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Found 8 results

  1. (BUYING) Armors & Weapons: +10 Hardened Steel Helm Keris (16 Def) Cedi Orbs: LREsist5 (7c) Normal5 (18c) Cards: Poring Knight Card (120c) Lord Knight Card (58c) Orc Champion Card (12c) Randgris Card (3c) Fable Card (I totally forgot) General Egnigem Card (12c) Poring Wizard Card (280c from Fab) Poring Wizard Card (one more) High Wizard Card Jessica Card Etc: Event Point Coin (If 15 EPC = 15c, if per piece 40m ea.) IGN: Jel Jel (most of the time on )
  2. Good day people, i will check and update the thread daily if your interested in buying or selling please feel free to leave ur ign here or offer,if i have a price in mind, i will put the price there and it will be negotiable , thank you. My In Game Name will be ' Do U / xlMamorulx' SELLING LIST Abysmal Ringmail- Offer SOLD Mirror Shard-Offer SOLD +10 Thief Bow SOLD Celia Alde Card SOLD OUT Flamel Card Salacia Sword Costume SOLD Frostie Myst Costume(or the other way around) SOLD Red Downey Hat Costume 10cSOLD Petal Dance(Blue) CostumeSOLD Dragon Helm Costume 10c +10 HS Helm SOLD +10 HS Armor SOLD +10 HS Greaves SOLD Buying LIST Normal5 - 13c Bought Vigi Shield - 5m each Got my +10 GEC - 10c Bought PRICECHECK SECTION Feel Free To PM Me in game to talk about the price, thank you=)
  3. Misale


  4. Buying: 30k Rotten Meat @ 1k 9k Stinky Scale @ 1.5k Sell: None Trade: None Above-stated price are fix for now Mail me~
  5. Direct message me on forums or send me mail through RODEX in-game to Not Milano or Milano Sniper. Buying List Bacillus Anolian Skin Frill Shinobi Card Wanderer Card Wild Rose Card Zhu Po Long Card Beholder Master Card Lord Kaho Horn Baby Leopard Card Excalibur Zealotus Card Beach Manteau [1] Green Maiden Card Bunny Slipper Brisingamen Selling List Creamy card
  6. Service: Cooking Service Bring me ingredient and I will cook it for you. Service fees is: Lv 1~5 Stat Food 10k each. Lv 6~7 Stat Food 40k each. Lv 8~9 Stat Food 70k each. Lv 10 Stat Food 100k each. Farming Service: Leave your offer with: IGN : Item : Price : Quantity : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Selling List: 1.Blue Herb:30k PCS - offer 2.Hwergelmir's Tonic (+10 Dex Food) :150 pcs - 500k each 3.Coldproof Potion: 3000 pcs - 5k each 4.Fireproof Potion: 3000 pcs - 5k each 5.Earthproof Potion:3000 pcs - 5k each 6.Thunderproof Potion:3000 pcs - 5k each 7.Aloe: 1000 pcs - 150k each 8.Four Leaf Clover: 60pcs 500k each 9.Fluff: 30k pcs - 3k each Price negotiable ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Buying List: 1.Royal Jelly 5k each
  7. BUYING: +10 Elunium Spaulders +10 Elunium Mask Keris 16HDEF | 12HDEF Ifrit Card SELLING: Weapons: +10 Double Bound Equipments: NONE Cards: None Please Leave Best Offer. Will check in from time to time
  8. SELLING : ORBS: Int3 10m Str3 5m Normal2 40m Delay3 30m Random2 30m WSkill2 25m Pushback 30m Normal5 OFFER DMotion5 1c SPGain5 2c PerfectHit10 1c HPDrain5 2c COSTUMES: (Perma) Destruction Wings 8c (Perma) Black Milestone 5c (Perma) Drooping Gorilla 11c (Perma) Frozen Wings (2014) 15c (Perma) Bandage Ribbons 1c/50m (Perma) Bat Ribbon 1c/50m (Perma) Flying Cat 1c/50m (Perma) Pumpkin Ring 40m (Perma) Orbs of Ra 1c/50m (Perma) Hecate's Demon Aura 1c/50m (Rental) Radiant Glow (Red) 1c/50m (Rental) Shipwrecked Spirits 1c (Rental) Snow Flakes 1c (Rental) Sword of the Dark Sea 1c (Rental) Black Milestone 20m OTHERS: Gold 150k Large Blue Wings 5m Large Red Wings 10m Caliginous Cloak 6m Pragmatist's Mail 1m Recondite Ring 10m Resplendent Ring 5m Great Old Boots 5m Tidal Shoes OFFER ME Wool Scarf OFFER ME PWC 300c LOYAL Munak Egg 1c/50m BUYING: Event Point Coin / EPC 35m PM Me: oO Nutella Oo / The Perfect One
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