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  1. Return to the group of Glastian Knights and hand over specified Case of Hermit's Wine. He will now grant you access through the Secret Passage. “The problem here sir is, the glastian knights is not taking the cases of hermits wine he ask. I brought him the right amount he ask, but he did not accept it. Then i brought him more and still he did not accept it.
  2. Thank you gm. Thank you so much
  3. IGN: Maestro Kupido, Sorcerers Apprentice, Black Belter Banned Date: Not sure Banned for: Scamming Why Should Team Unban me? I made a very big mistake by scamming 1 mining point to a player thats trying to improve his items in farming and selling MP’s. So for that mistake or sin, i suffered the consequences by not seeing my main account for a long years now. Im still playing using my alts now, and because of that stupidity i made in the past, i learned how to play fair and respect other players way of living in rro.
  4. Ive done most of this quest already, im nearly finishing it. Ive done collecting all 12 Cases of Hermits Wine, which the Captain of Glastian Knights ask me to do. But when i was about to give the wines to the captain this message keeps pupping out from him, “Yeah yeah go on, look at what you need. Im too busy enjoying this wine!” I tried to enter the secret passage but i couldnt get in because the captain doesnt take the wine. i think theres a bug in this part of the quest.
  5. BUying: Poring Priest Card Detale Card -leave offer pls
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