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  1. Candidate


    Obtaining bait costs too much time tho :c
  2. Candidate

    Golden Hole

    That, or no one knows enough to share
  3. Candidate

    Refining Tips

    Luck works that way :v i once refined 3 equipments to +9 at the same time, the next time, i broke everything i have and none of them gets to +8 :v
  4. Read: get your non-existent friend to do so (or at least that's how i confer it) I just realized that you become the mod around here :3 Gratz.
  5. Well, yeah, relog solves it, but it doesnt return our used bait. Earning bait sucks :c.
  6. Candidate

    Loki and You

    AFK Hiatus AFK Hiatus AFK Fishing Hiatus
  7. umm, i'm actually in loki, tho i rarely online *i fish*.
  8. sad enuf, but yeah, candidate aint me (*in loki*) so, i had to make a new candidate in thor just the name. ikr. i hate the spacing :c
  9. Drinks please :3 I even have to create a new character just to get back this forum name.
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