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  1. There is no Loki !?!

    Is the server running now? I still cant login. And keeps doing the patch.
  2. [Guide] Ultimate Equipemnt Guide to being the Best GS in RRO

    What is Bragi? Im just curious sir, coz im still new.. ty
  3. Leveling antiques

    Tnx sniper.. that 1B experience per antique on 9>10, whew..
  4. Leveling antiques

    i killed loads of mobs in cata already since i got my antique gear, but it seems like my antique is not leveling up or gaining experience. Is there any way to check if its gaining experience.? And is necessary to wear the gear while killing mobs? Or should i just leave it on my inventory? Anyway, i wear it when i tried to level it up😁😁.. any help is much appreciated..thank u guys
  5. Misc attacks

    Thank u sir.. atleast i got a bit of idea now about misc attacks😄😄..
  6. Misc attacks

    Ive been playing this game for 6mos now, but still i dont know what is misc attacks, and what are the skills considered misc attacks.. can anyone enlighten me about this pls.. thank u
  7. Wiki problem

    I see.. i thought it was only my wiki whos experiencing that issue.. thank u sir, much appreciated
  8. Wiki problem

    I couldnt view a single image of items that i usualy viewed on my wiki.. even on the cash shop, no pictures of all the items in there.. i even tried to login, but its the same result.. no images at all, nada.. is there something that i have to do to my client in wiki just to put all back to normal? Plss help
  9. Bunch of crap for sale

    Ok thats no problem, see u at 1am
  10. Bunch of crap for sale

    Im interested for the gloom and epc. Ill be online with this name at 23:00 server time. Whats your in game name?
  11. Selling This, Buying That

    50pcs soft wool for 2c
  12. Hat roulette

    Thank u.. that 1c is better than buying those OP perma costume that their selling in game, lol
  13. Hat roulette

    What do u mean points sir? Premium points?
  14. Wolfchev Lab guide?

    Pls teach us on how to solo wolfchev pls.. gears and best character to use for killing and tanking.. ty
  15. Selling Rental Costumes and Rare Bags

    All this are costumes?