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  1. *dispenses an oreo* No toothache my good sir. Only diabetus~
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGCsFwyra-E Some Hajime no Ippo OST
  3. Harro Rebirthians, I used to help update the RRO wiki before I went on hiatus but have recently returned to RRO. In this time some things may not have been updated in wiki or may need additional changes so I figured I'd make a forum post for anyone to list out or make suggestions on things that our Rebirthro Wiki needs to implement. So give me a hand here! I'll give you an oreo for your work~ Your Humble Oreo Dispenser.
  4. Your humble Oreo Dispenser has returned for the umpteenth time (I've lost count) and can be found situated in Lutie 154, 126! (That's my cell... You guys can find your own spots >:c) Well technically I returned a couple days ago but details (o.<)d
  5. Wiki Database has been getting too full, so until they get more storage space, the images are offline. Or so I've been informed.
  6. Your damage can decrease from using thana against a target with low sdef.
  7. Thana deals more damage according to a target's Soft Def, in the case of PvE, that correlates to their Vit stat. Thana deals additional damage theoretically as: (Target S.Def - 1) / 100 So against a target with 110 s.def, you should see a 10% damage increase, however... something about thana's scripting causes your damage to have massive fluctuations. Also note... that due to how thana works... if your target has very low s.def... your damage will also decrease Also... Thana ignores all target def. (HDEF is ignored)
  8. Maintenance 2016-07-04
  9. Interesting o.o. I personally haven't done the quest line for changing classes since 2005.
  10. Please double check before you make these comments man... Double Strafing : 10 Arrow Shower :10 Owl's Eye : 10 Vulture's Eye : 10 Attention Concentration : 10 Left Over Stat Points : 8 Total Stats for 1st Job : 58 Excluding the left overs on the off occasion of a bug... that's still a total of 50 points. At Job Level 50, and I repeat, you only get a total of 49 points to spend. Hence I come to the next most logical conclusion which is, one of RRO's donate buff helm effects are in place of which, only Attention Concentration has such buff helm.
  11. Take off your attention concentration buff helm if you have one. Cause somehow you have over 50 job points in your 1st tree, when Job Level 50 only supplies you with 49 points.
  12. SubRacial resists haven't been able to heal you for years now due to the cap being in place since 2012.
  13. Random orbs only work on Non Skill Physical attacks, and as far as I recall, only the proc chance adds, similar to Vanberk card and the crit rate proc.
  14. All Racial Resistances are capped at 65% last I recall.
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