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  1. B> Navi Costume!!! (PINK or BLUE) bump here in forums or mail me @Daniel Smith ingame.. thanks! Leave your Price as well.. thanks! ASAP..
  2. I see, thanks!! I already have most of the items for my HP! now, I'm hunting for my low headgear..
  3. B> Orc Champion Helm 10m! How many slot???
  4. no, i think im having the same problem.. it keeps loading and took alot of time, same with closing it, other websites is fine from my end.. even login of my account to vote! hahahah!
  5. I'm on right now, to whom I'm going to have the transaction? heheh! I got it! Thanks! I bought 3 vvest and LBW! Regards to your friend! heheh. Thanks!
  6. Thats nice! so long as it has resistance to water or has water property! (for that Drake's Water Ball) I see! Thanks!
  7. Avengeful


    I just wanna share mine! (it will be fair for others posted in here! since I've read some of them! XD)
  8. Sure I'll be online at servertime 12:00:00 onwards! pm "Lita Annavel" thanks! I wanna add 1 LBW pls.. Thanks!
  9. Variegated Vest 13m each I wanna buy pm what time your online @servertime thanks! XD
  10. It was explained well. Thanks! I will do it, thanks alot! I know players who would love to play SINX here would be pleased! thank you! I used Fortis Protestas as well, thanks!! Thanks! I'm going to look for that link you shared! Thank you!! oooh I get it now, with V.Vest theres warm wind for water prop.. right right! Thanks! You help us out guys!! I really appreciate it! I'm glad that RRO players are nice people too! Thanks!
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