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Found 5 results

  1. So there is an issue about bugs and bug abusers being punished. I just like to share my insight or opinion on this. Bugs are everywhere, I know that. It doesn't mean I don't do anything to resolve these or those. There is a term called "abuse" which means to violate or misuse. As you guys all know, I don't tolerate those who "abuse" bugs nor events. There's a so-called Player-GM-Server relationship in terms of bugs. GMs should report a bug(s) and make a bug report(s) if they found one. Thus, players should also do the same thing as well. YOU NEED TO REPORT A BUG IF YOU FIND ONE. DO NOT ASSUME SOMEONE ELSE WILL DO IT. Take the initiative and help make the server better. GMs are not perfect. If a player notices a bug, report it to any of the staff members immediately and will be dealt with. If a player notices a bug, DON'T ABUSE IT (in some case its not abusable; depending on the case). Again, don't abuse bugs. In my opinion, these above should be common sense. We all want the same thing, the betterment of the game. Abusing a bug is not gonna solve anything. In general, players call those who abuse bugs "bug abusers". I don't think I need to spell things out for you guys why I punish these so-called bug "abusers". I am not a tyrant, I don't like banning people or muting them nonetheless. In any case, please, do let me know how do you feel about this. Thank you very much, Mystery
  2. Its been several day already that i cant click the links on top of the site like log in,community,Activities,i cant even go to web storage ,Funny is the only Things that working is Buy And Download ... and i cant even click buy to what is on sale on the site.. how can i fix this or is it the same for other player, even i tried other browser still like this..!! is it just mine or to all of us..?
  3. Hi: I saw a problem with these items. Don't do nothing If can be fixed sometime in the future, will be nice Marionette Strings[0] Orange Tie [1]
  4. McLain

    Bug list

    Here are some bugs we've found from Eir: - Blessing is not equal with all HPs (stat boosts are between 10-20) - @duel has a cooldown of 60 min - @changegm is not working (you can't change guildleader) - Some equips are not equipable (Green Whistle, Stem Whip, Red Bag, Black Wing, etc? - too high lvl requirement ) - Some cards do not have the customized eir effect (Beholder Master Card, etc?) - Some items are not storeable (Mega Resist Potion, SP Consumption Reduction, etc?) - Weapon/Armor Refinement are not working (Def and Atk are not added) - No Kafra Cart Rental (works only in guild castles) - There is no Catacomb NPC in moscovia - @cstorage is not working - Laver item is not working (you dont get a speed boost) - Box`o`Boxes doesn't give any items - Guild Dungeons are empty - Katars do not give double crit - @mail is not working - WoE traps are bugged (people can go sometimes over them) - Some donation gears are not working in ET - Quagmire is not working in ET - Empathy Skill is bugged (after death it is no longer working)
  5. I downloaded that massive 2g plus zip rebirthro client zip file. during install it downloaded patches starting from over a year ago. the client appears to be working and does get the newest patches. However once in a while I get this set of errors listed in the screen shot. it appears the main file download is missing a set of sprites or the patch that is to be downloaded during install is missing. also that main zip file needs to updated. there were so many patches my i5 4g of memory with 20g of HD space available had problems. maybe the missing sprite got lost cause of these problems. in any case redoing all the patches is not the answer. it will just cause the same error to happen.
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