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  1. Lucas

    Class vs Class is back!

    So no panacea, no equipement switching, no BLUE POTIONS? garbage
  2. Lucas

    Loki WoE Changes

    Sure let's have 72 members in one same guild and the remaining 10 try attacking them
  3. Lucas

    Loki WoE Changes

    Which ones of the 3 active guilds are the "some weaker" ones?
  4. Lucas

    Loki WoE Changes

    Which small guild?? Just give them participation rewards like I mentioned before. The only small guilds in the last woe2 were dominating so I don't see whats the problem tbh. Yeah an exponential increase on the emp's hp is neccessary, a stalker can break in 18 arrows rn, it should be at least 10x.
  5. Lucas

    Loki WoE Changes

    Given how these last 2 woes went, since we fought for the entire duration of woe in the same castle (Andla in woe1, Mardol in woe2) I don't see why couldn't 1 castle woes be considered. Only woe2.0 ones tho in order to avoid spawn camping, with 3 entrances (the actual entrance and the flag2 spots, those can be added with npcs outside the castle). As an incentive for those who know they can fight but not good enough to keep the castle, the rewards should be reworked into, not only victory rewards which could be the ones mentioned in the main post, but also participation ones, account bound (to avoid exploits) and that require certain amount of time inside the castle in order to be claimed (helps avoiding people who'd log in just to get rewards). Another issue is the 1-man guilds that keep breaking the castle with action just to troll, the emperium should be either reworked into having at least 10x the amount of hp, to avoid 1second breaks, and some sort of heal overtime, or make it plant type with skill immunity and a considerable amount of hp compared to stones
  6. Lucas

    The Real WoE changes thread.

    horn woe1 vidba woe2 pls
  7. Lucas

    Loki WoE Changes

    What do you mean with novice woe? I hope it's not what I think it is......
  8. Lucas

    Loki WoE Changes

    Make it donor baby then, althought I'm pretty sure non donor non baby would be more popular... you could always make a poll too lmao. But I don't think non donor baby will have many fans tbh
  9. Lucas

    How long should WoE be?

    Should be 1 hour but with even less castles than 6.
  10. Lucas

    Loki WoE Changes

    Could it be either non-donor or baby? The rest is all beautiful, I love it ❤️
  11. Lucas

    WoE / PvP Items/Cards List Restrictions

    Prem thana in 2.0 castles
  12. Lucas

    Bug list

    ^This If you want your bugs to be ignored, that's the place you should go, not forums.
  13. Lucas

    Star Glad PVP Broken

  14. Lucas

    Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    Yeah, that's how it is right now, Lux added some stuff toBijou (skills, damage and AI), and he suppousedly was gonna make the new weapons tradeable, but he didn't. Now, Bijou's damage is fucked (the skills and AI are still there tho). I recommend ALWAYS RDC helm because you can get an extra +10mdef there and 4 free slots (plus a nice amount of hp).
  15. Lucas

    Wolfchev Gear bind on account

    Okay mate, cya on the next thread you whine on. Good run tho, you gave me a few keks. Also, I said I made a bet, please tell perdono to come back, I need his downvoting alts too. I can offer him a plate of spaghetti in exchange.