possibly know what donation level these people are. So people who dont donate are irrelevant to the server? Jeez its like you dont know how basic customer service works. And the cherry on top, Your own opinion is probably invalided by what you just said. Its like blackhole of endless contradictions.
  2. Easter Event Madness

    Surely the server will achieve great stability under the amazing leadership of silencing anyone who remotely talks back,muting people in forums who speak out. I mean surely if EA can get away with shitting on their players constantly, we can survive dissing 80% of our customer base in one shot.
  3. WTA > Blue Herbs

  4. Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    Not sure which sad person is downvoting the people speaking sense. i 100% agree that eden set is a huge problem. But guess what, anything we say has no weight, look at the dozen or so people who complain about br, our beloved admin removes it for about a day and immediately puts it back the way it was originally. So not much point arguing about eden, bdo does what he wants whenever he wants and nothing we say makes a difference.
  5. Selling list

    bump. shop is still open.
  6. Lets talk about the meta (to tank or not to tank)

    I personally dislike the term meta. There shoulnt be a "meta" build in a game like rro where we have access to literally hundreds of custom equips to mix and match and create interesting builds. But i agree with the idea of sharing builds and equip ideas with newer players. Personally as someone who has played for quite a few years here, the problem with said barrier to entry is that there arent any status build that are cheap. Long long time ago, you could use any random weapon with marina card+magnolia card+snake card to be a complete nuisance in woe against high value targets who were just strong. Now, players do too much dmg, and usually can be immune to everything sans the expensive as fuk status. Like if you want to burn, you gotta buy a skoll which is like i dunno 100c+? Cold requires you to buy a donation headgear. So on and so forth. TL:DR status builds now have less value and cost way more to do anything.
  7. Level 10 Donors

    How about a custom aura for lvl 10 donors(that you can turn on and off). let's face it people love bling, auras/costumes/sprites/ are all things people will like. Question: is it possible for different coloured text to be a thing? Like a gm will by default have a certain colour of text, you could also give guild leaders another certain colour of text. SO on and so forth
  8. I will be honest and put it out here. This is directed to BDO. I would just like to explain that a lot of players do not have much trust in you, your past actions have sometimes showed you in a very negative light. If you need an example, just look at the Christmas event several years back that you made. Players spent hours every day for weeks to participate in the event, and in the end you scrapped the rewards without so much as a sorry or any form of compensation to the hundreds of players who spent time doing said event. Now i dont want to say that a lot of people hate you or anything like that, i just want to say that many a times, your actions doesn't instill much confidence in players that you would deliver. Recent months, you have become more transparent in your work(which is a step in the right direction), but the problem is that you have years and years of distrust to go through and that will take time. TBH i used to hate you a lot, i played back during your reign of terror, but you have improved over the years and i would like to trust you as admin, but years of distrust will take time to heal. TL:DR:you're doing good, but you have a mountain to surpass if you want to build trust with the player base, and evidently a shit ton of work to repair the previous administration. Before you guys cry foul that BDO overeacted, rmb when there was a easter event, and literally dozens of players were all permabanned because they were abusing a event to gain literally thousands of event points? These groups of people are the same, they saw a mechanic that was obviously an abuse and did it for personal gain(for DAYS! mind you). They should be banned, and it wasnt like there wasnt leniency, connor just didnt take it because he was probably fed up with other stuff
  9. Part of the barrier to entry for woe is knowledge. For example, there are no ways to know when woe actually occurs in game.( maybe adding a simple command to show eta till next woe). Another thing is a lot of newer players wouldnt even know where to start to get basic gears, rro is so utterly complicated and customized to the point that we have a completely new meta compared to any other server. Like in normal iro, immune shield and valk shield would be considered a staple shield, but 90% of rro dont use these shields, we use vigilante,antiquated shield with orbs,valhalla shield,so on and so forth. Secondly, why is the mvp room npc in such a weird place, i would suggest that it be moved to a place much easier for players to see, or an announcement/ gift message to players when they hit max lvl that oh here is the mvp room, you can farm here and get some basic equips. Another point i would like to stress is the idea that there are no reasons to woe right now. God items are a joke, castle loots are trash since you cannot make the god items anymore(certain castle were locked down and this certain key materials were impossible to get anymore). Furthermore there was no longer any glory in getting castles.
  10. WoE Suggestions [Loki]

    To be painfully honest here, a lot of woe problems would be fixed if battle report would be removed. Once again i would like to point out the amount of problem it causes. BR makes people want to camp entrances to get kills instead of getting the castle BR makes players not want to die cause their inflated ego cant stand dying. BR causes a huge amount of players who wont play anything other than killers.(they like to see kills) On another topic: Another problem is there's no reason to defend castles right now, ecoing is pointless because the server is saturated with god items that no one uses.but hey making the required time to 1/4 the previous one was obviously going to result in it becoming too easy. Suggestions: Remove BR entirely. its very detrimental to the mental state of the players. Another possible thing would be to change the woe kill announcement thing in the website to show how many players are in each castle. So players can find out where other guilds are to find other players to fight with. Create better god items to make. OR a upgraded version of the current god items that requires multiple. i,e: A quest that requires 5 asprika to make a slightly better version of asprika(balancing subjected to the gms) Something has to be done to encourage smaller guilds to woe and to make players want to defend a castle. Last but not least, i think break times need a serious overhaul. one of the reasons people dont bother defending cause it doesnt matter if you have 10 players defending, a sufficiently skilled and lucky stalker/sinx will only need 2 seconds or less to tap your emp. Another problem is the obvious speed of stalkers, its just impossible to catch up to a stalker who has fsk and link,(the only counters would be to pray for things like the bio 4 bow to cobweb or poring blacksmith that has been bugged for years to trigger.) so not only are they frustrating to kill as they can switch to tank/break set in literally one tap of a button, they got insane speed while cloaked and only very few slow aoe skills can reveal them. Now i now its unfair to stalkers as a whole cause speed+cloak has always been their thing, thats why i would just suggest somehow making emp break times longer(either by changing the way how certain break cards like gloom/hypatia work or something like giving the emp 50% dmg resist if only one player is attacking it.
  11. Selling list

    bump crystal fragments added
  12. Selling list

    Selling list Earthbow (1) -1m each Aloe- offer Blue herbs-offer tidal shoes- -will farm in bulk, just leave offer Crystal fragments will update when i can IGN:Selome