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Found 8 results

  1. There’s a problem...

    Well, I was playing with my SG and I was in Prontera field collecting some items for a quest and when I logged out i left her there but now I can’t log in with that character again. It says “Failed to connect to server”, I tried logging in with another char and I could get into the server just fine. Help...? Thanks.
  2. Bug of Enchanted Mikatsuki

    Hi. Me again with my oboro. Yesterday I tried to enchant my Mikatsuki[1] but I found that I can only enchant 3rd slot. When I tried to enchant the 4th slot, it said that it can no longer be enchanted. Normally should we be able to enchant both 3rd and 4th slots of the Mikatsuki?
  3. Bug of Faceworm Leg weapon for Oboro

    Sorry. I found a bug of Faceworm Leg. The description said Ninja can put it on, but my oboro cannot put it on. Is it the bug of the system?
  4. Servers Issues - Please Attend

    -There have been many players experiencing a significant decrease in the OGH Instance. Coagulated spells are not nearly as frequent as it once was, plus an MvP, Root of Corruption, has stopped spawning. -The Entrance to Bio Laboratory Catacombs, where the Failed Experiments of Homunculi are, is no longer accessible for players. This is another issue that needs to be resolved.
  5. Web storage crafting tab bug

    There is problem on the new web storage crafting tab that all the following tab include in crafting wont appear the items for browse.
  6. Faceworm Instance Bug

    Bug report : Some of the snake in Area 4 are occupying Queen's area. For those who do faceworm instance and cannot find the rest of the snake in area 4, you may want to look up to the Queen's area and when you see this happen, write down @die. it will solve your problem. I am reporting this to the player who still for some reason play in Thor, not to GM, I hope this is not the wrong section
  7. Hi! I put on SH Lunakaligo (SN under link). SN has a 77 base str. But when I killing the plant mobs, the salad don't drop. Is this a bug or a fix? And one more. When I relogin on SN, Lunakaligo remove from hand to inventory. Its a bug, IMHO.
  8. Diego repair post step

    the bug is when you click on the 1st post and do the repair. the 1st post will let you repair it twice. taking ordinary branches required for 2nd post. going back to the tree to mine more branches was a failure. Clicking Diego to start repair of posts triggers the tree to stop ability to mine ordinary branches. a check of whodrops and ratemyserver gave no other place to obtain branches. I'm now stuck at this catch-22. if a gm were to place a ten count of item 6042 in my storage I will be much happy. I will transfer to stuck char from there.