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  1. Lu

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    I was really hoping we could continue with this discussion since I was being nice and bringing up good arguments, but I guess salt will always rule over reasoning and that saddens me. Still not as sad since apparently me and my friends are on the same level of thinking so I can still witness a nice discussion. Cheers mate.
  2. Lu

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    Okay sweetie I'm really sorry you're getting agitated, I'll try to be as brief as possible and using simple words too so you can all understand my loves. First of all, I love you all ❤️ Second: Sealed Orc Lord: I know you want new effects on cards that are useless now and I think you're amazing for it, but combining the effects of several good cards (HOLC + OCC) in one single card is a bad idea dear! Strong status effects from an armor card is very unbalanced because there's no drawback (like when you use a status weapon) and support classes can use them with no problem at all my love, it's not good. The whole point of sealeds is to enhance the effects on normal cards and by all means we aren't doing this at all with these effects! Thank you for your collaboration with the discussion, you are very smart and I really appreciate it. God bless and I hope to see you again soon ❤️
  3. Lu

    Reworked on Sealed MVPs Cards

    Sealed Moonlight: Dec Agi when attacked is too strong considering all the decreasing aspd shit the game already has, I'd rather go with something similar to Gypsy Card but obviously not as fast (just like Jackie suggested) Sealed Maya: Garbage, if you're reflecting magic damage you don't want to evade it. I'd change the magical evade chance to maybe 10% damage decreased from physical and misc attacks to lower a lil bit the counter parts of using maya. Sealed OL: What's up with the insane status when being hit? I'm noticing a trend here... It's far too broken. You're combining several MVP cards into one lmao. Once again, I prefer Jackie's suggestion with a bonus: Make the HOLC+Orc Lord combo work too if you're using Sealed Orc Lord instead. Sealed Osiris: First death as a free revive on a loaded map is far much better since, if you need redemptio, then you're in a party situation (I'm thinking instances) where people should have leafs already, or priests which can obviously redemptio. So it would only be an useful card if everyone else in your party was dead. Sealed Doppelganger: I agree with jackie, once again, there's a lot of shit that reduces aspd already, we don't need more. Would rather make a counter to this trend than keep feeding it. Sealed Pharaoh: It's an already insanely good card, if you wanna drop someone's sp to 0 in just a couple seconds you can do it already, adding soul burn to it will just make it faster to switch targets and that's too good imo. The card is great already. I like all the rest, cheers
  4. Lu

    Woe guide

    You can see them in the chat... Navys was using gmc, dae and aunoe; cthulhu for the vvest (you can replace it with anything that grants unfro).
  5. Lu

    Woe guide

    Introduction and Basics Hey buddies! I'm writing this guide cuz I’ve noticed some people are having a harder time than others in woe, so I decided to help. Now, although gears might be important, the key to succeed in woe is communication. If you don’t communicate you’ll end up with groups of people scattered around not going where to go, going inside castles by themselves, not following the rest of the guild. And since it's hard enough to type while you're fighting, you gotta find other ways of communicating with your guildies. That's what discord is for, it may sound obvious to many of you, but being in voice chat during woe helps a lot, even if you can't speak, be there to listen. The second important point is to know what sort of castle you're dealing with. Woe has changed abruptly over these last couple weeks and I know it can be very hard to adapt. We're only dealing with second edition castles now. You must remember that these have three entrances now: the typical entrance from the portal, and then the two entrances from the NPC outside (one that warps you to the left, aka west; and one that warps you to the right, aka east). If the occupying guild of, let's say, Vidblainn is camping the portal entrance and they're in range of the west (left) NPC entrance, that means you should enter using the castle by using the NPC's east entrance. And this applies for every castle. Learn your spawn points, learn your flags, so when you scout the guild leader will know where to command everyone to go. In order to understand how woe 2.0 castles work, first you need to know there's 2 guardian stones (stone 1 usually on the left and stone 2 on the right) and 4 barricades. The first barricade ever (also known as stone cade), depends entirely on the stones and you must break those in order to be able to get past this barricade, since its immune to all attacks. So once both stones are up, you need to take both down, although if both stones are down, rebuilding one isn't enough to build up stone cade. If any of the stones gets broken, any guild member can rebuild it after 5 minutes have passed. The required items are: 30 stone, 1 oridecon, 1 elunium, 5 blue gemstone, 5 red gemstone, 5 yellow gemstone. The order of the first three items is: stone, elunium, oridecon. Note that you need to have /effect on in order to know which gemstones to choose. After stone cade, there's 3 more barricades on the way to emp (cade 1, 2, and 3, being 3 the closest one to the emp). These can only be built by the guild leader, and once they are down, they cannot be rebuilt again unless the emperium breaks. The materials needed to repair a cade are: 30 trunk, 10 steel, 10 emveretarcon and 5 oridecon. The npc will ask for them in random order, and depending on the dialogue you'll know which material to choose. If it asks for top priority, you use a trunk, for pretty solid use emvertarcon, for somewhat solid use steel and for "something" use oridecon. I recommend getting a few Barricade Repair Kit and Stone Repair Kit from the premium shop, they help a lot specially since you’d only need to open them when you’re about to rebuild a stone/cade. Now let's talk about party setup. There's 3 basic type of characters when it comes to fighting in woe: Support, long ranged damage dealer, and close ranged damage dealer. You might be thinking how come there's no tank? If the pally tanks. Although it’s true, you also tank for the pally as he gives you extra 1m hp with some extra buffs, so might as well call him support. When it comes to team composition, there needs to be synergy. For example: if your main damage relies on ss snipers, then you need a pally to devo them since they won't survive by themselves, priests to heal that pally, and maybe even a sl to buff the sniper when he pushes, you could even use a prof to LP your enemy and have a ninja as your main magic damage dealer. Also you wanna prioritize who receives devo and who doesn't. It's a common mistake to believe that the tankiest chars should get devo (like a creo, clown, prof, sl, etc), since those can survive by themselves. Those on your devo priority list should be your priests and your killers, specially those who push. It's imperative to try and have enough supports to cover your damage dealers. For example, priests to heal up the damage they take either from getting attacked or from reflect, and to pneuma when the team pushes; a linker to cover the damage dealers under devo who are pushing, since those don't get heals because the pally does; a prof to lp the enemy's pneuma works amazing if you're running snipers, ninja and creo as damage dealers; a clown is ALWAYS necessary, almost every char gets great benefits from bragi, etc. If you want class-specific guides you'll find them on these links: Support (Pally, Priest, SL, Clown, Prof) Killers (Champ, Wiz, Sniper, Creo) I'm not taking breakers into account because I don't really care about those tbh. Nor some classes that either aren't being used a lot, or I haven't played in a while. A few general tips for every class before moving on: You can choose your armor property with Variegated Vest, just cast Warm Wind (any level) until you see a colored tube. If the tube is blue, you now have water armor, if it’s green you have earth armor, for wind you need a yellow tube and for fire a red one. Use consumables. Not only slims and blue pots obviously, but also regen pots, elemental resist pots, PD foods, holy armor scrolls, foods that increase your damage (+10 stats, rune cakes, aloevera, fortis, bg matk/atk foods, rdc rainbow foods, etc). Use a pet. Some of them make a huge difference, and don’t forget to feed them. If you need to swap a lot of gear I recommend eden sets. But remember these are consumables too so they’ll have a delay. For example, you won’t be able to use your sets if you’re potting. When you set your stats, always add extra 25 dex after you got your total of 150, to counter quagmire. Support Classes Disclaimer: On most of the characters I’m showing my own build due to many people demanding it, I know there’s some gear not everyone can afford, but it can be replaced (Like Cthulhu with marc, sealed OH with regular OH, PKC with alligator/yoyo, etc) There’s 5 support classes I consider useful in woe. If you need advice for another one feel free to ask, I’ll try my best. Pally Priest Soul Linker Clown Professor Killers Champion Wizard Creator Sniper
  6. Lu

    Class vs Class is back!

    So no panacea, no equipement switching, no BLUE POTIONS? garbage
  7. Lu

    Loki WoE Changes

    Sure let's have 72 members in one same guild and the remaining 10 try attacking them
  8. Lu

    Loki WoE Changes

    Which ones of the 3 active guilds are the "some weaker" ones?
  9. Lu

    Loki WoE Changes

    Which small guild?? Just give them participation rewards like I mentioned before. The only small guilds in the last woe2 were dominating so I don't see whats the problem tbh. Yeah an exponential increase on the emp's hp is neccessary, a stalker can break in 18 arrows rn, it should be at least 10x.
  10. Lu

    Loki WoE Changes

    Given how these last 2 woes went, since we fought for the entire duration of woe in the same castle (Andla in woe1, Mardol in woe2) I don't see why couldn't 1 castle woes be considered. Only woe2.0 ones tho in order to avoid spawn camping, with 3 entrances (the actual entrance and the flag2 spots, those can be added with npcs outside the castle). As an incentive for those who know they can fight but not good enough to keep the castle, the rewards should be reworked into, not only victory rewards which could be the ones mentioned in the main post, but also participation ones, account bound (to avoid exploits) and that require certain amount of time inside the castle in order to be claimed (helps avoiding people who'd log in just to get rewards). Another issue is the 1-man guilds that keep breaking the castle with action just to troll, the emperium should be either reworked into having at least 10x the amount of hp, to avoid 1second breaks, and some sort of heal overtime, or make it plant type with skill immunity and a considerable amount of hp compared to stones
  11. Lu

    The Real WoE changes thread.

    horn woe1 vidba woe2 pls
  12. Lu

    Loki WoE Changes

    What do you mean with novice woe? I hope it's not what I think it is......
  13. Lu

    Loki WoE Changes

    Make it donor baby then, althought I'm pretty sure non donor non baby would be more popular... you could always make a poll too lmao. But I don't think non donor baby will have many fans tbh
  14. Lu

    How long should WoE be?

    Should be 1 hour but with even less castles than 6.