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  1. WoE / PvP Items/Cards List Restrictions

    Prem thana in 2.0 castles
  2. Bug list

    ^This If you want your bugs to be ignored, that's the place you should go, not forums.
  3. Star Glad PVP Broken

  4. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    Yeah, that's how it is right now, Lux added some stuff toBijou (skills, damage and AI), and he suppousedly was gonna make the new weapons tradeable, but he didn't. Now, Bijou's damage is fucked (the skills and AI are still there tho). I recommend ALWAYS RDC helm because you can get an extra +10mdef there and 4 free slots (plus a nice amount of hp).
  5. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    Okay mate, cya on the next thread you whine on. Good run tho, you gave me a few keks. Also, I said I made a bet, please tell perdono to come back, I need his downvoting alts too. I can offer him a plate of spaghetti in exchange.
  6. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    Keep telling that to yourself, I'm having a blast tbh. Please make more alts, I have a bet I'll win if you push me to negative
  7. Bunch of crap for sale

    Updated, sold some stuff
  8. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    Theres endless ways of gearing a cedi tanker, and you can even tank it with something else than a prof, so unless you specify, your point has many flaws. This is AVERAGE player friendly, made in purpouse so players on that level (and above) wouldn't get bored while running piss easy instances (altho this is one now, since the mvp is a bit broken), while cedi is newbie player friendly, because an average player should have donations. For wolfchev you can easily get a 99def/mdef prof with gtb and stand a sniper on lp, fun fact, the sniper is cheaper than in cedi because you don't need gloom. You are the one that can't take the head out of his ass, yet, still tries to argue. Naples never said he took a sinx to his runs, and he never said a sinx is part of a cedi party. NIce try tho, now go shave that dorito chin before the next reply please
  9. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    He didn't say basic you fucking inbred. You need to work on your reading comprehension.
  10. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    So? When me and my buddies figured out how to run it, we didn't have any guide to back us up, nor any of the other parties did. Why can't you? Why can't the rest? It doesn't require much, to be honest. But this playerbase is very used to being spoon-fed and being told what to do, there's no independence. This is why the server is dying, everyone is either lazy or stupid (or both). Can't find a party? RO is meant to be played in group, so if you don't have friends to try this with, you're doing it wrong from the start. 80c was including donations btw, the most expensive piece of gear my sinx had was a fable, the other chars don't even use "expensive gears" since it's mostly antiques and cards that have gone to shit because the economy is fucked. Also this is the second month of Wolfchev without monsters in bio4, it requires literally no effort to go and try it out, there's no excuse. Stop whining like a little bitch and go do some work.
  11. Bunch of crap for sale

    I'm online now, I'm sorry for being late guys. PM me whenever you're online
  12. Bunch of crap for sale

    I just said I can log in at 1 am, Lucas is my ign.
  13. Bunch of crap for sale

    I can log in either now, or at 1am server time
  14. Bunch of crap for sale

    If something doesn't have a price it's because I don't know it, so make an offer instead of asking for one ♦ Herja card ♦ +0 Spec bow: 36c ♦ +10/+9/+0 Bronze Greaves: 35c/25c/7c ♦ +10 Immune Shield ♦ +10 Wool Scarf with Abyssal Ringmail ♦ Randrgis card: 7c ♦ Gloom card: 10c ♦ EPC: 2 for 1c ♦ 183k Oridecon (enough to rank): 10k each through webmarket ♦ +6/+8 Thief bow Also, I'm buying creds at 52m each
  15. Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    Making them tradeable wouldn't change shit, the instance has a 5h cooldown, you can't get more than 2 weapons per run, and sometimes you don't even get one, and can only be accessed when Bio4 is open (which is a miracle to happen now, at least until our glorious leader fixes the mob spawn). It can't be compared AT ALL with cedi, of which dozens of sets are run weekly. No skill level required at all, all you do is hitlock with a sinx, dispell with a prof and pp with a creo. The gears themselves aren't even that expensive too, the sinx must cost around 80c.